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This area and perimeter project based learning unit will give your students the opportunity to design their dream bedroom while working on the skills of area, perimeter, surface area, scale, adding decimals and multiplication. This is the perfect PBL project for kids to practice using their math s
Combine math and art with these fun 4th grade level order of operations problems. Students will use addition, subtraction, multiplication (up to two digit by two digit) and division. Students will draw a birdhouse picture as they complete the problems. Our visual answer key makes the activity easy t
One Arts Infusion Collaborative has created a collection of six Christmas-themed coloring sheets. Five of the sheets are math/art related with simple adding and subtracting problems that need to be completed in order to determine the color necessary to use. One of the sheets is purely for creative c
In this project, students will find the prime factorization of a number of their choosing. Then create a three- dimensional Christmas or Winter tree. Detailed instructions and rubric are included
This will give you step-by-step instructions on how to create claymation films on an iPad!
Chocolate Chip and Joanna Gumdrop are helping the Gingy family fix up their new home. They have a small budget to complete the project, but they want the home to be perfect and to have as much curb appeal as possible. Redo the front of the home with flourishes and landscaping items, as well as new w
The ZIP Folder contains different materials for your students to learn about 10 famous paintings and are excellent for a Project Based Learning approach!!!:Mona Lisa- Leonardo Da VinciThe Scream- Edvard MunchSelf Portrait- Frida Khalo.Three Musicians- Pablo Picasso.Starry Night- Vincent van Gogh.Lun
Combine math and art with these fun 4th grade level equivalent fractions problems. Students will find equivalent fractions and then create a St. Patrick's Day drawing as they complete the math problems. Their leprechaun picture is easy to grade with the visual answer key.Full preview included.Great
Test Product 4
Included is a list of basic commands for users new to Scratch This was created for my students for coding and they absolutely loved it.
In this 3-part lesson, students take on the role of Senior Designer at Packages R Us as they design the perfect box in this hands-on and creative project. As students design their box around an object they bring in, they’ll be discovering patterns in the surface area and volume of rectangular prisms
This is an incredible Computer Science STEM workshop that is jam packed with amazing computer science principles that include: - Algorithms - Refined algorithms - Structure Diagrams - Programming constructs: IF <> THEN <> ELSE - Performance Art I guarantee that this will be in your tea
This Digital Arts Center Pack is specially designed to hold students accountable at while using the internet and other technology. The Digital Arts Center Pack would be great in a centers-based, choice-based art classroom, but also could be used as a creativity-focused center in a regular classroom
In this beginner level assignment, students create a colorful Grocery List in Excel that contains the SUM and AutoSum functions. Students will also learn to create formulas to solve slightly more complex math problems involving multiplication. Formatting skills are also enhanced here as the exerci
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This engaging 45 page unit plan will explore Columbus' journey over a course of 10 days, incorporating lessons across the curriculum. The topic will be studied more deeply and its implications regarding European powers debated. This resource includes the following: *Unit Rationale*Seven lessons: E
A complete lesson plan created in a Word Document for you to take, revise and edit as your own. This format is perfect for a portfolio of in-depth lesson plans that you can add with your own additions. This lesson plan is an introduction to Mandalas that weaves in self esteem, knowledge of patterns,
This activity will allow your math students to show their artistic side. It is a great way to teach how fractions and decimals relate. Each student will create a design on the hundreds grid, then find the fraction, decimal, equivalent decimals used to creat the art!
51 printable pages combining subtraction and narrative writing:Subtracting to 10, Subtracting to 11, Subtracting to 12, Subtracting to 13, Subtracting to 14, Subtracting to 15, Subtracting to 16, Subtracting to 17, Subtracting to 18, Subtracting to 19, Subtracting to 20, Subtracting to 30, Subtracti
Show your students which button to push when!For kids who don't know what a 'Mute' button is or how to 'Enable your camera.'Hold up these flash cards to show them what button you need them to push and when. Print them out, put them on a key ring, and reference them when you need them!They are scaled
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This is a project that lays out an Animoto storyboard project that uses pictures that the students take and find on public domain sites to tell their story. The examples in the outline are of their own choice, seasons, and dessert, but can be modified to fit any English story or Science project. Th
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Your skills at influencing a spectator’s thoughts result in an impossible coincidence. So how exactly does Thought Control work? Well, it’s all down to algebra. Algebra is an area of maths that matters a lot to computer scientists. We are going to represent this effect using algebra and in doing so

showing 1-24 of 68 results

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