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This set includes everything you need to assign and grade a unique book report project! Just fill in the due dates and send home the directions, along with the scoring rubric and book report form. Students are asked to select a fiction book they have not yet read and get it approved. They should rea
A wonderful book like WONDER by R. J. Palacio requires a wonderful follow-up project—a project that's as unique as Auggie! Your students will love creating these agamographs using the ready-to-go, color-by-number templates. And other students will love watching the agamographs morph from one image t
This activity is a creative way for your students to connect with one of their favorite story characters. Activity contains a drawing section as well. Bonus: Story Book Character Traits sheet Prior to completing this activity, brainstorm with the students all the different traits that a charact
Highly engaging Common Core aligned notebook activity pages designed specifically for Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. This novel study includes a variety of activities for all learners. • Comprehension • Drawing on Specific Details in the Text • Citing Text Evidence • Summarizing • Vocabula
A set of 10 pages of art evaluations, a signature evaluation, compare and contrast sheets, for the book, "Chasing Vermeer", by Blue Balliett. These focus on the two paintings in the book: A Lady Writing and The Geographer. There are also a few sheets on a fake Vermer called Woman Reading Music.
This novel challenge is for grades 6-8. Students are asked to represent the setting of the novel "Holes" with either a diorama or picture. Included: -printable sheet for students describing the expectations -printable sheet for students to record their notes on -two checklists to assess/evalua
To be a good actor, an actor needs to know their character inside and out. This is a great self guided lesson on character development from a text or script for middle school to high school from english class to theatre class. It's perfect for 50-90 minute long classes. This substitute lesson plan
This package includes a portrait template for all of the main characters in the book. There is also an organizer for adjectives to describe each character. I make a booklet for my class with these, but they can also be laminted or posted on a background. Characters include: James Henry Trotter Aun
The following eight-page study guide film packet is used to accompany the Gary Ross-directed 2012 dystopian fiction film, "The Hunger Games." It can be used in an English or film studies classroom. The first page contains a list of cast and crew and a background and introduction on the film. The sec
Fish in a Tree is a GREAT novel with tons of content that lends itself to your classroom! Throughout the novel, Ally draws pictures in her Impossible Things Sketchbook. Her wild imagination and her artistic creativity allow Ally to express herself through drawings that are sometimes silly, yet many
A dinosaur glyph project that includes the directions to make the glyph, an evaluation sheet for a partner's dinosaur as well as a list of extension projects. I use this while reading "The Enormous Egg", by Oliver Butterworth, but it could also be used with other books or a science unit.
Anne Frank Collaboration Portrait Posters. These art activities are intended to complement/supplement any Anne Frank lesson, Women’s History Month or World War II studies. This is the perfect project to do with your students if you are studying The Diary of Anne Frank as they make a great companion
Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt is a poignant story of survival and triumph. Middle schooler Doug has been dealt a raw hand by life—abusive father, dysfunctional family, poverty, a move to a new town, trouble fitting in, loneliness. But with the help of the town librarian and a rare copy of Audubon’s
The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis are classroom favorites as read-alouds and novel studies. They sparks wonderful discussions about courage, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Extend the novel's enjoyment by inviting your students to work together to create a
Need a literature- and technology-integrated project for your kiddos? Check this out! My students LOVED writing, illustrating, narrating, and recording their very own videos in response to content they had learned. This product prompts students to delegate tasks among their team members, gather s
Answer questions on a detailed Reading Guide Participate in partner work to discuss, share, and record prior knowledge of Pioneers. Draw sketches of Jack and Annie. Use jot notes. Look up new vocabulary words in a dictionary. (Dictionary Detective) Find pioneer vocabulary in a word search. Use a Ven
This is a great project to wrap-up your unit over Lois Lowry's classic book. It allows students two different options to demonstrate their understanding of Theme throughout the book: 1. Option 1 - A Glog (created via Glogster) 2. Option 2 - Artwork (created by hand) This project pack includes the
From Electric English.... This is an activity for a film comparison of "The Lottery". Once you have read and worked with the short story, you can view the film in its entirety, or you can show clips of the film if you do not have the time for all of it. Among other things, it asks the students to co
Gaiman's hilarious tale of a time-traveling stegosaurus, alien's who want to remodel the planet and a father's quest for milk will appeal to even the most reluctant reader. Includes:* Before, During and After Reading Activities* Printables and Templates* Vocabulary Preview and Definitions* Writing A
The One and Only Ivan is a children's book by Katherine Applegate.After reading the novel, have the students work on these fun activities.They will create a comic strip using four panels showing the events that lead to Ivan and Ruby being taken away to the zoo.They will also create a poster to adver
Designed to enhance reading comprehension, this product is a customize-able companion document to any student-read novel. After reading a single- or multi-chapter passage, the student writes a 1-sentence summary statement in the form. He then draws an illustration to accompany his statement and re
I created this book report to use with my third graders a few years ago. I have edited it to fit into my second grade classroom, and they love it! I use this as an at home project, but you could also use it as an in-class project. In this project they will create a dramatic script and a diorama to
Stone Fox, by John Reynolds Gardiner, is a novel about a very determined boy named Willy. He enters a dog sled race in order to win $500 to pay back the taxes on his grandfather's farm. Use these creative activities as a quick assessment after completing the novel Stone Fox with your students. T
Unit Three Lesson Thirteen Story: The Life and times of the Ant and The Dove and the Ant Number of Pages: 28 This product was created to add supplemental activities and instruction to Journey's Fourth Grade curriculum. The activities include a "Readers Guide" which you can copy and staple all activ

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