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How to Write Email, Email Etiquette, Effective Real-World Business Writing CCSS
Teach your students proper email etiquette – or "email netiquette" – with this 45-minute "How to Email" lesson that includes a high-interest intro. lecture and two fun real-world writing activities.First, present the right and wrong way to build an email message with a dynamic 15-slide Prezi lecture

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How to Write an Email to Teachers: Email Etiquette Mini-Unit Digital & Print
Have you ever received an email from a student that was written in, well, a not-so-nice tone? Sure. We all have, and it's enough to drive us up the wall! But! What if students have just never been taught (or not taught well) how to professionally address a boss or superior? That realization inspired

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Back to School Classroom Management Strategies Toothpaste Activity
One of the hardest things for students to do is to refrain from saying hurtful words to other classmates. This excellent back to school classroom management lesson is a visual reminder of what it is like if hurtful words are spoken. Students will compare the difficulty of putting toothpaste back int

Also included in: Back to School Activities


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Blogger Basics {Start Your Own Blog Tutorial}
Blogger Basics: I used this PDF when presenting a half day workshop in my district title "Blogger Basics". This PDF is specifically designed for beginners who would like help setting up their account and learning the ropes on Blogger or other experienced bloggers who would like to present workshops

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Forensic Science – Blood and Blood Spatter PowerPoint Presentation
Your purchase includes 57 PowerPoint slides, in both .ppt and .pdf format.The Blood and Blood Spatter PowerPoint Presentation covers the following topics:• History of Blood• Study of Blood• Composition of Blood• Blood Types• Unique Blood Proteins• Antigen-Antibody Response• What is Blood Spatter?• H

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Grow Your Teachers Pay Teachers Store
Grow Your Teachers Pay Teachers Store: *Click on the preview for more details. May take a few minutes to load!* Are you a TpT seller wanting some tips to improve your products, store, bring more traffic, and tax advice? This product was designed for both new sellers and experienced sellers wanting

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Forensic Science – Death and Forensic Anthropology PowerPoint Presentation
The Death PowerPoint Presentation includes 75 PowerPoint slides, in both .ppt and .pdf format, and covers the following topics:• Definition and description of death• Autopsy• Manner of death• Cause of death• Mechanism of death• Time of death• Types of Mortis (Livor, Rigor, Algor)• Stomach and Intest

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Toxicology PowerPoint Presentation - Forensic Science
This Forensic Toxicology PowerPoint Presentation includes 75 PowerPoint slides, in both .ppt and .pdf format and covers the following topics: • Intro to Toxicology • History of Toxicology • Murder by Poisoning • Drugs and Crime • Five Schedules of Controlled Substances • Hallucinogens • Narcotics •

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Meiosis PowerPoint Presentation and Student Notes
Your purchase includes 21 PowerPoint slides (in both .ppt and .pdf format) and a 4-page student fill-in style notes sheet (in both .doc and .pdf format). The Meiosis Notes and PowerPoint Presentation covers the following topics: • Diploid/Haploid Chromosome numbers • Sexual Reproduction • Egg vs. S

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Leadership PowerPoint - Ten Qualities of a Good Leader Presentation and Activity
Character Education: Leadership PowerPoint - Ten Qualities of a Good Leader Presentation. Helpful at the beginning of the year or as first week of school activity. Includes ten qualities that make a good leader, partner activity, writing assignment, and review questions. Some of the characteristics

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4th/5th Gr. Bullying Lesson - What it is, what it isn't, and how to stop it
This interactive, eye-catching lesson on bullying will have everyones attention!In this 4th/5th grade classroom lesson, "Bullying - What it is, what it isn't, and how to stop it", students will: (1) Learn the difference between rude, mean, and bullying (2) Practice identifying mean vs. bullying with

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Elie Wiesel: Hope, Despair and Memory - What is Textual Analysis?
This is one part of a larger lesson on Elie Wiesel. There are some common elements in the two, but my second unit goes beyond the scope of this free unit, so if you like what you see here please have a look at the following: ❤️❤️Elie Wiesel: Hope, Despair and Memory ❤️❤️ MOVE AWAY FROM GENERIC QUESTION

Also included in: HOLOCAUST (BUNDLE #1)


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Economics PowerPoint Distance Learning
Economics PowerPoint. Defines economics, economics terms, and the study of supply and demand. Explains the traditional economy, and in simple terms the differences between three different economic systems: the market economy, which is also known as capitalism; the command economy, which is also know

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Angles instruction, memory strategies and activities Power Point
Learning about angles has never been easier. This PowerPoint offers 25 slides. First, it shows students the great importance of angles in our world. Then it instructs students about acute, obtuse and right angles in a comic book like manner that uses both visual and auditory memory strategies. Ne

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The Role of SLPs in Schools (PowerPoint)
This engaging PowerPoint Presentation is perfect for you next in-service staff meeting! Explain the many facets of school-based Speech-Language Pathology service delivery, including an overview of communication domains, tips for classroom teachers, and the referral/observation process! The color

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Business Letter Writing Unit
THIS PRODUCT HAS A BUNDLE!This is a full unit teaching keyboarding/business students the correct formatting for business letter writing. This file includes an interactive PowerPoint that can be used several ways: The teacher can show the PowerPoint in class and teach by lecture, students can run it

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Systems of the Human Body PowerPoint
Systems of the Human Body PowerPoint introduces students to our amazing body and its body systems.These body systems include the Circulatory System, the Digestive System, the Muscular System, the Nervous System, the Respiratory System, and the Skeletal System.

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Biography PowerPoint Presentation
Hope you enjoy this FREE item! :) This presentation defines "biography" and "autobiography," and it explains the 10 elements of a biography. I typically have several biographies/autobiographies on display as I give this presentation, plus show students how to search in the card catalog for biographi

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Intro to Government
Description of Government, Why We Have Government and Overview of 4 Types of Government: Monarchy, Democracy, Dictatorship, Oligarchy. Visuals Provided Used to Assist in Center-Based Special Education Program for 6-8 Grade. Coincides with Colorado Social Studies Extended Evidence Outcomes for Com

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Forensic Toxicology Notes Handout and Key
Forensic Toxicology Notes Handout includes an 8 page student worksheet and 8 page teacher key, in both .docx and .pdf format.The Forensic Toxicology Notes packet covers the following topics:• Intro to Toxicology• History of Toxicology• Murder by Poisoning• Drugs and Crime• Five Schedules of Controll

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Conduction, Convection, Radiation PowerPoint & Google Slides
This product includes a PowerPoint and Google Slides presentation reviewing conduction, convection, and radiation. (Google Slides version is available by clicking the link on the last slide.)What's included?Key definitions, pictures, and real word examples of each concept.Pairs well with my heat ch

Also included in: Science PowerPoint Bundle: Energy, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Conduction, and more!


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Life Skills: How to Write A Check: This was created for use in my health/life skills class. The resource helps students understand the process of writing a check/cheque in a step-by-step way. The presentation includes lots of examples and a final product. It also provides practice situations with

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Smoking Health Presentation: This 20 slide Powerpoint presentation is intended to teach about the negative effects and dangers of smoking. There are discussion questions, activities, and images for the students. This has always been a hit in my health class and the students are very receptive to t

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How to Write IEP Goals: a Step-by-Step Course
Are you a new or newer special education teacher? If you find writing IEP goals to be overwhelming and a bit intimidating, I have a course that is designed to help you write goals that are measurable and based on exactly what your students need. In this course, you will learn how to: *Develop a Sequ

Also included in: Special Education Bundle: How to Write IEP Goals and Progress Monitoring Courses


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