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Reader's Theater Trial of Alexander T. Wolf Printable & Digital
Reader's Theaters are a fun way to get your kids reading. This script is for upper elementary (3rd, 4th, & 5th) and is a spin off of the Three Little Pigs fairy tale. This Reader's theater script is an idea based on the book "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs". This activity is set up as a

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Christmas Around The World, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa Reader's Theatre and Activities
This super fun Christmas Around the World, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Reader's Theatre will be a hit with your students!They will also learn a lot about other countries and their Christmas traditions. This pack has been updated on 11-4-15Please see Preview for a better look...Included are 28 child parts i

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Reader's Theater: 4 Native American Legends (plays for 3rd, 4th, 5th grade)
Focus on differentiation! This reader’s theater set features 4 popular Native American legends written on 3 separate reading levels for a total of 12 plays! Each script contains 4-6 parts, making it a perfect activity for centers or leveled guided reading groups! Modified versions provide suppor

Also included in: Reader's Theater Bundle of Myths, Legends, and Traditional Tales!


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Meet the Presidents
President's Day Fun!This packet has everything you need for a great English Language Arts and History Unit on the Presidents. It includes 6- 2 part Reader’s Theatres Scripts on 6 different Presidents. They are loaded with facts that your students should learn. A reporter interviews the

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HONOR AMERICA'S VETERANS!SHOW YOUR AMERICAN PRIDE!WEAR YOUR RED, WHITE AND BLUE!I created this script to use at our annual Veterans Day program at my school.This EASY TO EDIT script will provide an excellent framework for your Veterans Day program at your school.Included in this Veterans Day program

Also included in: Celebrate America! Patriotic Music Super Bundle! Memorial Day, Remote Learning


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Reader's Theater Pack: Events Leading to the Revolutionary War
Reader’s Theater Pack: Events Leading to the Revolutionary War(Aligned with VA SOL USI.6c)This script pack contains 7 reader's theater scripts and can be used to teach or review events leading to the Revolution.The scripts are short and written for about 2-3 students. Topics include: -French and In

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September 11th Reader's Theater and Close Reading Toolkit Grades 4-8
September 11, 2001 was a significant day in our American history. I created this reader's theater toolkit in order to give my students my history of the event, as well as allow for them to deepen their understanding through research.This toolkit includes:• clear directions for easy implementation•

Also included in: All-American Reader's Theater BUNDLE for Grades 4-8


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The American Revolution Reader's Theater
Take your students back in time with this 17 part reader's theater on the American Revolution! Meet the famous heroes who fought for independence including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, John Adams, and the Sons of Liberty. In the story, George Washington narrates the Revolution’

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Reader's Theater: Boston Tea Party
This is a great reader's theater script to introduce/reinforce the importance of the Boston Tea Party as a major event in our history leading to the American Revolution. In addition, it's great practice in the areas of expression and fluency. The following play script contains 23 individual parts,

Also included in: America Becomes a Nation: Reader's Theater Bundle for 4th Grade


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Reader's Theater:  Branches of Government (intermediate grades)
Students will bring the 3 branches of our government to life in this whole class script of We the People! The fast moving script reviews the roles and responsibilities of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches in a fun, relaxed way! This original play contains 24 parts featuring various

Also included in: America Becomes a Nation: Reader's Theater Bundle for 4th Grade


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Reader's Theater: The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (3rd, 4th, 5th grades)
Students will see the adventurous ride of Paul Revere come to life as they practice fluency and expression all at the same time! This original play contains 26 parts featuring 3 different reading levels to ensure whole class participation, differentiation, and engagement. Students will learn the e

Also included in: America Becomes a Nation: Reader's Theater Bundle for 4th Grade


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Airline Ticket, Itinerary, and Flight Instructions for Holidays Around the World
Why not have even more fun with your Winter Holidays Around the World unit by giving your students the full airline treatment? After making your suitcases, distribute airline tickets and have them go through a mock security screening. Arrange their chairs as if on an airplane, and read the enclose

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Reader's Theater: Tall Tales
This package includes six tall tale-themed Reader's Theater scripts for some of America's most beloved characters: - Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox - Davy Crockett - John Henry - Calamity Jane - Pecos Bill - Molly Pitcher This package would be great to use for a unit on tall tales or as a so

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Native Americans in Ohio MEGA bundle!  (4th grade Ohio Model social studies)
Over 7 student centered, engaging activities are included in this integrated social studies unit for 4th grade! It is centered around the 4th grade Ohio model social studies standard involving the historic Native Americans that lived in our state. I’ve included facts on the 6 main Ohio tribes in

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Revolutionary War - The Boston Massacre Reader's Theatre Script & Analysis
Bored with PowerPoints and the textbooks in your Social Studies class? Bring history to life with Reader's Theatre! Reader's Theatre is a quick and easy mini-play that gets kids reading, speaking, and moving while learning about history. This Reader's Theatre 3-pg script teaches essential content

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The 13 Original Colonies Reader's Theater
Take your students back in time with this 20 part reader's theater on the 13 Original Colonies! Narrator William Bradford tells why the colonies were formed, what life was like in the 1600’s, and who the important historical figures were such as Christopher Columbus, William Penn, Roger Williams, Th

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Lewis & Clark and Bird Girl: Sacagawea readers theater history play
The original play, a comprehension activity, a set of select journal entries, and a key, all for around three bucks. Read it once or practice it daily with students in grades 4 through 6 (and potentially 3 - 7) to improve fluency, build comprehension, meet the CCSs, and introduce Lewis and Clark and

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Thanksgiving Play
This is a 7 page AWARD WINNING script that teaches about Thanksgiving. Feedback has been EXCELLENT. There are enough parts from a class of 8 to a class of 28 if larger groups are assigned the choral reading parts. It is designed to be used to improve reading fluency from 1st-3rd or perhaps even str

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Native American Readers' Theater Scripts
Do you need an engaging way to study folktales, legends or Native Americans? Need a way to integrate literacy and social studies? Looking for more interesting texts for guided reading? These readers' theaters will help you with all the above. I have used these readers' theater scripts for the many y

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Patriotic Musical Program for Primary Grades
There's nothing better than hearing little voices singing patriotic songs! This program is appropriate for all elementary grade levels. Some have even used it for a school wide program! The first graders at my school have been doing this inspiring musical program for over 15 years! Not only will

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Boston Tea Party - Readers' Theater
Your students will have fun learning about the Boston Tea Party with this readers' theater script. What a great way to practice oral reading fluency and learn about the important events that shaped our nation. Included are three task cards and two activity sheets. Check out the Preview! If you

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The Lost Colony of Roanoke - Reader's Theater with Quiz
This reader's theater tells the story of the first English colony, Roanoke, and it's unfortunate demise. This can be read aloud as a play with up to 10 parts, or be read silently and followed up with a 7 question quiz. The quiz is designed to help students analyze a drama as they are required to to

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Reader's Theater: Ohio and the War of 1812 (intermediate level with 24 parts!)
Students will bring the War of 1812 and the Battle of Lake Erie to life in this whole class script of Don’t Give up the Ship! This fast moving script explores the causes and events leading to this important war in our country’s history in an engaging and connected way! This original play contains 2

Also included in: Westward Expansion in America: Reader's Theater Bundle for 4th Grade


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Reader's Theater: Folktales Around the World
Incorporate cultural diversity into any language arts class with these folktale Reader's Theater scripts from around the world. These classic tales from Scotland, China, Mexico, Africa, and India would be a great addition to any history classroom as well, as they exhibit the cultures and traditions

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