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This PowerPoint features an engaging, informative presentation providing practical tips for evaluating the credibility of Internet sources. It is great to use when introducing the research process, or even to remind students about exercising caution
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This document contains two pages of fill-in-the-blanks notes for students and a teacher guide containing answers that are designed to accompany my Evaluating Websites PowerPoint: A Tool for Internet Research (available for purchase in my Product
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Core Subject Areas & Their Text Structure - Identifying Text Patterns Found in Textbooks When students understand how textbooks use specific text structures, they will find their comprehension increases. Whether it is reading literature, a
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How to Write and Reach Your 2016 Goals This product is everything you and your students need to plan your 2016 goals and develop a plan to actually reach them. It includes the following: -infographic poster/bookmarks -teacher direction
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Here are 21 strategies and reminders for kids about taking tests. My students need a review of these with the upcoming PARCC state test. I'm hoping to teach one a day and allow them to apply them during other quizzes and tests. I hope to keep these
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The Innovative Spelling Practice Exercise Book is HERE! WRITING SPELLING WORDS 5X EACH &/OR STUDYING SPELLING RULES DOESN’T WORK FOR EVERYONE!!! This book follows along with the corresponding mini-lessons on YouTube that cover the Top 100 Most
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A 16 slide PP presentation urging students to look at the way they perceive themselves. Followed by three templates for self analysis, reflection and assessment. Could also be used for staff development.
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Kagan inspired "Manage-Mat" to help students engage and collaboration within there groups!
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