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Morning Meeting Slides | Activities , Greetings, Share | Distance Learning
Do you enjoy the benefits of morning meeting but dread the prep and planning that go into it? Is your morning meeting routine getting stale? This electronic morning meeting product is pre-planned so you have 40 weeks of morning meeting right at your fingertips! Almost ZERO prep, and the messages are

Also included in: Paperless Morning & Afternoon Meeting BUNDLE {Whiteboard Community-Builders}


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Noise Level Monitoring System - for use on your Smartboard or Projector!
I am passionate about using my projector in new and innovative ways to make my life easier. When I have a problem, I always go to my board for a solution. I am tried of shushing my kiddos. They can't tell when I am getting mad about it until I am ready to blow a gasket! I have made this monitori

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The M&M Game
*NOW EDITABLE! This is a fun activity to do in the early days of school. My students love it and always want to play it more than once. Basically, each student has a mini-bag of M&M’s and, depending on which color they draw out, they tell different things about themselves. Students first play in

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Back to School Activity
Would You Rather Silly Question PowerPoint Game No prep! Whew! This 45 slide presentation is great as an icebreaker or a brief moment between activities during the first few weeks of school. You'll learn who would rather travel 2000 years into the past or the future, and give students a chance

Also included in: Back to School Bundle of Activities on PowerPoint


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Classroom Procedures & Routines Back to School Activity | EDITABLE PowerPoint
Classroom Procedures Game Show is a fun way to review classroom procedures with your class at the beginning of the year, after a break, or any time they need a refresher! ☆Put students in up to 6 groups to play this Jeopardy style game! Classroom procedure talk can be dull and kids just don't pay at

Also included in: Game Show ALL ACCESS Bundle | Math & ELA Review Games | Distance Learning


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Calendar Math for SmartBoard (daily review of 16 common core skills)
This morning meeting SmartBoard/Promethean/PowerPoint activity allows for daily calendar math to take place (without taking up a lot of wall space). It also allows you to have continuous review of 16 important common core math skills. My kids enjoy playing this as a math center as well. Includes f

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Generalizations Task Cards for Identifying Generalizations with Digital Option
These 32 short passage cards are perfect for reinforcing generalization skills. They are meant to be used as supplementary reading strategy materials after you have introduced the concept. Students can use these cards individually at a center or they could also test each other in pairs. Another opti

Also included in: Reading Strategies Task Card Bundle 648 reading skills cards


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Game Show Test Prep Review Game - Fun End of the Year Activity
Review any subject with this fun and engaging quiz show game that works with all interactive whiteboards (Smart Board, Promethean, Mimio), iPads and computers! Teams take turns spinning the wheel and answering questions. The team with the highest score when the time runs out, wins!Create questions f

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Behavior Management [Puzzle War] PBIS {editable}
This resource is designed to encourage your students to carry out classroom expectations using a fun, visual representation. Please watch the video in our preview if you want to see and in-depth, step by step explanation :).You can change any of the goals for your students using the EDITABLE templat

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Assignment Slides | Use With Google Slides | Includes Distance Learning Slides
These Assignment Slides are perfect for providing students with directions and other important information about lessons and assignments.Slides for multiple subjects are included, and many options are available to customize these slides as you see fit!Use text boxes to:add the day/date.write out you

Also included in: Classroom Slides BUNDLE | Use with Google Slides


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Drawing Conclusions PowerPoint Lesson
Nancy Darew Shows you how to Draw Conclusions PowerPoint Lesson Your students will love becoming an honorary “Junior Officer”, while they learn how to infer with Nancy Darew. This 27 slide presentation will teach your students how to use the clues in their stories to draw conclusions about the ans

Also included in: ELA Reading Comprehension PowerPoint Bundle


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Classroom Management
How would you like to motivate your students without saying a word? Redirect the class without interrupting your reading groups? Keep them all engaged and on-task from anywhere in the classroom? Classroom Management Life Savers have made all of this possible with the push of a button! This set i

