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Force and Motion
Fun, hands-on Science is LOADED in this packet! If you are looking for thinking maps, lesson plans, science stations, and foldables for Science interactive notebooks, this is what you are looking for! All with the objective of Force and Motion. -Circle maps -Bubble maps -4 tab foldable -5 petal fol

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Main Idea in a Bag: Hands-On Practice with 10 Social Studies & Science Card Sets
Main ideas and supporting details are HARD concepts, especially if you are stuck reading a long, boring article. :) So, when introducing main idea to my ‘BIG’ 5th graders it had to be interactive. In this hands-on resource, students work in pairs to differentiated between the topic, main idea, and s

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Interactive Science Journals Bundled {K-2}
Interactive notebooks are widely used in classroom. If you were to walk in mine today, you would see interactive notebooks for reading, math, and science. The purpose behind these notebooks is to keep students organized and assist in synthesizing lessons taught. It’s common to see vocabulary, notes,

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STEM Activities and Challenges: The Great Desert Island STEM Challenge
This is a set of 5 themed challenges centered around the story of a shipwrecked traveler stranded on a deserted island. After watching the introductory “movie trailer” and hearing the story of the shipwreck, students will read 5 of his diary entries. Each one will challenge them to design something

Also included in: Great Big Bundle of STEM Activities and Challenges - Set of 15 Stem Challenges


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Weathering and Erosion Sorting Activity (Free)
Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Sorting is an activity that helps students understand the differences between these three concepts by having them sort examples into categories. Students work with a partner or cooperative learning team to review the definitions and then sort the examples into gro

Also included in: Weathering and Erosion Task Cards Bundle (with Google Classroom Quizzes)


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Goldilocks and the Three Bears STEM engineering design challenge - STEM Tale
Golidlocks and the Three Bears with a slightly different twist: a hands-on STEM story where your students will have to design and create a new bed for Goldilocks. The STEM ActivityYour students will help Baby Bear build Goldilocks a new bed of her own!What are STEM Tales?STEM tales are a series of S

Also included in: Fairy Tales STEM Challenges Goldilocks, Rapunzel, and Robin Hood Activity Bundle


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Great Big Bundle of STEM Activities and Challenges - Set of 15 Stem Challenges
STEM activities are a great way to integrate math and science into meaningful, hands-on learning! This bundle includes 3 themed-packs, each with its own engaging storyline. Students will help a stranded sailor escape a desert island, a group of explorers stuck in the arctic, and a pioneer family bra


STEM Activities Full Year Bundle with Summer STEM Distance Learning
Christmas STEM and other seasonal STEM challenge activities are so much fun. But, finding the time to incorporate design challenges into your curriculum can be difficult. This FULL YEAR STEM BUNDLE includes MORE THAN 80 STEM DESIGN CHALLENGES from the STEM with CLOSE READING series. Each challeng


Gingerbread Man STEM Challenges
These gingerbread STEM activities are perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade engineers working together or alone in centers this Christmas. A great addition to your unit on gingerbread this December. This resource uses the engineering design process to solve problems all winter. You

Also included in: STEM BUNDLE - Winter


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First Grade Force and Motion: Push, Pull, Gravity Unit
This Force and Motion: Push, Pull, Gravity Unit is stuffed full with over 14 detailed lesson plans, experiments, links, and materials that are perfect for your first graders. It includes Force and Motion book titles, anchor charts, recording sheets, journal pages, experiments, and more to support yo

Also included in: Science Units


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Balloons Over Broadway: Book Companion & STEM Challenge
Balloons Over Broadway is the charming story of Tony Sarg and his upside-down puppets that have become Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade icons! Your students will fall in love with Melissa Sweet’s incredible picture book and you will love the lesson it provides your students. Tony’s inventions were alw

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The Dot by Peter Reynolds Tower Builder Growth Mindset READ ALOUD STEM™ Activity
Students learn and develop a Growth Mindset through this STEM Challenge! The Dot STEM activity works as a great companion to The Dot by Peter Reynolds. This is an excellent International Dot Day Activity.Students plan, design, and execute their own ideas. After they have completed their activity, th

