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Jeopardy Template PowerPoint Game - (Keeps Scores on a Mac and a PC)
This template is different from the others because you can keep team scores! All you have to do is add questions to whatever topic you are covering in class. This is compatible with any version of PowerPoint and can be used for any topic in class.Important: This Game is available as a bundle (25

Also included in: Games Bundle: Jeopardy Template, Money Wheel, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader


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Games Bundle: Jeopardy Template, Money Wheel, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader
Games Bundle: Jeopardy, Money Wheel (which plays like wheel of fortune), and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Important Update: If you purchased this product before 5-1-17, please re-download the file as I have included a working score keeper for the Jeopardy Template for Mac computers. (Just cli


FREE Five Senses Anchor Charts
These anchor posters are a great way to help children understand that they can use many words when we describe their five senses. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ This set goes along with Exploring Our Five Senses Interactive Notebook. An English/Aussie version of these charts 

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Dinosaurs - PowerPoint & Activities
Dinosaurs PowerPoint & Activities: Interesting and fun facts all about dinosaurs. Learn about dinosaurs in this nonfiction resource for teachers, students, and parents! Challenge the kids with some higher level thinking activities designed to hone problem solving skills. What were the dinosa

Also included in: Dinosaur Bundle - PowerPoints & Activities


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Classifying Animals - PowerPoint & Activities (Animal Classification)
Classification of Animals: Invertebrates and Vertebrates (focusing mainly on the vertebrates; mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians). - Non Fiction Resources This 36 page Powerpoint presentation covers all of those animals and much more. More than just a series of informative slides, this

Also included in: Animal Bundle (Classifying, Endangered, Nonfiction book, Invent Animal, Habitat)


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What are Stars? STEM mini-unit
This mini-unit is only 3-5 days long! It has projectable lessons on both stars and constellations. Included are day-by-day teacher directions, center set-ups, directions, and lab sheets, and a small culminating STEM project on constellations. All that 2nd graders need to know about stars is included

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Measurement Tools
This powerpoint is designed to teach young students and/or those with disabilities about various measurement tools and what their uses. There are a few comprehension questions at the end of the powerpoint to check whether students understand which tool would be best to measure which object. The f

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Rocks and Soils TV Trivia Review Game-Georgia
Jeopardy review game created to meet all third grade Georgia performance science standards for rocks, minerals, and soils. Contains categories/questions pertaining to types of rocks, identifying minerals, moh's hardness scale, Soils, and weathering/erosion. Makes an excellent crct review

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Plant and Animal Adaptations PDF Presentation Next Generation Aligned
This product contains 75 slides that cover the basic plant and animal adaptations for elementary school students. The slides are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards but will work with any similar science standards across the world. This is a PDF file which can be viewed via projector or p

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Landforms Activities (Landforms PowerPoint)
Landforms Activities (Landforms PowerPoint) Grab my LANDFORMS ACTIVITIES BUNDLE to SAVE! This resource is a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to learn about eight (8) different landforms. The 40-slide PowerPoint presentation on landforms contains a cover; a title page; 7 slides for Words

Also included in: Landforms Activities BUNDLE (PowerPoint and Flipbook)


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Science Tools Bingo Whole Group Review Activity w/ 35 Bingo Cards!
Our first science game of the year! Students love Bingo, and what a great way to review all of those science lab tools! Just print the 35 included Bingo cards, show the slides, and students will find and cover the names of all the lab tools. Use as a Bingo game first, and later as a quiz!**You ma

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Georgia Regions TV Trivia -Animals, Plants, Regions, Habitat Destruction
This powerpoint was created to review the different regions in the state of Georgia, the plants and animals that live therein, plant and animal adaptations, and the effects of habitat destruction on animal and plant life. This will meet the Georgia performance standards for third grade.

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Animal Kingdom Activity (Vertebrates and Invertebrates) Power Point
This is an entire presentation on vertebrates, invertebrates, and many of the classifications. There is a review game at the end. I think it explains how the animal kingdom works pretty well and there are lots of fun pictures. This will help the students get to know the main types of vertebrates: ma

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Magnet Madness: A 3rd Grade Magnet Unit
This fun unit covers all standards for 3rd grade magnets. It has 31 colorful slides that cover 7 different lessons on magnets. Each slide or group of slides has a worksheet and experiment to go along with it. Included are day-by-day teacher directions. Also included are two different differentiated

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Makerspace: Drawing Challenge Task Cards
If you have a drawing station in your Makerspace lab, then you will love these 24 drawing (and coloring) task cards! They will get your students' creative juices flowing and allow them to express themselves through design. Just post a new drawing challenge task card each time your students visit t

Also included in: Makerspace Made Easy: Comprehensive Bundle


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Chemical and Physical Change Jeopardy PowerPoint Review Game
This Power Point Jeopardy Game was created as a review for a 5th grade unit on chemical and physical. The categories include: physical change, chemical change, states of matter, potpourri 1, and potpourri 2.

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Gravity PowerPoint
Gravity PowerPoint Anchor Chart for Gravity Daily Review of Concepts Check out my Gravity Unit and Worksheets

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PPT (597 KB)

3rd Grade Inheritance and Variation of Traits: Next Generation Aligned
This product contains 50 slides that cover the basic inheritance and trait variation for elementary school students. The slides are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards but will work with any similar science standards across the world. There is a PowerPoint and PDF file in the compressed f

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Jeopardy Georgia Life Science third Grade CRCT Review
This is an awesome Jeopardy game that covers many of your Science Life Science standards in third grade. You will see questions on habitats, regions of Georgia, adapatations of plants and animals and pollution questions. Your students will love this game and beg for more.

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States of Matter & How they Change PowerPoint
States of Matter, Phases of Matter, solids, liquids, gases, arrangement of particles, freezing, melting, evaporation, boiling, condensation, sublimation, fixed volume, fixed shape, expanding, and compression. This is a 81 slide presentation on the Three States of Matter and How they Change. It is

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3rd Grade Science Jeopardy Cumulative Review
This Power Point Jeopardy game is a cumulative review to help prepare your 3rd grade students for the Science portion of the CRCT. The categories include: * Heat *Fossils *Rocks, Minerals, and Soil *Georgia Plants and Animals *Pollution and Conservat

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New Teacher Evaluation Lesson Template PowerPoint / Flipchart
With the stress of the new evaluation process, I needed to create a template to help me not freak out! In the few weeeks since I've had this plan, I have felt so at ease and ready for anyone to walk in my room and surprise me with an unannounced visit! I have already received a score of 4/5 using th

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Weather Jeopardy Game
This digital download is for a Weather Jeopardy game. The game features the following subheading: key terms, weather tools, seasons, severe weather, and the water cycle. There are 5 questions for each of the subheadings. This is a great review prior to a theme test. Students can actively partici

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Earth Science Digital Inquiry Bundle | Distance Learning | Google Classroom
This bundle includes 10 Digital Inquiry activities for Earth Science. Students individually collect information from 5 different online sources then combine that information to answer a question. Each activity has 3 differentiation options. 1. How do glaciers change Earth's surface?2. What are the a


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