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Students with language difficulties struggle to make inferences and draw conclusions when faced with text in the classroom and on tests. Teach them that these skills are actually things that they do everyday! Help them master the art of making inferences and drawing conclusions - exclusive of text - then they can grow from there! Take out your cell phone in language therapy, and role play (or have them role play) the phone conversations in this fun and funtional activity. Even do the different
For updates on new products follow me on TpT!Sign up for my NEWSLETTERConnect with me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOKFollow my website/blog www.speechsnacks.com________________________________________________________Looking for a fun and interesting way to address this challenging language goal? This product will help your students gain a better understanding of main ideas and supporting details. It includes: *a visual aid or analogy for explaining the topic, main idea, and supporting details. *12 t
Included in the document: Word lists for R, S, Z, L, Sh, Ch, J, F, V, T, D, K, and G Spooky Speech Spell - students use words from their lists to write a "spell" and practice saying it for carry-over practice. Potent Potion - A MadLib style page where students use words from their lists to fill in blanks to a potion in their cauldron. Halloween Scream Scene - Students draw a scene which includes words from their list. "Boo"go - Bingo board template that can be filled out using any sound(s
The packet includes 17 cards with stories filled with figurative language (metaphors, idioms, similes), a graphic organizer (2 versions), and a printable die.This packet is focused around the RAP protocol:Read one paragraphAsk yourself what were the main idea and two detailsPut the main idea and two details into your own wordsParaphrasing is one of the best ways to increase comprehension, and it also allows you to see where the child's comprehension is breaking down! Great for SLPs who work in
1st - 8th
This FREEBIE download focuses on teaching identifying emotions, perspective taking and social problem solving using social scenarios. Students are asked to define other's emotions or thoughts in a basketball themed activity. Audience This download is appropriate for Speech language pathologists, Social skills groups or Special educations working with students with Autism Spectrum disorders. Age ranges are later elementary to middle school. Targeted Skills Theory of Mind Perspective Taking
6th - 8th
Whose hat is that!? Can you figure it out? Read the clues to figure out who each hat belongs to. *Updated to include an answer key! Includes 24 inferencing cards, 12 blank cards, and a game board! Use the blank cards to make up your own questions. Then laminate and you have extra game cards! To use the game board, get a spinner or one dice and game pieces from any board game. After each question, your student may roll or spin and then move that many spaces on the board. Copyright © 2013 Speec
Practice comparing and contrasting with this popular card game! Students must express how the terms on the card they are "throwing down" are alike and different. It's a fun way to review compare and contrast, and best yet - it's FREE! *************************************************************************** What awesome resources are included? ★ Set of UNO-like cards for a compare and contrast game *************************************************************************** What are other c
Pairing famous and other works of art with inferencing and predicting questions. Targets overall expressive language skills as well! 19 double-sided cards included + 1 title card.
This FREE expressive language program provides a structured way to teach vocabulary, attributes, categories, comparing, contrasting, definitions, function of objects, colors, shapes, sizes, describing, question sentences, similarities and differences, and so much more. Check out the 76 page FULL VERSION of this program which also provides you with vocabulary building activities, matching activities, grouping activities, labeling activities. It also provides you with visual cues for each area
PreK - 12th
THE MAGIC SLIDE is a visual tool for addressing /s/ and /z/ lateral distortions or interdental productions in speech therapy. It facilitates proper placement and stridency for /s/ and /z/ using prolonged productions of /t/ and /d/. For more information about how to use this tool visit: kindly leave feedback after you download and/or use this freebie :) If you like this freebie, you may also like:
PreK - 12th
This friendship journal is great for social lessons on kindness and friendship. #bsechallengeHow can you be kind to someone? By being a good friend!With three different levels included, this journal about friendship is perfect for ALL of your special education students, including non-writers, emerging writers, and writers! Teaching our students to be a good friend and be kind to one another is often something that gets lost in the fast paced world of education. We often tell our students to "be
This download features Halloween Idioms and phrases. The Halloween Idioms cards are perfect for elementary and middle schoolers. The game features these cute Halloween friends.Each of the 30 cards, lists a phrase or idiom that relates to Halloween. Have your students verbalize a definition or use it appropriately in a sentence. The difficulty level varies within the cards, so you'll be able to pick the appropriate phrases for each age group! Looking for more Halloween themed resources? Try these