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Main Idea PowerPoint Lesson
What's the Main Idea? PowerPoint Lesson and Test Prep Main Idea: Use this PowerPoint lesson which contains short narrative and expository paragraphs to teach or reteach the idea of identifying the main idea. This presentation is designed to aid you with the following Common Core Standard for gra

Also included in: ELA Reading Comprehension PowerPoint Bundle


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Digital Games 1 Year Subscription: In Class & Distance Learning ELA & Math Games
Review any subject in a fun and engaging way with this 1 year all access pass to my digital learning games for any device including iPads, interactive whiteboards (SMARTBoard, Promethian, Mimio) and computers. With a growing library of games and the ability to make your own questions, you can tailor

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No Print Basic Receptive Language for Speech Therapy
This no print file is the perfect grab and go therapy solution for receptive language. Includes all REAL PICTURES so it is appropriate for all ages, no kiddish clip art graphics!The file includes six sections targeting:Object IdentificationVerb IdentificationAttribute Identification (size, shape, co

Also included in: Preschool Starter Kit for Speech and Language Therapy


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4th Grade English Language Arts Review PowerPoint and Test Prep
4th Grade English Language Arts Review- Test Prep This is a light-hearted, but COMPREHENSIVE review of tested concepts in English language arts (ELA). Using great animated pictures, this 52 slide PowerPoint follows test prep format, and will provide your students with many opportunities to practic

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Paperless No Prep Back to School Activities for Beginning of the Year
This Paperless Back to School Survival Kit is filled with interactive whiteboard icebreakers, editable classroom rules and procedures posters, and more fun to make your first week back to school easy, low-stress, and no prep! 160 PowerPoint slides include a variety of projectable games, rules, jokes

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Transition Music for the Classroom: Pre-Made & Editable Templates
**This pack of templates does NOT include sound clips (due to copyright laws) but suggestions, directions, and information on where/how to download and link to your images is provided.** Do you use transition music in your classroom? It is a great way to incorporate non-verbal cues into your routi

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Superhero Theme Attendance Classroom Management Tool - Interactive Whiteboards
Have fun taking attendance with this Superhero Kids theme interactive attendance program! Students touch their character when they arrive in class and their character will fly off screen. The remaining characters left on screen make it easy for you to see who is away that day. The program works for

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This Interactive Fractions PowerPoint Game Show has students practice and review Fractional Parts, Equal Shares, Naming Fractions, Fractions on a Number Line and Fractions of a Group. Featuring sound effects, a self-scoring scoreboard and 25 questions plus a challenge question, this fractions game i

Also included in: Winter Math and Literacy Bundle


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Paperless Morning & Afternoon Meeting BUNDLE {Whiteboard Community-Builders}
*This bundle includes my full Paperless, Whiteboard-Based Morning Meeting product found HERE): as well as my full Paperless, Whiteboard-Based Afternoon Meeting product found HERE*MORNING MEETING (View the full product listing HERE):Do you enjoy the benefits of morning meeting but dread the prep and


Daily Five Assignments Interactive Smartboard 12 Pages
If you are looking for a fun way to assign your students to their Daily Five stations, you will love this SmartBoard file. It comes complete with an interactive timer. 1 Page of Teacher Notes 5 Pages (Monday - Friday) 5 Pages (Station 1 - 5) I know your students will love using the SmartBoard for

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Literary Genres PowerPoint Lesson
Monkeying Around with Literary Genres PowerPoint Lesson This 36-slide presentation will dazzle your students while covering the necessary literary genres that students need to know! The presentation covers Fiction genres and Non-Fiction genres, with simple and understandable explanations of their

Also included in: ELA Reading Comprehension PowerPoint Bundle


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Resources PowerPoint Lesson {Thesaurus, Atlas, Almanac, Encyclopedia}
Thesaurus, Atlas, Almanac, Encyclopedia - What Resource do I Use? This PowerPoint presentation will help educate you students on using different types of resources. They will first learn about each type of resource, including dictionary, thesaurus, almanac, atlas, phone book, and internet. The

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