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Kindergarten Morning Work (Independent) Set 1
Make sure you check out the BUNDLE with sets 1 and 2 for BIG savings!Kindergarten Morning Work Set TWOKindergarten Morning Work BUNDLEThis set includes 92 pages of morning work activities. I have looked high and low for morning work for my students. There are several great things available online,

Also included in: Kindergarten Morning Work BUNDLE For All Year


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Send Home Science!™ Amazing Kits to Extend Science Learning at Home
Perfect for distance learning!! This versatile DIY kit comes with all the printables and instructions you need to easily create cool science experiment kits/gifts to give to your students for distance learning, birthdays, holiday gifts, or family science nights! The materials needed for these kits a

Also included in: Send Home Science Kit Bundle (DISTANCE LEARNING STEM)


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Sorting by Attributes - Size, Texture, Color, Shape, Weight
Sorting is an important skill for young learners. In this resource students are asked to sort objects by size, weight, color, texture, thickness and shape. Included in this resource:- 6 color code sorting worksheets for students to identify which category they would sort an object into. - 11 sort

Also included in: Science Bundle for Primary Leaners - Growing Bundle


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Food Chain Links Activity Set
A fun activity set where students will create the order of two different food chains and show the transfer of energy. Great way to visualize the order of food chains for your students! Bring art and creativity into your science lesson by having students create paper chain links that show the order

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Force and Motion: Push & Pull Sorting Science Activity for Kindergarten & First
Teaching science and the forces of push and pull to your kindergartners or first graders? Need a quick assessment to assess mastery?This science resource includes:1 worksheet with 9 pictures to sort1 answer key If you like this, please check my TPT store for other push and pull items:Push and pull s

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Mixtures and Solutions Activities, Notebook, Worksheets
*Best Seller*Teach students to define, distinguish between and compare mixtures and solutions in this hands on, engaging Science unit. This unit is FOCUSED on Mixtures and Solutions and assumes a background knowledge of Matter. This unit will work for grades 3-5 with a background knowledge in Matter

Also included in: 4th Grade Science Bundle


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Air Pressure and Weather Fronts Practice
**LOOKING FOR MORE PRACTICE?? - CHECKOUT MY BUNDLE PACK*** - Teaching air pressure and fronts is probably one of the trickiest concepts students have to know in the weather unit! This practic

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October FREEBIE: Bats {Close Reading passage with Common Core Aligned Questions}
"I use this in speech therapy and my kiddos love it! You'll learn that there's more to a bat than we know. I like how the same story comes in three different presentations along with fun and interactive follow up worksheets. Questions focus on main idea and other interesting key points. This story k

Also included in: Distance Learning 2500+pgs Comprehension Passage Monthly BUNDLE 4 Reading LEVELS


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FREE Seasons Cut & Paste Activity (Science Centers)
Students identify objects, holidays, weather and activities by season; cut and paste graphics into appropriate seasons box. SAMPLE FILE INCLUDES: 1) Sorting Worksheet: (Cut & Paste) Includes rainbow, ice cream, robin, leaves, hat, scarf, pumpkin, skating, beach, cornucopia, snowman, sailing, f

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Worksheet: Plate Tectonics Study Guide and Practice
This worksheet helps student's understanding of plate tectonics and how plates interact with one another at their boundaries. Students will use the front of the worksheet as a reading selection and study guide and on the back is a practice to test their understanding. Key included!A larger version o

Also included in: Bundle: Ultimate Earth Science Bundle


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Compositional Layers of the Earth: Science Reading Passage Set
Teach your students all about the compositional layers of the Earth. Your students will learn about how scientists organize the layers of the Earth according to their chemical compositions. The compositional layers of the Earth include the crust, the mantle, and the core. This reading passage also s

Also included in: Science Based Reading Passages With Questions Bundle


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Introduction to Physical and Chemical Changes Worksheet
This Introduction to Physical and Chemical Changes Worksheet was designed for middle school students just learning about chemical and physical changes. This double-sided worksheet features a helpful overview at the top, which students can refer back to while they’re working if they need help. Th

Also included in: Worksheet Bundle: Chemistry Set # 3 – Changes in Matter


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Force & Motion/ Newton's Laws! Articles w/ Paired Questions! NEW *DIGITAL* Links
Force and Motion Comprehension Articles including questions relating to multiple texts. Since we are all in this together, I have started to make my best sellers digital. Not only will you find the PDFs for this awesome resource, but also a page of links, taking you to Google forms. Simply copy the

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Natural Resources Sort
This product explores the difference between man-made resources, renewable resources, and nonrenewable resources. Students identify a definition and several examples of each type of resource and sort them under the appropriate category. This will be a great addition to a natural resources unit as

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Inside the Earth: 3D Earth Structure Model Exploring the Layers
A constructivist approach to learning science concepts and systems. Designed with classroom teachers in mind, this easy to use creation project is great for class work, homework, and mini assessments. Click here to save 22% on this model with our Super Saver Earth Science Bundle of 8 different earth

Also included in: Middle School Earth Science: Earth Layers & Volcano Model Activities Bundle


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Seasons Sort Cut & Paste
Seasons and weather sorting activities. Identify objects, weather, and activities by season. Cut and paste graphics into appropriate seasons boxes (winter, spring, summer, autumn). Activities include differentiated sorting levels, writing/drawing graphic organizers and leveled essay forms. Use as

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Introduction to Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheet
This Introduction to Balancing Chemical Equations worksheet was designed for middle and high school students just learning about balancing chemical equations and the Law of Conservation of Mass. This double-sided worksheet features a helpful overview at the top, which students can refer back to w

Also included in: Worksheet Bundle: Chemistry Set # 3 – Changes in Matter


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Sun Moon Earth Characteristics Sort
This product can be used to sort characteristics of the sun, moon, and Earth. Use this as a hands-on activity, homework assignment, or assessment.

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Graphing,  Scientific Method, and Scientific Writing
Teach, review, and reinforce these very important science skills: Graphing, Scientific Method, Analyzing data, Experimental design, and Scientific Writing. Teaching the science skills is of the utmost importance. If the skills are taught properly at the beginning of the school year, your student

Also included in: Science Skills Bundle: Metrics, Measurement, Scientific Method, Graphing


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Animal Cell Color Page, Worksheet, and Quiz Ce-3
Three animal cell worksheets! The first page is an animal cell coloring page. At the bottom of the page are descriptions of animal cell parts. The second page can be used as classwork or homework to review the first page. The third page is an animal cell quiz. All three pages come with a full-size t

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3rd Grade Science Fluency Passages
This product is a useful tool to help students improve their oral reading fluency. Research proves that repeated readings of familiar texts can improve oral fluency dramatically. Reading fluency is a key component to helping student comprehend what they read. As students read these passages, they sh

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Kindergarten Monthly Homework Calendars {12 Calendars Full of Homework Fun}
Need a way for parents and students to work together at home doing creative homework activities? These monthly calendars will help you do just that! Not only will your students be practicing valuable skills, you will keep your students' parents involved and learning so much about their child. This

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Scientific Method
This resource contains 3 separate assignments that can be used for classwork or homework. Each handout contains two columns. The left column describes a scenario in which the scientific method was used and the right column contains questions that correlate to what is being read in the left column.

Also included in: Scientific Method Bundle NOW with Student Workbook!


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Organizing the Periodic Table Worksheet
Help your students understand how the Periodic Table of Elements is organized! Students will have to correctly label the different parts of the periodic table using the following words: actinides, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, halogens, lanthanides, metalloids, metals, noble gases, nonmeta

Also included in: Worksheet Bundle: Chemistry Set #2 – Classifying Matter


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