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In this lessons students will learn about the four governments of ancient Greece (monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, democracy). Students will read a text about each type of government, and will then record the findings (who had the power, the positives and negatives, etc.), on a graphic organizer.
Grant Proposal: Grant Proposal for a School Wide Election Event - Would you love to write a grant for your elementary classroom but just can’t seem to get started? This winning proposal may be just what you need to jump-start your ability to plan, write, and carry-out an innovative teaching grant
This is a SUPER bundle of resources about the 3 major Empires within West Africa. It includes the following resources:-Empire of Ghana {Digital AND Paper}-Empire of Mali {Digital AND Paper}-Empire of Songhai {Digital AND Paper}SUCH a great deal!Looking for the Digital version of this bundle? Click
This proposal was submitted to the National Educator’s Association (NEA) in 2004 and was awarded a Learning & Leadership grant for $2,000.00 to travel to Lancaster County, PA. The grant is written from the perspective of determining how technology affects society and culture through the study of
This is a SUPER bundle of resources about the 3 major Empires within West Africa. It includes the following resources:-Empire of Ghana {Digital}-Empire of Mali {Digital}-Empire of Songhai {Digital}SUCH a great deal!Looking for the Digital AND Paper version of this bundle? Click HERE***************
Make money for your school, while those who help your school save money! Everybody Wins! Preview the Power Point - Check out the website - Call us today - Start within days!!!
This bundle provides you with a Constitution Fact Sheet that provides easy-to-understand information about the Constitution. This bundle will also provide you with a Preamble activity that will allow the students to better understand the Preamble to the Constitution. By breaking the Preamble down
Enhance your study of economics using this kid-friendly vocabulary PowerPoint presentation with accompanying vocabulary matching game and printables. Economic Terms/Concepts: producers consumers surplus shortage opportunity cost economic choice supply demand interdependence specialization comparis
Students will be introduced to the four main philosophers of ancient Greece (Sophocles, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle). Students will critically examine two notable quotations from each philosopher, asking what they felt the message of each idea meant. Next, students will write and share whether the
Students will be able to analyze two emperors in ancient India who ruled under the Mughal Empire and compare and contrast them with each other. The students will also look at this reading and videos to determine why and how the Mughals took over India.
Graphic organizer for these artists - Raphael Sanzio, Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, and Jan van Eych.
Students are introduced to the first monotheistic religion by looking at early Jewish history. Students then do an activity using the 10 Commandments to determine how Jewish beliefs impact their lifestyle. Students are given a skeleton outline of a formal paragraph that they must fill in with their
In this lesson students will be able to identify how Moses was important to the religion of Islam by reading a story of him in Islam. Students will read "Musa (Moses) follows a Wise Man". After reading, students will answer questions that are modeled after the ELA state exam, with a concentration on
This grant was written and awarded for to focus on map skills using animals from various continents. Also included is detailed budget.
This was a successful grant proposal for a project that was well-received by my students. Many of the items used in this project are reusable year after year. Suggested grade level is Second Grade but easily used with students up to Fifth Grade with minimal modifications.
In order to implement and maintain a fundamental Environmental Design program, it must be marketed to the school district first, establishing a rationale for the implementation of the program. After the program has been adopted by the school district, it must be marketed to the public, professionals
This grant was used to earn a 3 year subscription for Time for Kids. The purpose of the grant was for students to gain education in current events and become more aware of global issues. The grant includes: - cost information - detailed description of the grant - common core standards that are alig
A $500.00 funded Social Studies Grant from the state of Louisiana. - The major focus of this project is to motivate the students to become aggressively engaged in activities whereby they will utilize information learned in class along with their technological skills to create a community awareness
You’re excited to plan a field trip for your students - what’s not to love? But you may find that not everyone will share your enthusiasm at first. Winning support from your school peers and administrators can be one of the most difficult parts of planning a school trip. It doesn't have to be as dau
PBL Project Journal on "How does technology affect our lives?" (editable)
This product includes a poster of Sojourner Truth (see cover page) and pages to help with your report about Sojourner Truth. Included are the following: Poster Bubble Map 2 Was, Had, Wanted Charts - (one with lines and one without) 3 choices of fact writing pgs (1 with lines and a place to draw a p
Primary Source Document Depot: The Three Branches of GovernmentPrimary sources provide a window into the past. They provide access to first-hand, original documents and records produced by people who lived during that period.Click the green preview button above to see what's inside!This Product is
Are you looking for a lesson for community helpers to generate discussion and analytical writing? This community helper-garbage collector photo analysis will allow for practice with both. The activity would be excellent for whole-group discussion or for a center activity.
This is a great end of the year project for Biology or Psychology. Students address an issue that effects other teens (drug use, alcohol, pregnancy, bullying, relationship abuse, etc) and create a program to prevent or intervene with that issue. Students will be creating a poster, PSA and presentati

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