Speech Therapy Materials: Pacing Boards This is a collection of pacing boards to use with your speech and language clients. There are three sets. 2 regular pacing boards, 2 pacing boards for inclusion of final sounds and 2 pacing boards to use the pause and think method. For ideas on how to use these boards visit our blog at
This is one of my first products, it is now FREE! If you enjoy please consider rating and pinning so my products can be seen by others. Thanks!!••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Check out some other products:MLU Dough MatsNO PREP Wh- QuestionsEarly Quantitative Concepts••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Autumn has arrived and we have a fun fall themed scarecrow craft that kids will love to make that addresses a variety of fine motor, bilateral integration, visual motor coordination, and praxis skills. We have included a FREE Printable template/pattern for this scarecrow craft. This trace, cut, and paste craft is a great way to help younger children learn shapes while practicing tracing and scissor use skills.Older children can be expected to plan, sequence, and execute the steps needed to compl
PreK - 10th, Higher Education
Hello. This is a cute penguin-themed freebie for you to use with your articulation students. These roll and color worksheets will keep them both busy and productive. They will also have a lot of fun because they will get to roll a die and color while getting the chance to read or repeat a targeted word aloud.This freebie provides a large variety of roll and color worksheets targeting the sounds in words for: /G/, /L/, /L/ blends, /P/, /R/, Vocalic /R/, /S/, /S/ blends, /SH/, /T/, /TH/, V and an
PreK - 10th
I came back to where I hurt my back. I need to ship this ship to my grandpa. I saw a fly fly through the air. Wait, what!? Multiple meaning words can be hard, even for typically developing individuals! This download targets words with multiple meanings, leveled for grades Kindergarten through 5th grade and 6th grade through 12th grade. I've also included a worksheet that can be used as a writing activity with space for the target word, definitions of the word, and an area to write sentences us
K - 12th
Looking for a back to school activity for the first week of school? These questions provide the prefect get to know you activity for all of your students. Visuals are provided so it is appropriate for all levels of students! There is no right answer for any of these questions, so students are able to answer errorlessly. Each question includes answering visuals so both readers and non-readers can answer. Three different levels of journals are also included (drawing, sentence starters, or sente
4 pages of NO PREP worksheets to practice identifying the meaning of idioms. Students are entertained by the fun illustrations, while they also learn how to use context clues to work on figurative language skills. Print and digital versions make this activity extremely versatile!There's no possible way to teach all idioms, so helping students learn to use context clues is the best strategy for long-term success! This resource is FULL of functional opportunities to determine the meaning of figura
3rd - 7th
Parts of Speech worksheet that can be used to practice identifying nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. The number at the end of the sentence indicates how many words should be circled.
4th - 12th
Semantic mapping, or describing different features of items (like their category, function, location, color, etc...), is a great way to increase vocabulary skills of your students! This FREE resource will make this skill easy to teach in your therapy! It can also be used as a no print resource making it perfect for teletherapy! The file includes 10 "describe it" pages. Each page has 1 real picture of an item (ex: boat, basketball, pizza, dog) from a variety of categories. It also includes a visu
Kids love jokes of all kinds! By bringing joke books into your room, you’ll be able to target your goals while keeping motivation high. And they’ll practice! Watch and see which joke goes viral in your classroom!This sample is from my best-seller: I'm Joking! Joke Books for Articulation and LanguageAll jokes are great for working on inference skills since it takes sophisticated understanding of language to understand the humor in many of the puns or situations. By helping students with these lan
This interactive PowerPoint game can be used during individual, small group or classroom group activities. Word Shark is a vocabulary game that addresses word roots and prefixes/suffixes. This game is set up similar to BOGGLE, but the game board has root words and prefixes/suffixes rather than letters. The goal is to find REAL words by combing a root word with a prefix and/or suffix. The timer begins automatically when you click to reveal the game board. After a minute, the shark will appear,
Are your students struggling with retelling stories using all of the correct story elements? Are their stories out of sequence? Are they forgetting to include entire portions of the narratives, which change the entire meaning of the stories? This freebie is intended for use as a visual aid for story retell. Students travel around the retell map and use the visuals to help them retell the story. This sheets can also be placed in a sheet protector and students can mark off each box as they include
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