Also included in: Growth Mindset READ ALOUD STEM™ Activities and Challenges Bundle


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Once Upon a Stem Volume 1: Low / No Prep STEM Challenges
Story Challenges Included in Volume 1:1. Paper Airplanes2. Building a Roller Coaster3. Jelly Bean Structures4. Tall Tower Structure5.  Index Card Structures6.  Paper Plate Marble Maze 7.  Army Launchers8.  How Strong is Spaghetti 9. Making a Harmonica10. Light Circuits All the paperwork (journals,


Build a Snowman Winter STEM Activity
Do you want to build a Snowman? In this Winter STEM Challenge, students receive a letter from the STEM snowman stating that there is a snowman building contest. In order to win, students must build the tallest snowman using only the materials provided. This is an excellent engaging activity for stud

Also included in: Winter STEM Activities and Challenges BUNDLE


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Life Science Interactive Journal {K-2}
Interactive notebooks are widely used in classroom. If you were to walk in mine today, you would see interactive notebooks for reading, math, and science. The purpose behind these notebooks is to keep students organized and assist in synthesizing lessons taught. It’s common to see vocabulary, not

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Forces at Work
This unit contains activities for teaching students about force and motion. The unit contains 85 pages which include: a list of fiction and nonfiction books about force and motion. activities for how things move, push and pull, gravity, and friction the clip art pictures for creating venn diagra

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How to Catch an Elf: Book Companion and STEM Challenge
How to Catch an Elf by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton is the whimsical tale of Santa and one of his elves skillfully eluding the many traps that different children set for them! The special holiday STEM challenge will engage your students in the engineering process, encouraging them to think outside

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{The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!} Storybook STEM
Created by Brooke Brown and Katie King, Storybook STEM provides early childhood teachers with weekly all-in-one units to cover essential skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, math, science, and engineering.This special Back to School edition of Storybook STEM accompanies the following book: T

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Periodic Table of Elements
Introducing the Periodic Table? This is one of my best sellers and my all time favorite lesson to teach. Introduce the Periodic Table with this puzzle, and have students telling YOU how the Periodic Table was organized!Students work together to discover the best way to organize colored/numbered shap

Also included in: Atomic Bundle: Atomic Theory, The Periodic Table, Bonding, & Chemical Reactions


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DNA Crime Lab!  Can you solve the case?
Each group is given a long paper strip of DNA, a 3-page story of the missing necklace and directions on how to fingerprint and sequence their DNA. Scissors act as the restriction enzyme, cutting the DNA between every GGCC into varied length segments. As the segments are pasted into the correspondi

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Solar System and Planets
Calling All Junior Astronauts!! Get ready to teach your students about the solar system in an engaging, innovative, and hands-on way. There are 200 pages of student reproducibles, activities, lessons, anchor charts, and out-of-this-world ideas, which are sure to motivate your young astronauts! 1. So


Back to School STEM Activities
Engineering~Math~Art~Science These 5 STEM Back to School activities and challenges are a perfect way to introduce STEM strategies and challenges at the beginning of the year. Each activity uses different school supplies to emphasis the fun and excitement of all the new school stuff at the beginning

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Weather STEM Challenges and Activities
Engineering~Math~Art~ScienceThese 9 STEM/STEAM Weather activities and challenges are a perfect way to integrate more STEM strategies into a weather unit. These activities can be used throughout a unit as each topic is covered (cloud types, water cycle, weather tools, weather catastrophes, etc.) or a

Also included in: STEM Activities Bundle


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Habitats of the World for the Common Core Classroom - THE BUNDLE
Habitats of the World in one BIG BUNDLE! Explore the Desert, Polar Regions, Rainforest, Savanna, Pond, Ocean and the Forest habitats. We've bundled all our Habitat Units together into 1 BIG BUNDLE! Click any unit below to see more details about each one: Desert Habitat for the Common Core Classroo


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