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Who Am I? - Community Helpers Powerpoint Game #1
Engage students with this fun, interactive community helpers game. In this "Who am I" game, students must guess the community worker. There are 10 questions and you just click on each question to go to it. Each question has 3 clues and student have to guess which community helper it describes. Clu

Also included in: First Grade Powerpoint Game Bundle - Single License


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Economics: A K-1 Unit about Needs, Wants, Goods and Services
A K/1 Social Studies Unit introducing concepts of economics through games and activities: * Needs and Wants Webs and Sort (p. 3-6) * Goods and Services Webs and Sort (p. 7-10) * “Making Choices” Activity (p. 11) * Drawing Basic Needs (p. 12) * My Economics Book (p. 13-16) * “Why Save?” Writing

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Oregon Trail Simulation
Get your students ready for the ultimate Oregon Trail experience! This simulation activity will engage your students and have them excited about learning about the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon.This resource provides an interactive experience that engages students to become pion

Also included in: Oregon Trail Simulation Game and Activities Bundle


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Growth Mindset Activities | Pump Up the Brain
It's time to get your students pumped up about their learning mindsets! Through this resource your students will become GROWTH MINDSET champions! Included in this resource is: -Suggested Read Aloud Books -Brain Craftivity with 4 different writing responses (Mistakes Make Me Learn, I Have a Stretc

Also included in: Growth Mindset Activities Printable and Digital Bundle, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade


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Map Skills: Hands On Maps Center Social Studies
Hands-on maps center. Introduce beginning maps skills with this hands-on maps center. Includes: pictorial directions on set-up, "I can" directions, key, compass rose, task cards, interactive map pieces (picture cards of places in a community), differentiated recording sheets, map elements flip boo

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Holidays Around the World Escape Room Game Cracking the Classroom Code™
Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room game with your students today! Your class has been locked in an ice castle by Jack Frost! Students will be learning about different winter holiday traditions that are celebrated all over the world. This game is intended for 3rd-5th grade students.

Also included in: Escape Room Language Arts Bundle Upper Elementary Cracking the Classroom Code™


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Goods and Services {Economics} Sort Cards for Kindergarten
You are receiving 18 sort cards to help facilitate talks about economics…specifically goods and services! Includes: Goods and Services header cards with definition 11 goods cards 7 services cards Use for whole group sorting, or Kagan games like quiz, quiz trade….or place in a center as a follow up

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NEEDS and WANTS BINGO Game! Social Studies for Kindergarten and First
NEEDS and WANTS Bingo! You are receiving: *18 consumable bingo boards. Each one has a different configuration. Have more than 18 students? No worries, just print as many as needed. More than one BINGO winner is even better! *4 sheets (2 needs/2 wants) or a total of 36 needs/wants BINGO CALL CARD

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I Have Who Has Game Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Activities Free I Have, Who Has Game - This Thanksgiving activities game is big enough to be used with a class, but can also be used for small group, centers, morning warm-up, etc. This is a fun game that can be used during Thanksgiving time. There are a total of 31 game cards included

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Thanksgiving Escape Room Thanksgiving Activity
Escape Room fun while learning about Thanksgiving. This is the perfect Thanksgiving Activity to use just before the Thanksgiving break. This versatile cooperative learning resource is no-prep. All the work has been done for you. Make copies, divide the class into small groups and enjoy. The tasks pr

Also included in: Escape Room Activity Bundle One for Every Month Monthly Escape Activity Fun


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Branches of Government + Levels of Government Card Sort
Branches of American Government Card Sort includes Levels of Government: Federal, State, and Local Government Card Sort What are sort cards? Sort cards are informational terms and facts printed on small cards that students sort into categories. Students will learn America's 3 Branches of Governmen

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States and Capitals Game | 50 States Showdown Review Activity
50 States Showdown is an exciting, fast-paced activity for reviewing state names, locations, capitals and/or abbreviations.There are three variations of the basic Showdown game: Find the States Showdown, Name the States Showdown, and States and Capitals Showdown. All three games can be played as a w

Also included in: States and Capitals Games Bundle | Learn the 50 States, Region by Region!


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Ancient Rome: Can You Stop the Fall of Rome? (works with Distance Learning)
Take your students through a simulation where they get to be the emperor of Rome. Will they make wise decisions to prevent the collapse of the empire or will their decisions quicken its demise? Students face 16 scenarios where they choose from several options. If they choose wisely, they gain coins

Also included in: Ancient Rome Bundle


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Being a Good Citizen at Home, at School, and in the Community
You can use these cards in many ways. 1. Print these cards, cut them out, and use them as a visual introduction to citizenship. • Show the students these cards and ask them if the children shown are being good citizens or if they are following rules at home, school, or in the community. • Use t

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A  Latitude and Longitude Battleship Game
Battleship! An engaging game to reinforce latitude and longitude practice. Just when you thought it was safe.... Take advantage of the popular movie out in DVD and get your students to practice using coordinates just as the heroes must in the movie. A whole new approach for the kids to use -instea

Also included in: Latitude Longitude Games Bundle- Collection of 4


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States and Capitals Worksheets
States and Capitals Bundle is intended to help students learn the states, capitals and abbreviations and to help spark student interest United States Social Studies. Download Preview FilePlease view the preview file prior to purchasing. Please ensure that it is appropriate for your grade level pri

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Geography Unit for Special Education
This complete unit provides you with materials to teach geography concepts in an easy to understand way! This unit allows you to differentiate for a wide range of types of learners within your classroom. This resource is visually based, includes multiple versions of each activity, and is hands-on! T

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Greek Mythology Stories and Activities
This resource includes eight popular myths written in a kid friendly format. Additional activities include an allusions worksheet, planning and writing your own myth, analyzing a character, BINGO review and more!Included in this resource:★ Myth book cover page★ Famous Greek Myths re-written in a kid

Also included in: Greek Mythology Bundle


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Constitution Day Packet
This is an activity filled printable used to teach elementary students everything they need to know about the Constitution. Inside you will find an original game {hands on} that teaches students the basic concept of the Constituion. Also: -Ideas and a printable to use when writing a "class constit

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Map Skills and the Five Themes of Geography BUNDLE
{Map Skills; Map Activities; Five Themes of Geography} This bundle includes four of my resources for your unit on map skills and the five themes of geography at a discounted rate. ★ You may also want to check out my "Less Mess" Map Skills and Geography Interactive Notebook Activities as well. In

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Christmas Around the World Scavenger Hunt {With and Without QR Codes}
Students will learn about Christmas traditions from around the world by getting out of their seats and going on a scavenger hunt. Scatter the 30 statements around your room and then have your students use QR Code Readers to find out which tradition belongs to which country. Students fill out a hando

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Holidays Around the World Escape Room Grades 1-2 Cracking the Classroom Code™
Will your class escape in time? Try this escape room game with your students today! This is a fun game that is perfect for practicing reading skills, while also learning about different cultures from around the world. Students will practice social studies skills as they learn about how different peo

Also included in: Escape Room Language Arts Bundle Lower Elementary Cracking the Classroom Code™


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Pirate's Treasure -- Map Skills Game
This is a fun way to practice map skills!In this Pirate theme game, students practice map skills. This social studies game can be used for stations/centers, partner games, or small group practice.This game was created by Kathy Law for first grade, second grade, or anyone who needs extra map practice

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Immigration Coming to America: Immigrants from Germany, Ireland, China 2nd Grade
This is a complete student friendly unit on immigration. It includes an overview of immigration, explains WHY people immigrated and continue to immigrate, and highlights three separate areas of immigrants; Ireland, Germany, and China. This unit describes the hardships they endured and the contribu

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