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When I was student teaching, I created this PowerPoint presentation while I was teaching the novel Letters from Rifka by Karen Hesse. Two ailme...
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An excellent and complete reading comprehension packet for the high-interest, low-level book from the Disaster Strikes series, Tornado Alley by M...
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The unit for grades 6 - 9 consists of short studies of novels written in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century by authors such ...
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Tunnel Through Time. Lester de Rey. Novel Study. Tunnel Through Time is a great science fiction novel that mixes fact with fiction in a way that...
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This is a 12-page unit coordinating with the biography written by Bonnie Bader. It includes vocabulary, short answer, and discussion questions. C...
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Engage students in a conversation or discussion about the deeper connections that Mitty's favorite song, Heroes, has in context of the story. ...
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This novel is about a young Scottish doctor in the 1920's and his struggle with the medical issues and ethics of his day. This novel is great fo...
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Includes questions and detailed answers with page numbers and websites referenced for all activities in my Disaster Strikes: Tornado Alley Readin...
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Babs runs into one mystery after another. Even though she's a smart cookie for a sixth grader, she can always use the help of others to solve her...
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
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