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Speech Therapy Resources

221,175 results

First Then Board & Visual Schedule Flip Books (EDITABLE) for Special Education

If you are looking for an individual schedule book, visual schedules, or a first then board, this Positive Behavior Support resource has it all! Please note: All editable files are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. Some pages may now be edited using Google Slides.Included in this download: - 6-tabbed and 2-tabbed flip book options- 200+ visual schedule icons (these are not editable)- First then board (separate from flip book)- First next then board (separate from flip book)- Token boards (wi

Context Clues Packet Using Tier Vocabulary

Created by
Nicole Allison
Grab your detective hats and start the Clue-Searching fun! Research tells us that teaching vocabulary word by word doesn’t cut it anymore. In addition, state tests are becoming increasingly difficult for our students. We need to give our students strategies to determine unknown meanings. Using context clues is an evidence-supported strategy. The words included in this packet were specifically chosen. They focus on Tier 2 vocabulary words, (words occurring most frequently in our language and text

Cycles for Phonology Toolkit - Assessment, Progress Monitoring, & Intervention

Created by
Speechy Musings
You may have heard of cycles, an evidenced-based type of therapy for unintelligible children. You wanted to implement it, but it's confusing, hard to organize, and even harder to maintain. I felt the same way and came up with a way to implement the cycles approach efficiently and effectively! This cycles toolkit targets the following phonological processes and sounds:Syllable Reduction (2, 3, and 4 syllables)Syllable Structure (CV, VC, CVC, CVCV)Fronting (initial /g/ and /k/)Backing (initial /t/

Social Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs

Created by
Autism Classroom
Over 2,800 positive reviews!!! See the preview for examples. Thanks in advance for the feedback on these social skills activities.Social Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs. (Teen edition also available!) Great as a send home packet for distance learning! These social skills printables will work well for any students whose special needs include developmental delays or it may work for younger students in primary grades learning to develop social skills. The prin

WH Question Flip Cards

Targeting WH questions is easier than ever with these bestselling WH question flip cards. This set includes over 100 flip cards in 3 differentiated levels to get your special education students working on simple WH questions! Click here to save 20% off by purchasing this resource as part of the popular WH Questions Bundle.WHAT ARE THE LEVELS?- picture- picture and word- just wordWHAT'S INCLUDED?- What- Who- When- Where- WhyTEACHER REVIEWS"This is such a great, convenient resource! It makes on-th

Basic Skills Task Boxes (Errorless Learning Included) Pre-K & Special Education

Are you looking to incorporate task boxes into your daily schedule? These basic skills task boxes (not currently in any bundle) were created to enhance students' knowledge of basic academic skills, while promoting independence at the same time! These basic skills task boxes were created with Pre K and special education in mind.This download includes:- Picture-to-picture matching task boxes - 20 errorless task boxes- Tracing (letters, numbers, shapes, and lines)Concepts include:- color matching-

Curriculum Based Language Assessments for Grades K-5 Aligned with Standards

Created by
Nicole Allison
***TPT Bestseller!***Obtain language baseline data easily for your students. Questions aligned with over 50 Common Core Standards! Quick and easy to administer-simply read questions and record student answers. Provides a picture of where the student is currently performing based on standards. Perfect to use when progress monitoring during RtI!Identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses and provides information for writing IEP goals. Included: *Curriculum-Based Language Assessments for grades Ki

Mega Fluency Packet for Speech and Language Therapy

Created by
Speechy Musings
This engaging resource targeting fluency and stuttering for speech therapy includes visuals, printables, homework, self-advocacy scenarios, handouts, informal assessment tools, and more!The speech tools targeted are: slow rate, full breath, pausing, stretchy speech, light contact and easy onset.This packet helps your students in identifying their speech into 1 of 3 levels: bumpy, using speech tools, or smooth.There are visuals for the following types of disfluencies: repetition, block, interject

Grab N' Go Basic Concepts {Temporal,Spatial,Qualitative,Quantitative}

Created by
Live Love Speech
This GRAB N' GO PACK is perfect for students working on BASIC CONCEPTS and FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS with embedded basic concepts including: TEMPORAL, SPATIAL, QUALITATIVE, & QUANTITATIVE. Each set of cards can be used for on-the-go therapy, RTI, centers, and in-class therapy sessions. Students can use magnetic chips, bingo daubers, play-doh, or dry erase markers to choose the correct answers. Each basic concept card set is color coded and clearly labeled for easy assembly.Basic concepts posters

WH Questions Mega Bundle: Preschool Speech and Language Therapy

WH Questions Mega Bundle. Materials for explicit instruction, practice, and carryover all in one packet! A massive bundle (68 pages) which is perfect for intervention and will support a variety of teaching and practice opportunities for speech and language therapy targeting WH questions goals. DOWNLOAD this bundle if you want to:Teach the skills, not just practice itHave ready made resources for differentiated skill levelsHave all the WH resources you need to support your studentsProvide packets

Wh- Question Mega Pack

This mega pack contains TONS of resources to help your students learn how to successfully answer who, what, where, when, and why questions. This skill can be a struggle for children with autism, cognitive impairments, or speech disorders. Using visuals, multiple examples, and structure will allow students to learn this skill successfully with this resource! This product contains:- Wh- Question Posters (one for each question)- Wh- Question Visual Cards- Visual Question Worksheets (25 total - 5 fo

K-5 Common Core Standards Supporting IEP Goals for ELA {Editable}

Created by
Nicole Allison
~Number One Selling Speech Therapy item on TeachersPayTeachers!~Completely EDITABLE! Now you can edit this document to include your own goals or change mine! A must-have for the busy Speech-Language Pathologist! Show up to your next in-service meeting and impress everyone!This document contains tons of IEP goal examples on every Speech and Language topic and then lists the Common Core Standards supporting those goals in grades K-5! There are two documents total: 1. The first is arranged by Commo

