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Main Idea in a Bag: Hands-On Practice with 10 Social Studies & Science Card Sets
Main ideas and supporting details are HARD concepts, especially if you are stuck reading a long, boring article. :) So, when introducing main idea to my ‘BIG’ 5th graders it had to be interactive. In this hands-on resource, students work in pairs to differentiated between the topic, main idea, and s

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Map Skills Worksheets & Performance Task | Distance Learning
Help your students practice using a map key, a compass rose, and a scale to read, interpret, and create basic maps. Perfect for teaching geography or quick assessments in for grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3!---The following print-and-go map skills activities are included:Map Vocabulary Foldable*: Stud

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Interactive Social Studies Journals {K-2}
Interactive notebooks are widely used in classroom. If you were to walk in mine today, you would see interactive notebooks for reading, math, and science. The purpose behind these notebooks is to keep students organized and assist in synthesizing lessons taught. It’s common to see vocabulary, notes,

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Weathering and Erosion Sorting Activity (Free)
Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Sorting is an activity that helps students understand the differences between these three concepts by having them sort examples into categories. Students work with a partner or cooperative learning team to review the definitions and then sort the examples into gro

Also included in: Weathering and Erosion Task Cards Bundle (with Google Classroom Quizzes)


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Black History Month Activity: Famous Faces® Collaborative Poster [Volume 1]
Do something for Black History Month that your students won’t soon forget - with my large, visually-engaging "Famous Faces" of Black History Month poster/banner. This fun, collaborative activity features 8 inspirational African Americans: Thurgood Marshall, Ruby Bridges, George Washington Carver, Ha

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Greek Mythology Readers' Theater {scripts & stories}
You'll have no problem getting students to re-read for fluency when they are having fun with these scripts. This Greek Mythology Readers' Theater includes a set of four different plays. Each play script comes with a one-page summary of the story, a character profile worksheet and name cards to be w

Also included in: Greek Mythology Bundle


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Map Pack
Looking for a mapping lesson for your students? This pack is a great introduction to a maps, map symbols, map keys, and learning how to use a compass rose. This pack includes: * 1 town map (a colored version & black and white version) The black and white map symbols are different than the co

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Back to School Upper Grade Activities
Start your school year off on the right foot with these activities that promote community, establish expectations for speaking and listening, and allow you to get to know your students. Eight fun, engaging activities are included!Included in this resource:-Class Constitution-Student Interest Level

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Communities, Goods and Services, Consumers and Producers
This What is a Community? resource was created to help primary students understand economics concepts related to types of communities, goods, services, consumers, producers, and community helpers.--Inside you will find the following resources and activities:• Community Vocabulary Cards: These pages

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13 Colonies Editable Review Game Activity
This social studies resource is a scavenger hunt activity that allows students to review the thirteen colonies in an engaging, collaborative way. Students will rotate through three different stations and use the clues at each station to determine whether the New England, Middle or Southern colony is

Also included in: 13 Colonies Unit of Activities


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Imperialism Game: Scramble and Conquer!
This fun cooperative learning simulation game to help your students understand the Age of Imperialism! Each group simulates a different country and must conquer "territory" - which are items in your classroom. The only catch is that the rules are different for each group - just like how some countri

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Reader's Theater Trial of Alexander T. Wolf Printable & Digital
Reader's Theaters are a fun way to get your kids reading. This script is for upper elementary (3rd, 4th, & 5th) and is a spin off of the Three Little Pigs fairy tale. This Reader's theater script is an idea based on the book "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs". This activity is set up as a

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Bill of Rights in Everyday Life
The Bill of Rights- What a fun topic to teach and study! This reading and social studies activity is interesting and thought-provoking for students. Students will work in cooperative groups to examine scenarios with realistic situations. They will decide if the person's rights were respected, acco

Also included in: Constitution Bundle


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Branches of Government + Levels of Government Card Sort
Branches of American Government Card Sort includes Levels of Government: Federal, State, and Local Government Card Sort What are sort cards? Sort cards are informational terms and facts printed on small cards that students sort into categories. Students will learn America's 3 Branches of Governmen

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States and Capitals Game | 50 States Showdown Review Activity
50 States Showdown is an exciting, fast-paced activity for reviewing state names, locations, capitals and/or abbreviations.There are three variations of the basic Showdown game: Find the States Showdown, Name the States Showdown, and States and Capitals Showdown. All three games can be played as a w

Also included in: States and Capitals Games Bundle | Learn the 50 States, Region by Region!


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Greek Mythology Escape Room - Social Studies
Escape boredom. Escape the desk. Escape with a Greek Mythology adventure! (Add some fun to your ELA and Social Studies lessons.)This Escape Room project includes:★ Teacher Instructions★ Introductory PowerPoint (With a talking avatar video!)★ Alternate Printable Introduction★ Pronunciation Guide★ Pr

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Vietnam War Station Activity
This engaging lesson for the Vietnam War has students rotate through stations to learn about various aspects of America's War in Vietnam. The 7 different stations cover:The Cu Chi TunnelsVietcong Booby TrapsAgent OrangeHo Chi MinhSongs of the Vietnam WarThe Draft and ProtestsMilitary Deaths in the W

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Black History Month Activity: African American History Collaborative Bio "Quilt"
My Famous Faces® of African-American History "Quilt" project is the perfect whole-class activity to do during Black History Month or any time of the year! It connects the individual with the group using hexagons that will tessellate to create a large “quilt” collaboration poster featuring 30 influen

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Civil Rights Movement Road Trip Lesson
This fantastic Civil Rights Movement lesson plan is inspired by the "Freedom Riders". Included are 7 one page readings on major events of the Civil Rights Movement (Brown Vs. The Board of Ed., The Little Rock 9, The Montgomery Bus Boycott, etc) that students read as they travel around the room. As y

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Explorers of the New World - Learning Stations, Graphic Org., Inform. Passages
Exploring the New World This unit was developed to support Georgia’s Performance Standard SS4H2. It contains learning stations for six European explorers: Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, Juan Ponce de Leon, Vasco Nunez Balboa, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson. Each learning station contains in

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Classroom Government Simulation- Making U.S. Government Relevant for Kids
NEW April 2020- I have added a digital component to this pack! There is an interactive Google Slides activity included!This unit makes U.S. government more fun to teach and easier for students to understand. In this unit, students will learn about the different layers of government (federal, state

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Integrating Social Students and ELA is an effective strategy for covering important content in an engaging manner. Students will learn first-hand how to be a good United States Citizen and an active member of their community. Students will identify rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizens, 10 di

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This ELA/SS unit includes all resources that you need to teach the basics of citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen in one week. The text is kid-friendly and easy to understand. Students will find it easy to connect the abstract concept of citizenship to self through writing activities

Also included in: 1st & 2nd Grade Social Studies CURRICULUM- (12 Units & SS Journal Bundle)


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Project: The Bill of Rights (distance learning option included)
This project has everything your students need to know about the freedoms contained in the Bill of Rights!The resource includes a PowerPoint that presents each amendment in the Bill of Rights in student-friendly terms. After explaining both the structure and the purposes of the Bill of Rights, the

Also included in: Project Bundle: Illustrating the Articles and the Bill of Rights


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