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This activity uses coffee filters and water-soluble ink pens to make beautiful snowflakes to use as classroom decorations during the holidays! They can be taped up onto windows, used as binder decorations, on the tree, etc. The neat thing about these snowflakes is that students use the principles
Kool-aid and water mix together to make a yummy color investigation! Use the scientific method while you mix colored ice cubes in water to investigate how colors mix and change! This product includes two versions of the lab booklet: two sided or a side by side half sheet booklet. Just freeze so
Are you looking for an activity that teaches the structure of neurons, which are so crucial to learning, all while creating a yummy edible model? Look no further! This document includes: ~A materials list ~A procedure list ~A neuron diagram ~Pictures of partially and completely finished edible neur
7 Potions Lessons 3 Transfiguration Lessons Creative, engaging, exciting and totally memorable lessons for young students and middle school! This lesson engages students in chemistry...with a Harry Potter twist!
Interactive Whole Brain Learning! Easy to prep! Students will learn about parts of the brain as they build a model that they can take home for memories that last a lifetime! Easy to follow directions, allow students to take charge and lets teachers be guides instead of offering direct instruction.
*Also available in the Everything Art Bundle* This exciting activity is a great way for students to independently discover color mixtures and values, and take notes on their discoveries. There are instructions, but the color choices are left open for students to do their own experimenting. Great for
This is my favorite engineering project, EVER. It worked wonderfully. The students were engaged every step of the way. It was accessible and easy for them to evaluate their success. They were motivated to improve their designs, and for the more artistic-minded students, the criteria to be attractive
In this popular, beginner level activity students will create a visually appealing text graphic image based on a theme (music, nature, movies, sports...etc) of their choice! This is a fun, classroom tested activity that students can adapt to their own tastes easily. This project was created in Pho
This is lab assessment for genetics. This assignment can be used after other online resources such as Spongebob Genetics. Students create a bunny family based on four traits to demonstrate what they learned about genetic basics. The activity takes 2-3 45min class periods to complete depending on
This is a fun, engaging, multidisciplinary project that allows students to demonstrate their learning of the planets of the Solar System. Students will research a planet and design an alien that could potentially live on the planet. Their alien's characteristics should reflect the characteristics t
This is a power point that has step by step instructions, pictures, and videos for a drawstring bag. This tutorial requires 2 fat quarters and works well with a large group!
Pinhole Photography is a magical process that can engage students from elementary to high school. Students will learn that just about anything can be turned into a pinhole camera and about the wonders of developing their own photograph in a day and age when everything is instantaneous. This pack inc
Cross curricula comprehensive project that relates the types of chemical reactions to art aspects including paints, dyes, electroplating, fresco, and paper. The project includes: -Project outline & Rubric -4 labs for exploration of chemistry through art -PowerPoint Presentation relating art as
This handbook explains how to complete eleven activities that would be suitable for both a Chemistry class or an Art class. I am a Chemistry teacher, so I have written this more from the eyes of a Science teacher, rather than an Art teacher. It is a wonderful resource! Each activity includes teache
Bring science to life in your classroom with this activity! If you have a fiddler crab as a classroom pet, this lab sheet is for you! Lab directions: After discussing the characteristics of fiddler crabs and their unique adaptations, have small groups of students examine the fiddler crab in its tank
This is a quick research based activity that forces the students to use the engineering design process to quickly create a visually appealing poster for Black History Month. Please open the preview file for more information.   If you would like to purchase this product along with similar product
Bring science to life in your classroom with this activity! This lab can be done with younger students as a basic lesson in observation, or can be done with older students as part of a discussion on decomposers.Lab directions: Each group of students will need one earthworm (nightcrawler earthworms c
I designed these nature walks to give fourth, fifth, and sixth graders field experience with the concepts being taught in Earth, Life, and Physical Science. My students were fortunate to have woods, trails, and a creek so near their school building that parent permission slips were not necessa
On this walk, students will gather leaves fallen leaves of different colors, shapes, and sizes. The teacher will create a display area of his/her choosing and the students will place their leaves on the display. I designed these nature walks to give fourth, fifth, and sixth graders field
FOUR ACTIVITIES IN ONE! Students will be excited to learn about color in this visual and hands-on lab. Multiple options let you adapt the lesson for primary students through middle school. They will learn how secondary colors are created by mixing primary colors and how those in turn blend to creat
Over 10 activity cards ready to be used for any weather unit. Each activity includes adaptations and challenges! Journal for assessment can be found here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Weather-Science-Center-Journal-1013481
Learn about black lights and how they affect different substances while creating 2 fun and easy art projects. Students can discuss what they think is happening, make predictions, and test out their ideas. A fun project for the little ones who want to be scientists and artists at the same time! Als
Students are challenged to predict the evolutionary changes that humans might undergo if they had to adapt to a marine environment. The end result is a marine mammal specie of the possible future, descended from us! A just-for the fun-of-it challenge that blends knowledge of specific biological ada

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