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Simplify your data collection and effectively save yourself time with this progress monitoring freebie. You can read more about how to use these Data Rings in this blog post.What is included?• editable 3"x5" card size• editable 3"x5" cover for confidentiality• editable 4"x6" card size• editable 4"x6" cover for confidentialityHow do I use this in my classroom?I explain exactly how I use this in my classroom in this here.If you are in need of online training for data collection, I offer a data col
This packet contains 180 questions and prompts. This collection includes wh- questions (who, what, where, when, and why), categorization, and labeling. These prompts work on function, attributes, categories, rhyming, features, emotions, and more!I use these daily with my students with autism! I post five prompts each day to be completed during independent morning work. These would work great for homework, Speech Therapy sessions, practicing peer interactions, and building social skills!for more
1st - 6th
Use these 100+ free positive thinking affirmations and self-talk statements to help kids and young adults build confidence, learn healthy coping strategies, and start the day off strong. Positive thinking and self-talk is an important social-emotional learning skill necessary for success. This resource includes a 3-page printable list of positive affirmations and a student worksheet to record individual positive affirmations. Digital and Print VersionsI've included a link to Google Drive! To acc
How are YOU feeling today? Let your students SHOW you with Kids in Action: Faces 2 FREE Clip Art! Help children of all abilities describe how they are feeling with the point of a finger. As with all the Kids in Action Clip Art sets, my hand-drawn, full-color images of multicultural children will delight both you and your students--and have a million uses! This zip file includes 9 png images in both color and blackline art (18 pictures, in total) for your convenience. High resolution images wi
Thank you so much for checking out my fonts! This zip file contains 20 different fonts that I made. You can use these fonts for any personal use and for resources in the classroom. You can also use these fonts in products posted for free on TpT. Please make sure the file is secured and add a link to my store: Or to my Instagram: ***Follow me for updates, exclusive offers, support and e
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Have you been looking for a great way to work on summarizing stories with problems and solutions? What about your quest for a graphic organizer that also guides students with how to respond? Look no further! This *FREE* graphic organizer is exactly what you've been seeking! *************************************************************************** What awesome resource is included? ★ Graphic organizer that breaks down Somebody Wanted But So Then **********************************************
This product contains Age and Grade-Based Speech and Language checklists from birth through grade 12 for use by SLPs, Teachers, and Parents. Included: Age-based checklists for ages 0-5 years Grade-based checklists for grades K-12 Signs of Language Disorders, Speech Sound Disorders, Stuttering, and Voice Disorders and simple ways to help children with both. Tips for Finding an SLP This product is a great way for teachers and parents to monitor the communication skills of children and refer to a
JUST ADDED EDITABLE VERSIONS!!!!!THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS TO CHOOSE FROM!2 EDITABLE2 NON EDITABLEThis is an IEP "Snap Shot". It is a one page reference guide to include most of the important components of the IEP. It can be used for guest teachers, aides, or general ed teachers. This is a NON editable PDF. It is meant to be printed and completed by hand in writing. CLICK HERE TO SEE 70 PAGE IEP BINDERComplete IEP Binder Kit
K - 12th
Descriptive posters of Who, What, Where, When, Why, How including a description of what each is asking, how to begin a Wh question, and examples.
Included in the document: Word lists for R, S, Z, L, Sh, Ch, J, F, V, T, D, K, and G Spooky Speech Spell - students use words from their lists to write a "spell" and practice saying it for carry-over practice. Potent Potion - A MadLib style page where students use words from their lists to fill in blanks to a potion in their cauldron. Halloween Scream Scene - Students draw a scene which includes words from their list. "Boo"go - Bingo board template that can be filled out using any sound(s
I hope you enjoy this fun 10 slide freebie. It is an auditory processing, sequencing, and memory activity where students act as customers, servers, cooks, and supervisors in a pizza shop. The customer orders from a menu and the server must recall the order and express it to the cook. The cook must recall the order and assemble the pizza. The supervisor provides cues as needed. PDF file in color You may also like: Language Logic S'more Language Thanks for visiting my store and providing
In Our Speech Room Poster! Visit for more freebies and ideas for your Speech Room.
