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I Can Sort {NEEDS and WANTS} Picture Worksheet
Students will identify needs and wants by using the pictures at the bottom and sorting them in either the wants or needs boxes.Perfect for morning work, homework or a quick review of the concept taught!You are receiving:1 needs/wants worksheet1 needs/wants answer keyENJOY!Please see my other NEEDS a

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Current Events Activities to Use with Any Article Distance Learning
This product contains 23 no-prep current events printables and graphic organizers that can be used with any article or internet news post. Use them when you are reading an article as a class or for independent selections to keep your students accountable. They will also work well with Time for Kids

Also included in: Informational Text Worksheets No Prep Bundle Distance Learning


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Long Ago and Today / Past and Present
Looking to add some fun to your Past and Present social studies lessons? These long ago and today activities are a great supplement to any unit about the now and then. Included in this resource are activities and worksheets that compare various aspects of life in the past and present. Some of the

Also included in: Long Ago and Today / Past and Present Bundle


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Timelines This project is a life events timeline activity where the students create a timeline for them self, a family member, a friend, or a famous person. This includes a description, parent letter (if the project will be done at home) and a a blank timeline that can be used in class or sent home

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Revising and Editing Texas History Theme
This bundle includes 30 original passages to practice language arts skills, and they are all based on 4th grade Texas history TEKS. The topics have been carefully selected to begin at early Texas history and progress chronologically to the 21st century. Each passage has six revising and editing ques

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Rules and Laws worksheet
This worksheet had students distinguish between school rules and community laws. Choose color or black and white.

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Current Event Article Close Reading Worksheet, Informational Text, Gr. 6-12 CCSS
Need more informational text-based lessons in your classroom? This print-and-go worksheet is the perfect little tool to use as a weekly, occasional, or extra credit assignment. You can either provide an article for your students to work through as a class or assign students to find their own article

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Thanksgiving Past & Present (Supplemental Activities for November)
This set of supplemental materials will help you teach your primary students how to compare their lives to the lives of the Pilgrims. The set includes: • 2 Differentiated Nonfiction Student Books {Each book contains nonfiction text features such as labels, arrows, bold words, and underlined key w

Also included in: BUNDLE: Social Studies Resources for Primary Grades


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American Revolution, Revolutionary War, Leveled Passages 5th Grade
Revolutionary War Close Reads Pack This pack is available in a bundle with the 3rd and 4th grade packs. Save over 15% by purchasing the bundle! I am so excited about this new line of products! I wanted to make it easy for you to integrate reading with the content areas, so I have made these Clos

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Note-Taking Template for Non-Fiction Texts
Do your students need support with taking effective notes while reading in the content areas? Do they struggle with Cornell notes? Are they visual learners? Are you looking for ways to incorporate non-fiction texts into your English classes?This template can be printed and used with any history/s

Also included in: Note-Taking Bundle


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Bundle of SIX Ancient History Document Based Questions (DBQ) Common Core aligned
*BEST SELLER BUNDLE*This is a set of six Ancient History DBQs that are also offered separately for $4.00 each. Buy the set and save versus purchasing them individually. These DBQs address the Common Core State Standards. They have a page outlining the English Language Arts/History/Social Studies


4th Grade Social Studies Fluency Passages
This product is a useful tool to help students improve their oral reading fluency. Research proves that repeated readings of familiar texts can improve oral fluency dramatically. Reading fluency is a key component to helping student comprehend what they read. As students read these passages, they sh

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Immigration: Literacy Resources to Teach About Immigration and Ellis Island
*Updated 8/6/17*This collection of literacy activities is an excellent supplementation to your immigration unit. It focuses on immigration at the turn of the 20th century and on Ellis Island. It includes a wide variety of activities that will help you integrate reading and writing into your immigr

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Literacy All Year Reading and Fluency Passages with Coordinating Writing and Art
49 weeks and over 1,000 pages! This year-long unit contains weekly thematic informational reading, fluency passages, fluency charts, full writing units, and art to match! The passages were carefully written and are research based! Preview Literacy All YearClick the preview button for a short sound-f

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Crash Course U.S. History Episodes 1-47 (Bundle)
Crash Course Guides for Every Episode (1-47). Works great as homework, independent practice, and to reinforce key concepts taught in class. You save over 70% by purchasing this complete episode bundle instead of purchasing each item separately! Let's face it - John Green speaks too fast, and unless


American Revolution, Revolutionary War, Leveled Passages 4th Grade
Revolutionary War Close Reads Pack This pack is available in a bundle with the 3rd and 5th grade packs. Save over 15% by purchasing the bundle! I am so excited about this new line of products! I wanted to make it easy for you to integrate reading with the content areas, so I have made these Clos

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American Revolution Primary Sources! Stamp Act & More in the American Revolution
American Revolution Primary Sources! Stamp Act & More in the American Revolution! The Primary Sources in the Revolutionary War lesson is included in the larger Causes of the American Revolution Unit, located here: Causes of the American Revolution Unit! Buy the bundle and save over 25%! ----

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My Vacation Journal: student homework while away
When students go on vacations during the school year, parents often ask for their homework in advance. But let's be honest: who plans their lessons that far ahead of time? Instead of sending a bunch of worksheets with my students, I send this vacation journal. It is an authentic way for student

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American Imperialism Packet with Primary Sources & Readings
This fantastic, 5 page American imperialism packet includes primary source cartoons, quotes, charts, and short readings. Each section explains a topic and includes a type of primary source then asks several questions of varying difficulty. Topics included in the packet are the purchase of Alaska, an

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Bill of Rights Scenarios
This is a great activity for a unit on the Bill of Rights and/or the U.S. Constitution. In this activity/ assignments students are assigned to read 12 different scenarios. After reading each scenario they are to figure out if the individual in the scenario had their Constitutional rights violated

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Black History Month Leveled Passages 3rd Grade
This pack is available in a bundle with the 4th and 5th grade packs. Save over 15% by purchasing the bundle! **As of 2/4/18, I have included separate passages with larger print. Some of you wanted the passages to be one page long, while others wanted the print to be larger. Now you can choose which

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Homework for Families! {Includes English & Spanish Versions}
Homework for Families! Take Home Tasks - Activities families can do together! As teachers, we're always looking for ways to bridge the home-school gap! Take Home Tasks is the answer! The goal of Take Home Tasks is to be a quick-to-set up, yet meaningful homework experience for families. A few no

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To better understand the basic information within the U.S. Constitution, students will browse through this primary source document and find the main ideas regarding the 7 Articles and 27 Amendments. Included are 17 questions about the articles and 27 questions about the amendments. All questions (

Also included in: United States Constitution Bundle: Scavenger Hunt, Articles, Convention Notes...


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Latitude and Longitude Practice
Students practice finding a location based on Latitude and Longitude coordinates. This resource has two versions, which is perfect for differentiation! Worksheet A has no labels, so students can practice identifying continents, oceans, and 2 (easily identifiable) countries as they follow the Latitu

Also included in: Latitude and Longitude BUNDLE!


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