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Calm Down Kit- Visual Behavioral Management Tools for the Primary Grades
Calm Down Strategies for your classroom! This huge pack is filled of different supports for students with behavioral needs. All of the products can be printed, assembled and placed in a "Calm Down Kit" box for students to pull out when feeling overwhelmed or anxious. This calm down kit is full of

Also included in: Calm Down Kit- The Primary Grade Bundle


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Special Education - Accommodation and Modification Tracker - EDITABLE
Special Education teachers have so much data to keep track of! I wanted a simple way to track the use of accommodations and modifications by my students leading up to their annual reviews. This tracker is an easy way to collect meaningful data to assist in the decision making process. NOW EDIT

Also included in: Special Education BUNDLE


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Calm Down Kit On The Go- Visual Behavior Tools for Students with Autism
Behavior visuals on the go for your students in need. This product can be printed, assembled and placed inside a binder or binded into its own notebook. Students will learn to open the binder/notebook, identify their emotions, follow the steps to calm down, choose a sensory break, review classroom

Also included in: Calm Down Kit- The Primary Grade Bundle


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Executive Functioning Lessons - Distance Learning and Google Classroom
These lessons, activities, and posters teach specific executive functioning skills including: planning, organization, time management, task initiation, working memory, metacognition, self-control, sustained attention, flexibility, and perseverance. Each lesson includes a description of the skill, a

Also included in: Social Emotional MEGA BUNDLE - Distance Learning - Google Classroom


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Printable Yoga Cards with Yoga Poses for Kids with Bonus Digital Yoga Cards
Yoga can be a great calming strategy to teach students or to incorporate into the classroom through mindfulness or mindful minutes. This resource helps students learn poses with easy to understand directions. Poses are also provided in sequences that are perfect for brain breaks. ** Google Slides TM

Also included in: SEL Toolkit for Self Regulation - Print & Digital for Distance Learning


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Worry Warriors: Worry Group Counseling Managing Anxiety
Worry Warriors Worry Activities: This elementary school small group counseling curriculum is designed for use with elementary-aged students to teach important skills to manage anxiety and worry. Help kids manage worries with psycho-educational instruction on what worry is and how it affects the body

Also included in: Worry Warriors Bundle: 5 Resources to Help Kids Manage Worries


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Self Control Group Counseling: Self Control Activities
Self Control Surfers: Ride the wave in this 8-session elementary school counseling small group counseling program that empowers elementary students to engage in self control strategies! Students learn strategies for delayed gratification, body control, taking turns, attending to auditory and visual

Also included in: Elementary School Small Group Counseling Curriculum Bundle


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I Can Handle Making Mistakes Behavioral Toolkit with Social Narratives
If you have students (in general or special education) who meltdown when they make a mistake or feel everything has to be perfect, this behavioral toolkit can help you teach them a better way to respond. The behavioral toolkit includes 6 social narratives and tools for teaching students to handle m

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Solution Focused School Counseling: Goal Setting & Strength-Based Interventions
Using Solution Focused Brief Counseling at SchoolExpand your school counseling go-to interventions, tools & "tricks"! Inspired by Solution Focused Brief Therapy, this School Counselor Toolbox features engaging, developmentally appropriate tools that can used with students to help them recognize

Also included in: School Counseling Bundle: Solution Focused Individual & Small Group Counseling


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Autism Social Narratives: Getting Adult Attention and Waiting (Special Ed)
A social narratives are very useful for helping individuals on the autism spectrum to understand others’ perspective, share information about new or problematic situations, and provide coping strategies for maintaining appropriate behavior and social responses. I have used them successfully with a

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Working Cards- Positive Reinforcement Pack
Behavior visual tools for any classroom! This working card packet is great for any primary grade classroom, special education program or autism classroom. These visual working cards are great for student’s with special needs and behavioral challenges. This packet provides a variety of visual supp