PreK - 12th, Staff
DIGITAL PDF AND PRINTABLES: You will receive printable long division graph paper and a worksheet that models this 4th or 5th grade math problem solving strategy. This method also works well for special education students. You may also like this anchor chart poster:Long Division Printable PosterYou may also like these activities:Divisibility Rules Activity PacketLong Division Task Cards 2-6 Digits by 1 Digit with RemaindersLong Division Task Cards 2-3 Digits by 1 Digit without RemaindersLong Div
Utilize this binder for organization in your sight word center or fluency station. This FREE 250 page teacher binder comes with everything you need to set up, run, manage and successfully monitor students progress during sight word practice activities. This binder includes 8 sections: 1. Word Lists by Level 2. Word Lists by List number 3. Checklists 4. Flashcards (lists) 5. Flashcards (words) 6. Data sheets 7. Resources for parents 8. Fishing for Numbers Student Tracking Folder ****
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This FREEBIE download focuses on teaching identifying emotions, perspective taking and social problem solving using social scenarios. Students are asked to define other's emotions or thoughts in a basketball themed activity. Audience This download is appropriate for Speech language pathologists, Social skills groups or Special educations working with students with Autism Spectrum disorders. Age ranges are later elementary to middle school. Targeted Skills Theory of Mind Perspective Taking
6th - 8th
Whose hat is that!? Can you figure it out? Read the clues to figure out who each hat belongs to. *Updated to include an answer key! Includes 24 inferencing cards, 12 blank cards, and a game board! Use the blank cards to make up your own questions. Then laminate and you have extra game cards! To use the game board, get a spinner or one dice and game pieces from any board game. After each question, your student may roll or spin and then move that many spaces on the board. Copyright © 2013 Speec
Use these lessons to teach critical social skills of perspective-taking to kids, including understanding perspectives, developing their own perspectives, and recognizing there can be more than one point of view in a situation. This resource includes two complete activities with an educator guide and lesson plan. These are a small sample of a paid resource and bundle that are listed below.Digital VersionA digital version has now been included for Google Classroom!Why Teach Social SkillsSocial ski
This spin-off of a favorite kid's cartoon show practice irregular verb tenses in a friendly manner. 2 Levels are included (with and without answer choices).
Documents to help jump-start your career as a Speech-Language Pathologist or add organization and collaboration to your well-oiled SLP machine. Included: ~ Student Referral Form ~ Articulation Concern Referral Form ~ Caseload Schedule Planner ~ Daily Session Planner ~ Weekly Session Planner ~ Therapy Notes form ~ Attendance Data form ~ Speech Progress Chart ~ Progress Chart ~ Communication Log ~ IEP at a Glance ~ IEP Meeting Notes
I've got a FREEBIE for you! Need a prompt mat to help teach how to answer wh questions? This should help! It's a simple, one-page prompt mat with visuals to help your students understand how to answer each type of wh question. I hope you find it useful! If you're in need of some Wh questions, I've got a great NO PRINT, NO PREP Pack! Check it out! You May Also Like... Comprehensive Informal Grammar Assessment Speech-Language Assessment Checklist Preschool Vocabulary Cards Screener C
PreK - 6th
Here is a freebie to assist students in your classroom who have Autism. I would print out the schedule and picture symbols on cardstock. (If helpful, print out two schedule cards and then glue them to the back of each other) Then I would cut out each symbol and the schedule card. Laminate each piece, then stick the velcro adhesive to the symbols and the schedule card. =) ENJOY! I use individual and classroom visual picture schedules EVERY MINUTE OF EVERYDAY in my classroom! **Used in a Cen
Use this Vocabulary Graphic Organizer to help your students learn new vocabulary! Perfect for that struggling student who needs a hands-on, visual representation of a word. Parts included: Word- What word are you defining? Definition- Dictionary definition Part of Speech- Is it a Noun, Verb, Adjective, or Adverb? Synonyms- Give 2-3 synonyms for the word Antonyms- Give 2-3 antonyms for the word Sentence- Write a sentence using the word Copyright © 2013 Speech with Sharon. All rights reserved b
Practice comparing and contrasting with this popular card game! Students must express how the terms on the card they are "throwing down" are alike and different. It's a fun way to review compare and contrast, and best yet - it's FREE! *************************************************************************** What awesome resources are included? ★ Set of UNO-like cards for a compare and contrast game *************************************************************************** What are other c
"Social Scenarios" is a packet of skill building activity cards designed to help students develop strategies for responding to others in an appropriate manner. Students with social skill deficits tend to have more negative interactions with others. They often have difficulty interpreting social cues and can be inflexible in their desire to have things a certain way. This can make navigating the social landscape very difficult at school. "Social Scenarios" present challenging vignettes set within

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