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Vocal Music Resources

41,696 results

What to Listen for in Music Bulletin Board Set

Created by
Cori Bloom
This bulletin board set is a collection of vocabulary posters for your music room designed to guide students as they listen to and discuss music. The set includes 15 musical term posters with additional vocabulary cards for each term and 2 different decorative ribbon titles, all printable in your choice of color or black & white. Each term poster gives a definition as well as questions to get your students thinking about the music and sample vocabulary cards to get the conversation started

Elementary Music Sub Plans for the Non-Music Sub {Set 1}

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Do you need Elementary music sub plans for your music classroom? These Elementary music sub plans have ready-to-use lesson plans that can be taught by ANY substitute teacher--no musical experience needed! With enough plans for up to 2 weeks, these Elementary music sub plans give you the peace of mind to take a sick day without scrambling to create lesson plans.Lessen your stress and anxiety when you or your family member is sick, and take the day knowing you have Elementary music sub plans that

Music Listening Worksheet Bundle

Created by
Cori Bloom
This is a collection of over 30 worksheest for guided music listening for grades K-12. They are generic worksheets with writing prompts to prompt students as they listen to whatever piece of music you choose. Each set of worksheets range in difficulty, and are perfect for differentiation! Save $4.00 when you buy this bundled set. This set is a bundle of the following products, please read the full description and see more preview images here: Music Listening Worksheets, Level One Music Listen

Halloween Spooky Music Presentation with Haunting History and Video Links

Follow me on Facebook for the latest news, freebies, and more! >>>>> Music With Sara Bibee---------------------------------------------------------------Click Here for Other Halloween ResourcesClick Here for More Guided Listening Units---------------------------------------------------------------This activity is great for the days leading up to Halloween or anytime you want to discuss the power of music over frightening moods!Check out the preview file to see all presentation sli

Ukulele Program - Rainbow Ukulele {BUNDLE} - Lessons, Presentation, Student Book

Ukulele is a great instrument for the music classroom! Are you looking for a way to incorporate the ukulele into your elementary or early middle school music classroom? Looking for a great motivation system for students and a wonderful curriculum in the music classroom? Look no further! This Rainbow Ukulele mega bundle is for you! Also, be sure to check out the Rainbow Ukulele FREEBIE! to see how I set up the program.**Includes British term version (student and teacher) and a version that is c

Back to School Music Lesson Plans and Materials {Fabulous First Day!}

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Are you unsure how to plan for the first day in your music room? Wondering how to explain rules and routines while still making music? This set of first day materials includes detailed lesson plans, rules, templates, and more! Lessen your stress and overwhelm when creating your back to school lessons with this set.These music lesson plans for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade will start your year off right! The lesson plans are aligned with the National Core Art Standards, are editable in Google

Music Sub Tub Stuffers: K-2 Substitute Plan - Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin

Most teachers would agree taking a sick or person day is harder than actually being at work. Writing sub plans and preparing sub tubs and sub binders are so hard, especially in music and other specials! This will be a great activity for your music substitute plans!This is a great sub plan for the non-musical sub! No musical skills required!This is a great print and go plan for K-2. Students will read a book about an orchestra that grows from a solo to a dectet. Students will read a book, lea

Elementary Music Yearly Planning "Ready, Set, Plan!" - Yearly plans & song lists

Created by
Lindsay Jervis
Elementary Music Planning (year long/ K-5) Every music teacher wants to get their year started off on the right track, reviewing where they left off with each grade level and getting new students caught up to speed. From there we hope to stay on track progressing through the musical concepts we have planned for that grade level. During my first semester, I am also planning around a fall or Christmas program for my 3-5th grades. After Christmas Break, the year seems to fly by. I do an all scho

Exit Tickets for Music Class BUNDLED MEGA Pack

Formative assessment in music class has never been easier! Exit tickets or exit passes are a great way to gauge student understanding so that your planning time is more effective and your students’ performance improves. Plan a few extra minutes at the end of class. Pass out these exit passes to see what students have learned during their class time. You’ll be amazed at what these little snapshots show you about what students are really learning. Each individual bundle comes as a PDF. The

I Have / Who Has- Level 1 Rhythms

Created by
Lindsay Jervis
I Have/Who Has Rhythm Game - 30 cards to print in color or black and white and game directions included. Rhythmic concepts: ta (quarter note), titi (pair of eighth notes), quarter rest Rhythms are notated in stick notation except quarter rest. This would be a great game for your older beginners or to practice/review rhythms at the beginning of the school year. This file is also included in the money saving bundle: I Have / Who Has Rhythm and Melody Bundle Looking for more "I Have, Who Has"

Music Rubrics {10 Ready-to-Use Rubrics for the Music Classroom}

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Are you looking for rubrics to use in your music classroom? Is your school district requiring you to have more data regarding student growth? For the past nine years, I have presented workshops about assessment in the music classroom, including how to create and use rubrics. This product includes: *10 Rubrics: Keeping steady beat, Tracking steady beat, Tracking rhythm, Differentiating between comparatives like fast/slow, Reading rhythm patterns, Improvising rhythm patterns, Rhythmic dictation,

Four Voices Posters, Cards, and Assessment

Created by
Lindsay Jervis
Four Voices Posters, Student Flash Cards, and AssessmentThis file contains three different versions of posters for the "Four Voices" One is in full color, one in some color, and one in complete black and white to save on ink. Choose the set you want, print, laminate and use as you wish in your room. If you want to use as a bulletin board for your kindergarten at the beginning of the year, I have made a "My Four Voices" poster as well to title the board/ area of your wall. All posters include a v

