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***Updated with new selections 5/14/19***This is a great source for elementary music teachers looking for tried and true literature for their elementary music classes and elementary chorus! Plus, this resource has FREE UPDATES for LIFE! Never purchase again! This file includes:-A repertoire list for
♪ Effective for upper elementary chorus, middle school or beginning high school choir.♪ Includes Teacher Notes.Good assignment for DIGITAL RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS (DISTANCE LEARNING).♫ Save your voice and save your time with this NO PREP PRINT AND TEACH LESSON. Use this worksheet instead of repeating
The perfect answer for a substitute plan or a Broadway History lesson. The teacher simply has to provide the PBS DVD series, "Broadway: The American Musical." The film questions and teacher answers are provided.
This worksheet will help the student navigate on the piano with the correct note. Happy teaching :)
This file has visuals, instrument parts, and teaching mp3 to help you teach an arrangement of Pop Goes The Weasel to your Kindergarten or 1st grade students. I hope you like it!
Effective for high school or college chorus or private voice students. No PREP. Print a class set of these and go! Use these exercises to vastly improve your students proficiency and understanding of singing in minor. Teaching and performance notes are included on the first page. YOU MIGHT ALSO
This is a summary of all the important things a choral director needs to do in order to prepare for assessment. (Middle School Chorus and High School Chorus)It's all about the details! These nuggets come from the valuable lessons I learned through my years of attending assessment, both at the dist
In the "How Do I Count It" Series, students are taken learn to count challenging rhythms using the division of the beat (eighth note) as their foundation. This first installment explains the rules for how to write in the counts for the system used in the series.
This friendship appreciation unit was inspired by a student who, after being totally smitten with our Brighter Blue song, insisted on teaching the song to her entire class! It will work perfectly with any classroom community lessons you already have in place. Use the literature and activities incl
This is a lesson to teach time signatures including 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8. This also includes teaching dotted notes and single ti or single eighth notes. This lesson also include music vocabulary important for students to know in learning time signatures. This vocabulary also includes learning how to rea
This is a sample syllabus for a semester long course in American Music History. Topics discussed range from Native American music, African american music, Appalachian music, and rock n' roll. The ukulele is used as a performance medium to incorporate performance into music history and comprehension.
Musical Alphabet Mini Book can be used as a first step when introducing pupils to reading music. This pack introduces the letters of the musical alphabet, and includes 7 pages of activities to reinforce the order of the notes. No clefs or staves are used, so it can be used for pupils learning any
VOICE YOURSELF IN THE CLASSROOM is a book dedicated to teachers and the speaking voice. It offers a holistic approach to finding your natural dynamic voice through proper placement exercises and using correct breath support in order to be heard above a crowd. Because there is more to speaking than t
This is an introduction to reading traditional music notation. It is meant especially for guitar players, but is relevant to all musicians who want to learn how to sight read. It includes links to many familiar melodies and play along practice tracks so you can practice as you're learning.
We’ve Only Got One Planetby Denise GagneWe’ve Only Got One Planet is a musical revue that teaches kids (and grownups) about environmental concerns. The collection includes:teacher’s handbookpiano accompanimentsreproducible student pagesmovement ideas (and links to performances on YouTube so you can
This contains the lyrics in slide form for 7 patriotic songs. This can be used for concert preparation or as a sing along! Songs included all come from the Spotlight on Music series: This is America The Preamble This is My Country Fifty Nifty United States You're A Grand Old Flag Yankee Doodle Boy
Beginner Mariachi Director’s Resource Book is the teacher’s edition that accompanies the following books: Beginner Mariachi Vocalist Resource Book Beginner Mariachi Violin Resource Book Beginner Mariachi Trumpet Resource Book Beginner Mariachi Guitar/Vihuela Resource Book Beginner Mariachi Gu
Learn Beginner Guitar Music Theory Learn Pitches Using Letter Names and Solfege Syllables Learn Rhythm Using Kodaly Syllables and Number Counting Learn Parts of the Guitar and Guitar Frame Learn Notes on the Open Strings and on the Fretted Strings Learn Notes on the Staff and on the Guitar Frame Lea
Learn what it takes to become a successful mariachi vocalist. Chapters include Self Confidence, Proper Posture for Singing, Proper Posture for Breathing, Vocal Production and Resonance, Vocal Range/Register, Vocal Diction/Phonation, Vocal Expression, Proper Interpretation, Vocal Health, Music Notat
Learn what it takes to become a successful mariachi violinist. Chapters include Care of the Violin, Maintaining the Violin, Parts of the Violin, Proper Practice/Playing Posture, Tuning the Violin, Holding the Violin, Playing Pizzicato, Care and Maintaining the Bow, Parts of the Bow, Correct Bow Gri
Care of the Trumpet, Maintaining the trumpet, Parts of the trumpet, Proper Practice/ Playing Posture, Tuning the Trumpet, Holding the Trumpet, Proper Breathing, Practicing Tonguing Technique: Long “Ta” and Long “Da” Syllable, Lip Buzzing, Buzzing on the Mouthpiece, Playing Long Tones on the Trumpet,
Care of the Guitar/Vihuela, Maintaining the Guitar/Vihuela, Parts of the Guitar, Parts of the Vihuela, Proper Practice/Playing Posture, Tuning the Guitar, Tuning the Vihuela, Holding the Guitar/Vihuela, Guitar/Vihuela technique, Holding the Pick, Music Notation, Beat, Meter, Parts of a Note, Notes a
Care of the Guitarron, maintaining the Guitarron, Parts of the Guitarron, Proper Practice/Playing Posture, Tuning the Guitarron, Holding the Guitarron, Guitarron Technique: Left Hand, Guitarron Technique: Right Hand, Guitarron Pitches on the Fretboard, Playing Notes on the Guitarron, Guitarron Pitch
The Four-Part Guitar Class Method will teach students to play guitar in four ways as follows: Part I/ Guitar 1 - consists of playing the melody of a song, Part II/ Guitar 2 - consists of playing a harmonized melody, Part III/ Guitar 3 – consists of playing chords and strumming patterns, Part IV/ Gui

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