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How Full is Your Bucket and School Leadership that Works, a great set of 2 books for any school leader's professional development! School Leadership that Works - From Research to Results by Marzano, Waters, and McNulty. 194 pages. Based on their
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50 great templates to help students get more out of reading writing science and social studies. Examples include: Language arts (reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary) Follow the clues Story board Main idea Editors checklist Social studies
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This is six of the seven episodes of the infamous Captain Underpants (CU) in a set from the first original printing in 2003. The books are truly in good condition to be ten years old! My fifth graders, and my daughter (when she was younger) truly
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This book could easily pass as brand new. Topics vary from History to Dreams and even the Arts. It is almost like an Almanac of sorts, and is great for independent reading, especially inspiring those "reluctant" readers! Please note that this
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