Also included in: Classroom Starter Kit- Discounted Bundle


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School Behavior Bundle- Social Narratives for Student's with Special Needs
Buy 4 social narratives, get the 5th Free!Here is a social narrative bundle that can be printed, laminated and binded for durable re-use. Social narratives are a great way to teach children with special needs and Autism various life skills and routines within their day.There are 5 social narratives

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Coping Strategies Fortune Teller Craft
Use this paper fortune teller craft to teach and practice coping strategies and coping skills for anxiety, anger, stress, depression, and other strong emotions. Kids and young adults will identify their top coping strategies and write them on the paper fortune teller to practice and refer to, as nee

Also included in: Coping Strategies Bundle


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Individual Behavior Plans and Behavior Charts for Elementary
Behavior Intervention Plans are a key behavior management tool to effectively support challenging students in the classroom. This resource helps you create a data-based plan that comprehensively focuses on improving student need through instruction, incentives, and whole-class modifications.Ideal fo

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CBT Activities Bundle for School Counseling
Hands-on and reusable cognitive behavioral therapy CBT activities for kids to help them understand their feelings, thoughts, and actions. Students will learn to identify negative thinking, change behaviors, and problem solve in individual counseling or group counseling.What's Included?6 Packed CBT S


Emotional Regulation Activities | Self Regulation Activities
The resources included in this project are designed to assist you in teaching the foundations of emotional regulation through hands on experiences, visuals, and simple, structured interventions. INCLUDED:★ Color coded emotions posters★ Coping skills visuals★ File folders related to emotional regulat

Also included in: Emotional Regulation Activities | Emotional Support Activities | BUNDLE!


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Keeping My Hands and Feet to Myself- Social Narrative for Student's with Autism
Here is a social narrative that can be printed, laminated and binded for durable re-use. Social narratives are a great way to teach children with special needs and Autism various life skills and routines within their day.This 12 page social narrative walks through the behaviors expected in the class

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Solution Focused Individual Counseling
Solution Focused on a Clipboard A simple guide to support your individual counseling session with students. Great for beginners to support the implementation of solution focused counseling or for the veteran counselor to take notes. Includes “mood meter” to help solution focused scaling. Everything

Also included in: Individual Counseling Growing Bundle


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Praise Phrases™
Praise is a research based way to increase motivation, effort and achievement in the classroom. I created this simple and effective tool to give students some quick positive feedback because we all know that "Good Job" and "Nice Work" are overused and tired. These fresh and abundant PRAISE PHRASES

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Size of the Problem Activities
The resources included in this product are designed to assist you in teaching the students the size of their everyday problems and appropriate reactions through hands on experiences, visuals, scenarios, group activities, self reflection, and independent practice!INCLUDED:★ Ideas for use★ Size of the

Also included in: Size of the Problem Resources - Comprehensive Bundle


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How to Make and Keep a Friend - For Elementary-Aged Students
This product contains activities for teaching elementary-aged students what a friend is, how to make a friend, and how to keep a friend! The activities are perfect for individual student counseling or small groups. In this pack you'll get: Section 1: -Hypothesize: What is a friend like? handout (co

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Prompting Hierarchy- Flip book Manual Special Ed Professionals
This prompt hierarchy flip book manual was created to help support professionals that work with students with autism and special needs. When we are working with students and are expected to "act on our feet" to best meet our students needs it is common to over prompt a child and help them with thei

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Circle of Control Anxiety Craft + Google Classroom Digital Learning Version
Help students calm anxiety with the Circle of Control activity.  This project teaches students the difference between the things they can and cannot control. By learning the difference, students will have less anxiety and nurture their ability to control thoughts and emotions when they become overwh

Also included in: Coping Skills Craft Bundle


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School Counselor Documentation Pack
Improve your documentation, record keeping, and organization with this School Counselor Documentation Pack. The pack includes everything counselors need to stay organized this school year. Directions for each form are provided to help counselors save time and become more efficient. The documentat

Also included in: School Counselor Planner and Documentation Bundle


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