Celebrating 25 Black Musicians! Music Bulletin Board ~Black History Month~

This “Print and Post” bulletin board pack is intended to highlight significant black musicians from around the world and their contributions to the development of music and is great for Black History Month. This poster set highlights one or two artists from jazz, R&B, Rock and Roll, opera, blues, gospel, funk, and calypso because if I made a set to highlight all the significant names it would be never-ending! It was ridiculously difficult to limit this poster set to 25 musicians since the

Long Range Planning for the Music Room {Year Plans, Song Lists, and More!}

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Wondering how to effectively long-range plan for your music classroom? This comprehensive product offers helpful examples and templates to long-range plan each year in music, including:*An overview of how to plan everything, from your year to your daily lesson plans*Song list materials, including a song list template which can be used for any grade level, process for creating a song list, and a first grade song list with 50 folk song/chant titles, 6 listening lesson titles, and 23 children's lit

Music Worksheets - Lines and Spaces

Created by
Lindsay Jervis
This set of 8 worksheets are designed to help your students practice identifying whether a pitch is on a line or in a space. It includes: - "Every Note Has a Place. Is it on a Line or in a Space?" worksheet. This comes in two different versions, one has pitches filled in and the other has pitches with a transparent center so they can actually see the line going through it. Students circle the word "line" or "space" under each staff to show the correct answer. - "Lost in Space" worksheets (One

Back to School Music Lesson Plan Bundle! K-5 Lessons for the first day!

Are you a new music teacher or a veteran music teacher looking for some fresh ideas? Want to have a fantastic first day in music? Look no further! This is a tried and true set of lessons that will really hook your kids! Kid will leave that first day saying your class is SUPER FUN! If you can get that reputation, the kids will buy into all the amazing things you teach them in the future!This is a music back to school lessons bundle of the following products:Kindergarten First Day Plan1st, 2n

Choral Singing: Vowel Posters

Created by
Lindsay Jervis
Looking for visuals for your choir? Check out this set, which includes 2 different version of posters for the five main choral vowels, ah, eh, ee, oh, and oo. Help singers achieve unified vowel shapes and understand which vowels are "yawned", "puckered" or both. Display on a bulletin board or wall space to brighten up your classroom and reinforce vowel shapes concepts. Just print and laminate so that you can reuse them year after year. Looking for more choral resources? Word Wall {Choral Singi

Music Worksheets - Treble Clef Note Names

Created by
Lindsay Jervis
Treble Note Names Worksheets: This set of 10 worksheets is designed to help your students practice identifying and notating the pitches on the treble staff. It includes: - "I 'Mustache' you, Can you name these Lines and Spaces?" worksheets. This comes in two different versions, one has pitches filled in and the other has pitches with a transparent center so they can actually see the line going through it. Students write the correct note name in a box below the staff. - "Lost in Space" workshe

Christmas Carol Bingo - Christmas Music Activity

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Looking for a fun way to celebrate Christmas in your music or grade level classroom? Wanting to save time during the busy holiday season? This bingo game is sure to be a hit with your students, and can also be used for staff parties, family get togethers, and more! The product includes:50 different bingo cards. Each card has titles and pictures for 24 Christmas carols, as well as one free space. All cards are different, and not all carols are on every card. Bingo cards come in color AND black/wh

Nutcracker Music Activities: Visuals and Activities for the Music Room

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Are you looking for visuals and activities to teach Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" in your music lessons? This comprehensive set is full of ideas and activities to help you teach a Nutcracker unit, during December, or during any other time of the year!Save time and overwhelm by purchasing this set. Simply print the resources, gather materials, and get ready to have fun learning the Nutcracker!This set includes:"Follow Me" beat activity to the Nutcracker Overture: appropriate for grades K-1Nutcra

Music Sub Tub Stuffers: K-2 Substitute Plan - The Remarkable Farkle McBride

Most teachers would agree taking a sick or person day is harder than actually being at work. Writing sub plans and preparing sub tubs and sub binders are so hard, especially in music and other specials!This is a great sub plan for the non-musical sub! No musical skills required!This is a great print and go plan for K-2. Students will read a book about a little boy who performs on instruments and then destroys them till he realizes he wants be a conductor. Students will listen to a recording o

Elementary Music File Folder Games: The Entire Collection

This product gets you access to ALL music file folder game collections. Any time a new one comes out, re-download this file to get it for free - Keep checking for new ones!! =) Collection No. 1 Collection No. 2 Collection No. 3 Collection No. 4 Each song has 3 different sets of manipulatives for its beat chart: 1) Picture rhythm game pieces* 2) Real rhythm notation game pieces (ta, ti-ti, and rest) 3) Melodic contour game pieces (s=so, m=mi, etc.)** Current list of included file folder game

High and Low {Ready Set Print!}

Created by
Lindsay Jervis
This set of worksheets is designed to help your students practice high and low. This set is also included in the money saving bundle:Solfa {Ready, Set, Print! Bundle}It includes:- "High and Low Trace" worksheets Students trace and fill in high and low on a one line staff.- "Do you know? Is it high or is it low?" worksheet- Students write "H" or "L" in a box to show whether the note is high or low (on a 1 line staff). - 2 student copies to a page- "Which box do you hear?" - Students trace the box

Music Worksheets - Staff Bundle (great for Distance Learning)

Created by
Lindsay Jervis
This set of 28 worksheets is designed to help your students practice identifying and notating lines and spaces in treble and bass clefs.It includes all of the worksheets from these files (click on individual file to see more info about each one):Lines and SpacesTreble Note Names Worksheet PackBass Note Names Worksheet PackYour feedback brightens my day! Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!
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