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In this packet, students create a book that depicts Christmas customs from around the world. The countries included are the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. There are several Christmas customs celebrated in these countries and I
Students will receive a glimpse of the life styles of Native Americans of the PAST through creation of a book using step by step drawing illustrations. A coloring book style is also included. A full color book with realistic photographs as well as Native American craft ideas with directions for how
Ancient Egypt: Fun and Engaging Projects SUBJECT AREA: Social Studies, Ancient Civilizations LEVEL: Upper Elementary, Middle School Are you looking for some new and exciting ways to spruce up your unit on Ancient Egypt? Use these resources to get your students excited about the Nile River, Mummie
This is the perfect Thanksgiving writing and art activity! After reading a silly story about Thanksgiving turkeys, your students will BECOME the Thanksgiving turkey!! ❤️ This is perfect for teaching about point of view/perspective. Package Contents: ✅ Lesson Ideas ✅ Rough Draft Templates ✅ Edit
Help kids learn to draw with the Alpha-Draw directed drawing resource. Teach and reinforce the letters of the alphabet and build drawing skills with two different directed draws for each letter. Tons of variations provided to build drawing confidence. Kids will love creating their own a mini-booklet
Have you read "A House For Hermit Crab" by Eric Carle? Are you looking for a sequencing activity to go along with the story? Look no further, this 2 page activity is perfect for your students. Each student gets 2 pages one is squares with parts of the story and another sheet is just blank squares wh
Use this roll and draw sheet, for a fun and engaging way to introduce students to the artist Joan Miro. Students will create a surrealistic skyscape in the style of Joan Miro. Directions: • Roll the dice and pick a large shape to add to your paper. Draw it BIG. • Add 3 horizontal and 3 vertical li
No time for the arts? This is a great way to practice geometry and create cool art projects.Includes 8 Geometry Art Activities (4 step-by-step and 4 create-your own)- Lines and Angles (Parallel, Perpendicular, Intersecting, Straight Angle, Right Angle, Acute Angle, Obtuse Angle)-Triangles (Acute E
Here is a collection of 9 exercises, covering all of the ART language in primary school. 9 reproducible sheets for your students. Each of the sheets can help to teach the ART concepts. You can also use them for enrichment or evaluation. For each exercise, a coloured response-sheet is suggested. You
This is a one page line patten handout that will help students get ideas to create unique works of art. Follow us: Website: Click here for our website! Twitter: Click here for twitter! Facebook: Click here for twitter! Instagram : Click here for instagram! Pinterest : Click here for Pinterest! C
Here comes the perfect project for rainy days! Try an original technique in the style of Marc Allante: the dripping.Revision of colour categories.Level:Grade 3 and upTechnique:DrawingDrippingVisual language:Primary colorsSecondary colorsCold colors Warm colorsMaterials:White paperWhite cardboardWash
Where does our food come from? Does milk just show up at the grocery store? What grows on the farm? I have a passion for teaching kids that food does not start at the grocery store! I was inspired to write this unit when I asked my kinders WHERE DOES OUR FOOD COME FROM and they answered THE GROCERY
As an Elementary teacher for many years, I've found that you can never have too many art ideas...especially at the K-3rd grade level. This PowerPoint presentation shows 50 different tried and true art lessons that I've used over the years. You'll find everything from drawing and painting, to printma
In this packet, students learn that animals that lay eggs are called oviparous. Students follow step by step directions and paper cutting techniques to create a book that depicts an oviparous animal on each page as well as their eggs. There are several animals in each animal group, of course. I have
This little baby is perfect for your 1st-3rd classroom. Start it as a bulletin board, then create a class book with it when you are done. This unit gives you up to 3 days of "more than one" practice and makes a great showcase of class learning. If you are a homeschooler, then this packet could tak
This packet is a great addition to your Jungle unit! Your students explore the rain forest, the savanna, river, and desert habitats. Beginning map skills are included as well as easy to follow directions for how to draw or cut from paper the animals that call these habitats home. A full color teache
Teach basic geography and map reading skills with this unit that breaks down the basics of map reading without any extra prep or planning time. It ends with an art project you can use as your back to school bulletin board or to get to know your new students better (although you can use these materia
Ad Logic: Analyzing TV Commercials - Prezi Lesson Plan is a fun, engaging activity for getting students to think about persuasive techniques and to analyze validity of claims, soundness of reasoning, and relevancy of evidence.I designed this lesson as part of an ongoing unit about persuasive speakin
Some pages are editable. This is a PowerPoint file! This 280 page download will get your creativity flowing as your students learn to recreate the masters, evaluate their own artwork and the work of others and respond to art! You will be able to integrate with ease with this packed unit! Table of Co
Here is a wonderful Autumn art project! Make a beautiful landscape in a few easy steps. Courtesy of the artist, I have included two of his works in this document. Level:Grade 2 and upTechnique:DrawingPaintingCollageVisual language:Curved linesRounded shapesWarm and cold coloursMaterials:Black Indian
In this resource, students create a Big Book from construction paper, a group mural, a coloring book OR do all three activities! Children explore four ocean zones. They are TIDE POOL, THE SUNLIT ZONE, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and THE DARK ZONE. The information is written in simple, little kid language. Fo
This principles of design pack includes 9 front and back worksheets that cover 9 principles of designs. This handout bundle can serve as an early finisher, distance learning option, or introduction to a project for elementary art, middle school art, and high school art classrooms. The front of the p
As an Elementary teacher for many years, I've found that you can never have too many art ideas...especially at the 4th, and 5th grade level. This PowerPoint presentation shows 50 new, tried and true art lessons that I've used over the years. You'll find everything from drawing and painting, to print
In this LETS MAKE A FIELD GUIDE butterfly and caterpillar packet, students use their observation skills to sketch caterpillars and butterflies. Included in this packet are directions and paper for how to create the field guide in 4 levels. A worksheet for labeling the parts of a butterfly and the b

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