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Apples and Appleseed
2 Little Books, 7 math and writing activities, and 2 tests will make your school days incredibly fun and rigorous! {The Preview shows all 64 pages in large photos} This curriculum was designed for the start of first grade. Activities are engaging but not overwhelming. Little books are sight word in

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Sources of Energy!
Visit this site to learn more!!Also available in BundleBig savings!!EnergyMatterForce and MotionMagnetsThis packet was designed to enhance your science study on energy. It covers:What is energy?What are sources of energy?It contains:Mini Book for student reading and learning filled with information

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Earth Day
This unit helps to break down the idea of ecology and make it fun. This unit will get you reading results as well as help students understand the topics of reduce, reuse, recycle , and also discuss the topics of conservation and protection . Hopefully, your students will be inspired to become Plan

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Hatching Chicks, Chickens, Biology, Distance Learning
Hatching Chicks Hatching Chicks - Chicken Life Cycle, Chicks, Farm Unit, Science, Hatching Chickens in the classroom! The Hatching Chicks Mini Unit is packed with materials designed to enhance a farm/science unit, AND for classrooms that incubate and hatch chicks. This is the original "Hatchi

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Sandwich Science-A Mini Unit About Germs and the Importance of Hand Washing!
Are you struggling to get your students to wash their hands? This simple experiment is a great way to give students a visual as to why hand washing is a vital part to combat the spreading of germs! This experiment is perfect for the beginning of the school year, winter when germs seem to spread with

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This unit teaches your students about the life cycle of the pumpkin while allowing them to practice their reading skills. Students will engage using these materials because they are rigorous and fun! You will love this packet because your students will growing as readers, scientists, mathematicians,

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Life Cycle of a Chick Unit {4 stages}
This is a life cycle of a chick unit to use in the primary grades. I focused on the 4 stages of the life cycle: egg, hatching, chick, and chicken. Included in this unit are: -ordering the life cycle -Describing sheet -Can, has, is sheets -label matching -Compare and contrast a chick and a hen -voc

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Heat Transfer: Physical Science
Teaching heat transfer? This bundle has everything you need to teach your students about what heat is. 34 bright, visual PowerPoint slides help to explain the types of heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation), temperature, conductors and insulators and so much more! Examples, links to vi

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Biotechnology Mini-Unit: PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, and Restriction Enzymes
This high school biology mini-unit is designed to be a basic introduction to three essential biotechnology tools: PCR, Restriction Enzymes, and gel electrophoresis. Great for teachers with no access to do biotech activities or labs in class! These three tools are so important in the biotech indu

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Water Cycle Scavenger Hunt
This scavenger hunt introduces students to information about Water Cycle. This scavenger hunt includes 20 question cards in color and b/w, answer key, an assessment activity, a crossword puzzle, and search and find (a more rigorous word search requiring written answers), plus a small cover to hel

Also included in: Science Scavenger Hunts Bundle


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Animal Habitats
Animal Habitats - Great addition to a Habitat Unit with activity pages, writing ideas and pages to complement a zoo field trip. Polar, Ocean, Forest, Rain Forest, Desert and Grassland Habitats Includes Informational handout Label the zoo map (Color cut and paste) Complete the sentence with visual

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Lesson Plan on: How Batteries Work + Activities
The package: "Lesson on: How Batteries Work" includes everything you will need to run the lesson. -Lesson plan- 5 Mission Assignments:-Mission 1: Alkaline Battery-Mission 2: Nickel Cadmium Battery-Mission 3: Nickel Metal Hydride Battery-Mission 4: Lithium Ion Battery-Mission 5: Your Mission: Create

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Forensic Science: A Wonderland Mystery
Who stole the Red Queen's Unbirthday Tarts? After a brief introduction to forensic science your students will use their investigative skills and science to solve this fun and interactive "who dunnit" mystery! Your students will go through 5 stations with their investigators journal. Stations 1: F

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Sun, Moon, and Stars Mini Book and Unit (1st-2nd grades)
Explore the sun, moon, and stars in our sky! Learn new and interesting facts with an interactive mini-book for your 1st-2nd graders. ***Save 25% on this unit and more when you purchase the bundle here: Science Mini-Book Bundle This Level 2 Sun, Moon, and Stars Unit Study is intended for 1st-2nd g

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Spiders Lapbook
Spiders are fascinating creatures! Learn about what makes them so interesting, as well as helpful to us, and so much more! The majority of the mini-books include the answers (when relevant) at the end of each activity. The answers are set up in a way where they can be cut and glued to the mini-book

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Cell Physiology MegaBundle: Cells, Mitosis, Enzymes, Photosynthesis, Respiration
This Cell Physiology Mega Bundle includes 5 of my best-selling Complete Unit Bundles: Cell Structure and Function, Mitosis and Meiosis, Enzymes and Chemical Reactions, Photosynthesis, and Cellular RespirationBy far, my most popular products are my complete unit bundles. This Cell Physiology Bundle

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Dental Health - My Tooth Book
My tooth book is a dental health print & go mini book that will help your kids learn all about their teeth. It can be used as a stand alone unit or as a compliment to your health lessons. This is a fun introduction to what teeth are and how we can take care of them. This booklet is intended

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Greek and Latin Roots Curriculum -  FULL YEAR!
This is a COMPLETE Greek and Latin roots curriculum for an entire year of middle or high school! Included in this folder are the PowerPoint files with the roots themselves along with all quizzes for a whole school year. Students are given 5 roots per week. They must record the root, the definitio

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Stars and Constellations PowerPoint
Constellations, Stars, Galaxies & Nebula PowerPoint: Stop getting lost looking for stars & constellations! This lesson not only teaches about the stars & constellations, but how to find them too! This PowerPoint on Locating Constellations, Stars, Galaxies and Nebula can be used for any

Also included in: Astronomy Bundle: Stars, Moon Phases, Eclipses, Solar System and Planets, etc.


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Baby Animals Mini Unit - Compare and Contrast
Check out this incredible Baby Animals Mini Unit. Your student will learn tons of fun facts about baby animals and also practice comparing and contrasting different baby animals! *** 73 PAGES *** Baby Animals Featured in the Unit: Lion Cub, Tiger Cub, Spider Monkey Infant, Whale Calf, Elephant C

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Learning Seasons Unit - Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall
This resource is a great supplement to any unit on the seasons of the year. Students will learn about the four seasons using a variety of engaging activities. They will learn how the Earth’s rotation and tilt cause the seasons, and about the months of the year. This mini-unit will also help them i

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Engineering Design Process: PowerPoint and Activities
This introduction to engineering includes an editable PowerPoint with notes as well as 3 engineering activities. Students will be introduced to Engineering and the Engineering Design Process. They will then have 3 opportunities to engage in the process. Easily accessible materials makes this very

Also included in: 3rd Grade Science NGSS Entire Year Bundle


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Planet Report
Planet Report: A cute planet report mini-book. Students use their research skills to complete each page of their planet mini-book report. Planet Report Includes: Cover page Location: Where this planet is located within the Solar System Description: The planet size, colour and more Features: Things

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{FREEBIE} Sandwich Science -A Simple Experiment to Show the Power of Hand ashing
Are you struggling to get your students to wash their hands? This simple experiment is a great way to give students a visual as to why hand washing is a vital part to combat the spreading of germs! This experiment is perfect for the beginning of the school year, winter when germs seem to spread with

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