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Animals: Adaptations, Food Chains and Habitats
Animals: Adaptations, Food Chains and HabitatsAnimal Vocabulary Cards, Assessments and Activities: Fun & engaging resources to supplement your Animals Unit!Vocabulary Cards – use as a word wall, matching game, sorting activity, flashcards or a fun "Quiz, Quiz, Trade" game. The cards include 27 v

Also included in: Animal Adaptations, Food Chains and Habitats BUNDLE


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The Science of Energy {Unit on Sound, Light and Heat Energy}
This product has lots of fun hands-on activities to help you teach about energy, specifically sound, light and heat energy! Your students will have so much for exploring energy and recording their learning with this fun unit! All you need to add to this unit are just a few objects for the experiment

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The Science of Force and Motion {Unit on Force, Motion, Gravity and Magnets}
Spice up your force and motion unit with these fun activities! This unit will help you teach about force, motion, gravity, friction, wheels, ramps and magnets in your primary classroom. Here is what's included: Vocabulary Picture Cards Science Journal Inserts Anchor Chart Parts Activities with exp

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Soil Layers and Types of Soil vocabulary cards, assessments, activities, interactive notebook pages and an exciting soil SCOOT game are all included in these fun and engaging supplemental resources for your Soil Unit!Vocabulary Cards– use as a word wall, matching game, sorting activity, flashcards,

Also included in: Soil Bundle


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Science Word Wall Vocabulary Cards
Science Word Wall Vocabulary Cards This file contains vocabulary cards for your Science word wall. Each card contains the vocabulary word, a brief definition, and a clipart image that represents the vocabulary word. Includes: - 90 vocabulary cards (please download preview for the list of word

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All About Spiders - a spider unit for first and second grade students
NEWLY UPDATED July 2017 This packet will help your first and second grade students learn, understand, and practice using the science terms used when talking about spiders. It also will provide you with resources to make your unit come to life. By integrating science and non-fiction into your langu

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Weather About this book: This book contains a collection of activities and worksheets suitable for use with children in Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten (Prep). Directions for use: Following is an outline of the activities and worksheets included in this unit

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All About Reindeer- using and learning science vocabulary
All About Reindeer will help students learn, understand, and practice using the science terms used when talking about reindeer and caribou. It also will provide you with resources to make your unit on reindeer come to life. (It also includes information/activities to teach students about the habitat

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Science Word Wall {Big Money Words}
Science Word Wall {Big Money Words} These science word wall posters are a must-have for any science classroom! Big Money Words includes 28 word cards. There are 2 sets to choose from: crayon box colors or brights. Related terms are colored with the same color. I originally made this for my ELLs

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Kindergarten Science - Interactive Journal - Distance Learning
This science packet is full of interactive journal worksheet and sorts that will last you the whole year long. With 72 worksheets, vocabulary cards, and whole class sorting activities you will find everything you need to teach your kindergarten science class with this product!To learn more about th

Also included in: Kindergarten Interactive Journal Bundle


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Rainforest Learning Adventure - Animal & Habitat Investigations
This is truly a Rainforest Learning Adventure unit - 96 pages! It is great to use with your animal characteristics, habitat, and environment lessons. It comes with 2 1/2 pages of Cool Rainforest Facts and filled out webs and organizers for teacher resource. * 10 graphic organizers with teacher res

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Exploring Our Five Senses Unit
This Five Senses Unit is a great way for your students to explore and enjoy using the five senses! Included is: Five Senses Vocabulary Picture and Word Cards What Is Missing? Five Senses Clip and Snip Seeing the Sights Ideas & 2 Printables What Color Are the Eyes I See With? Class Graph Can Yo

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K-1 ALL YEAR Interactive Notebook Science Doodles Bundle
K-1 Full Year Science BUNDLE NGSS and TEKS Aligned I'm so excited about this Complete Interactive Notebook for grades Kindergarten/First that is aligned to the NGSS standards as well as the TEKS. It is a complete curriculum that is rich in vocabulary (44 sheets), 20 foldables with original science

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Science Word Wall Bundle - Chemistry, Force & Motion, Life, Earth & Space
Science Word Wall - This bundle is all 4 of my word wall products packed into one deal. There are 200 word wall cards and images included in this package. Save 25% when buying this word wall bundle! All cards are color coded by Chemistry, Life Sciences, Earth and Space, and Force and Motion. Y

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Continents and Oceans Posters and Maps Word Wall
Continents, Oceans, and Maps can be a fun and easy concept to teach, especially when you have this great set of word wall cards. Each card includes the word, its definition, and a clear, colorful illustration. PERFECT for visually reinforcing landform vocabulary! Please click on the PREVIEW above

Also included in: Maps, Continents, Landforms, and Map Skills Bundle


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Science Word Wall
Includes FOUR different versions of vocabulary or word wall cards for over 80 science terms! These word wall cards make an excellent classroom display and are a great reference for students. There are four styles of each word wall printable: -half page with white background -half page with chalkboa

Also included in: 3rd Grade Focus Wall Bundle


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What is the Matter? Unit
This includes 77 pages of matter fun! Included are yummy matter activities, hands on activities, recording sheets, vocabulary picture cards and so much more! This unit is a great way to tie reading and writing to science. Here is a list of what is included: Matter Vocabulary Picture & Word Car

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Physical Science Unit
Teach physical science through hands-on activities, science stations, vocabulary development, and interactive lessons that reinforce important concepts about states of matter, properties of matter, and other important concepts. *Word Wall words: 20 matter vocabulary words*2 posters: Matter and Prope

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PDF (10.89 MB)

Science Vocabulary Word Wall {Grades 3-4}
The vocabulary word wall includes a Science Vocabulary Word Wall for Grades 3-4 for the entire year with over 200 terms. The following words are included:Science Tools & Nature of Sciencedatasciencescientisttheorylawobservationinvestigationrecordscientific methodexperimenthypothesisquestioninfe

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PDF (132.2 MB)

Scientific Method Posters & Word Wall Words
This poster pack consists of 11 word wall words, 11 scientific method posters, and a student reference sheet, great for science notebooks! Each poster is bright and includes a visual image of that step in the process.-Scientific Method-Purpose/Question-Hypothesis-Materials-Variable-Control-Procedure

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3rd Grade Focus Wall Bundle
A focus wall has become a staple of my classroom setup and standards based bulletin board, and I’m excited to offer this bundle of all my focus wall materials. As a teacher, I want to have lots of different options for my focus wall, so I was sure to include multiple options of each portion of the f


Science Alphabet Posters
Fun alphabet posters for the Science classroom! These posters can be used for various purposes: -You can use them as labels for your word wall -You can bind them and create a book for your students -You can use them as an alphabet as classroom decor -and more! I bet you can get creative! There ar

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Plants and Soils Centers, Reading Passages and Craftivities -Ontario Grade 3
Grade 3 Plants and Soils Centers for Ontario! This item includes activities to help with your plants and soils units! Because the units are so closely related, I usually teach them together, but you could use the activities separately if you prefer. Included: -2 Craftivities (Sally Soil, Peter

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Root Word Posters
Immerse your students in Greek and Latin roots! When I wanted to reinforce the content of a series of lessons I taught about root words, I typed up this series of posters, stapled them to individual sheets of construction paper, and taped them to the walls of my classroom. By the time I was done,

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