One Sheet Language Lessons - No Prep Speech Therapy Printables

Created by
Speechy Musings
Looking for a no-prep material to use with your entire middle school or upper level caseload? You can use these sheets for your entire caseload for up to a week for each page. ★This product targets: conversation skills, grammar (past tense verbs, verb agreement, pronouns), figurative language (idioms, hyperbole, similes, alliteration), vocabulary, compare/contrast, narratives, prefixes, suffixes, sequencing, inferences, story comprehension, problem solving, story development/creation, WH questio

In Your Shoes: Speech Therapy for Social Skills

In Your shoes is a social skills game for speech therapy, special education, counselors, and regular education teachers. It focuses on taking the perspective of others. Perspective taking and social problem solving are vital skills for children. This activity directly targets these skills. The games are called 'In your shoes.' The download includes 3 games: Problem Solving 1 & 2 and Perspective Taking. The problem solving games include social situations that require the student to iden

WH Questions Interactive Book for Who, Where, and What Questions Speech Therapy

Created by
Speechy Musings
Many of the students I work with have trouble answering WH questions. For example, they might answer a question like "Where do you sleep?" by saying "Blue". Or I might ask, "Who delivers your mail?" and they will answer "Mailbox". These types of students often have trouble matching the WH word to their respective answers.This interactive book will help teach your students how to answer WH questions. Your students will learn that "who" means a person, "where" means a place, and "what" means a thi

Speech-Language Therapy Explanation Handouts for Parents and Teachers

Created by
Natalie Snyders
This set of 21 handouts are perfect to help spread awareness of the role and importance of speech-language therapy in the school setting! They are designed to explain the overall role of speech-language therapy, what different communication disorders are and how they can impact the school setting, what standardized testing is for and how to interpret scores, IEPs/504s, and speech-language services in school settings versus private practice.(Want a FREE sample? Check out my blog post here.)Thes

Visuals for Vocabulary: Vocabulary Posters

Visual posters for supporting vocabulary instruction. The packet contains 13 pages of visuals to support vocabulary instruction. They can be used as posters in your speech office or classroom. I like to place posters where they can be easily pulled off the wall when we are targeting that skill. Print them half size and make desktop visuals! DOWNLOAD this bundle if you want:Big and colorful visual prompts and cues  to support your studentsAn easy to grab visual to help your students accuracy and

Articulation for Reading and Conversation Speech Therapy Intervention

Created by
Nicole Allison
*Updated to include 6 postvocalic /r/ passages!An amazing tool for any speech therapist! Do you have students who are able to say articulation sounds at the word and sentence level but do not transfer that skill during reading and conversation? “Articulation for Reading and Conversation” is for you! In this laughter-filled packet, students will have fun practicing their sounds by reading a paragraph and then illustrating and talking about the story.This incredible 113 page packet contains over 5

Build a Sentence Worksheets for Sentence Formulation No Prep

Need build-a-sentence worksheets that help your students work on sentence formulation and parts of speech? These Build a Sentence Worksheets are designed for reviewing formulating sentences with speech therapy students. These activities cover various language skills, including early syntax, grammar, and question formulation. This build-a-sentence no-prep grammar worksheet activity set will help increase your student's confidence in writing grammatically correct sentences.These worksheets and tas

Visuals and Positive Behavior Supports for Autism and Special Education

Before you download, please note that this product is also available as a part of the Life-Changing Starter Kit for Special Education.Start your school year off right with these easy autism and special education visuals and supports. This download includes:- token board templates- first/them strategies- reward coupons- contingency charts- social stories- flip books- key visuals- reinforcement icon choice board- positive behavior chartsand more!

Self and Social Focus Sheets - Visuals for Social Development & Self Reflection

Created by
Speechy Musings
Use this resource to make targeting communication, self-awareness, and social knowledge in mixed groups so much easier! This resource includes ideas and visuals for direct instruction, discussion, and self-reflection on a variety of important skills.I use these focus sheets to introduce motivated students to one skill at a time, discuss the skill, and then reflect on their understanding and use of the skill. Included is one half-sheet “focus sheet” for the following skills: Having self-confidenc

Describing and Solving Problems in Speech Therapy: Emotional Regulation Activity

Created by
Speechy Musings
Do you have students on your caseload that have trouble determining how big or small their problems are? They might get very upset when they are told no or lose in a game? Or constantly over-react to small issues?I do! So I created this packet that will help your students better understand their problems and how to solve them ! It will teach them how to figure out the level of their problem on a scale of 1-5, name examples of each, know how to react, and figure out how to solve each problem the

Communication Book/Board Starter Kit- For Autism & Special Needs Students

This huge bundle is JUST what you need to start a communication system in any classroom or home. By utilizing visual supports to facilitate communication you can expand your students day so much more!This book has over 500 picture icons organized into 27 pages total! Each page has a visual tab so that it is easy to flip through the book. Using the images, this book is a great starting point for teachers/therapists that can be used in any classroom or home. The pages included in this communica

Learning and Identifying Story Grammar Parts in Narratives for Speech Therapy

Created by
Speechy Musings
Story grammar is an evidence-based strategy to help your students better comprehend narratives AND write their own! This packet includes three levels to guide your students through learning each story grammar part, better understanding story organization, using transition words as keywords, and identifying story grammar parts in narratives and their own stories.This packet is FULL of visuals, posters, checklists, and even a self-rating rubric. Below are the contents by level: LEVEL ONE • Story g
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