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Interactive Calendar Routine for Students with Special Needs
I have created an interactive Calendar Routine that can spruce up any classroom. These interactive/clickable PDF's can be used on a daily basis. No printing is necessary. Simply open the PDF on any PDF reader on a phone, tablet or computer. Display on a smart board or projector. Students select

Also included in: Interactive Calendar Activities- Discounted Bundle for Children with Autism


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JOB INTERVIEW, INTERVIEWING, Employment, Vocational, Career Exploration
The Job Interview Learning Package This learning package walks students through the job interview process and provides them with the tools they will need to succeed in a real interview. These can be used as self-guided worksheets or as teacher instructed lessons. There are f

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College Day Power Point Presentation. The 5 Ws of College.
The idea of leaving home one day can be scary to elementary school students. This 16 slide power point presentation introduces the idea of attending college as well as online college courses. The basic questions; who, what, when, where, and why are answered. Where to live, things to do, what to eat,

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End of Year Life Skills & Vocational Awards (EDITABLE)
End of Year Life Skills & Vocational Awards for Special Education Classroom. 24 awards focused in life skills, social, and vocational areas and 1 blank award. Comes in different designs! Have a design you want to request, let me know! spedadulting@gmail.comThis comes with:4 designs (Paradise,

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Vocation Unit 2 Bundle - Types of Employment
Career skills curriculum DIFFERENTIATED & VISUAL MONTHLY Bundle. Comes with an interactive lecture, printer friendly low ink worksheets, google quizzes, task cards, BINGO games, flash cards, extension activities, You tube videos links, and more! - great for special education students.This unit f


Career Readiness, JOB EVALUATION LESSON, Vocational, Job Skills, Employment
Understanding Job Evaluations SUCCESS IN THE WORKPLACE Objectives: Students will be able to: • Explain the purpose of an employee evaluation. • Identify what is measured in most employee evaluations. • Describe the benefits of a po

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Career Readiness, BEING FIRED, Employment Skills, Career lessons
Being FiredWHY ARE EMPLOYEES FIRED?WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOU ARE FIRED?Career ReadinessSometimes in life, people are fired; young adults are especially vulnerable. Being fired can be devastating, particularly if a person doesn’t learn from their experience and creates a pattern. These learning mater

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Employment Skills, LEARNING TO COMPLETE FORM W-4, Career Readiness Lesson
Learning to Complete Form W-4 This is a complete learning package designed to teach students about Form W-4 and how to complete the form. The lesson is easy to implement. It can serve as an emergency lesson plan or a self-guided lesson/independent work. Objectives: Students w

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Driver Education: Interactive Permit Practice Test
This PowerPoint show serves as a practice test for learners who are interested in getting a learner's permit to drive. Correct responses are positively reinforced and incorrect answers provide immediate feedback and correction. Enjoy and please rate!

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Career Management 101:  Employability Skills
The Lesson includes a PowerPoint and 4 activities. The Zip File includes a Glossary, Worksheet and Answer Key. Students can use the Worksheet to follow along with the Presentation. Follow Me to be notified of new teaching resources and great deals by clicking the star up at the top right by my log

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Employability Skills - Employment  - WORKPLACE COMMUNICATION - Career Readiness
Career Readiness - Career and Employment Workplace Communication When asked to assess candidate skills, employers rated verbal communication skills the most important, according to NACE's 2016 Job Outlook report. This learning package teaches students the importance of effective communication in t

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Employment, WORKPLACE DOCUMENTS, Vocational, Career Readiness
Workplace DocumentsLearning About Workplace DocumentsObjectives: Students will be able to:• Define workplace documents.• Identify different types of workplace documents.• Explain how workplace documents are used to communicate at work.• Describe strategies that can be used to more effectively send a

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Foodborne Illnesses
Perfect for a Family and Consumer Sciences class!Especially Culinary Arts and food safety classes. Students will learn about foodborne illnesses with this presentation, follow along notes in the form of a booklet and fiddle stick game. An assessment is also included. What information is included?» F

Also included in: Culinary Arts & Foods Bundle


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Career Clusters Pathways Investigation No Prep SEL Lesson w links & Activity
Careers! It is what it is all about nowadays! While most counselors are able to link all of the skills that are taught to how students will utilize them in "real" life, teaching career clusters is a bit tedious and difficult to accomplish. I created this READY TO USE (NO PREP) Powerpoint presenta

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Tracker, Sniffing Out Careers: An Elementary Job Shadowing Awareness Program
Tracker is a Job Shadowing Program for elementary students. It is designed to promote personalized student awareness about careers in the community in a fun, interactive and exciting way. Students enjoy being personally involved in their career awareness learning experience. Tracker is a stuffed ani

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Job and Life Skills Lessons:  Personal Information Review Activities
One of the most important life skills that a student can learn is how to write their personal information on forms and job applications. You may think your students know their personal information because you ask them "what is your birthday?" and they can say it aloud, but what would your students

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Workplace Success (Employability) Skills Blog Article Project
Prepare students for the workplace by teaching them basic skills to improve their employability. This product contains a short EDITABLE Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation with discussion questions for each of the basic skills of professionalism, time management, organization, and teamwork. After revi

Also included in: Business Career Unit Bundle


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Elements of Design in Fashion
This fully editable slide presentation on the Elements of Design in Fashion will enhance your students learning experience on what makes Fashion Design a fun class to take. After studying this unit, your students will learn to view, explain and implement the elements of design in garments and enha

Also included in: Elements and Principles of Fashion Design


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My Career Interests Exploration Classroom Guidance Lesson: How Santa Got His Job
Teach primary students to start thinking about interests for a future career one day. Career exploration does not start in high school, it starts when our students are young! Use this lesson to emphasize the importance of identifying interests and applying them to a future career. This lesson uses t

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Guess the Community Helper Game PowerPoint
This PowerPoint presentation covers the main community helpers. This guessing game is an interactive way to teach the duties and responsibilities of important community helpers.

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Fashion Design_Why Do People Wear Clothes?
Fully editableThis 16-page slide will give your students an overview as to the different reasons why people wear clothes and how our values, attitudes, personality and other factors affect our clothing choices.On the very last slide page, this presentation has a project instruction for a portfolio b

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Entrepreneurship 101:  Creating A Company Mission Statement
This is the "Entrepreneurship 101: Creating A Company Mission Statement" Lesson PowerPoint. The Lesson includes a PowerPoint and 3 activities. The Zip File includes a Worksheet and Answer Key. Students can use the Worksheet to follow along with the Presentation. Follow Me to be notified of new te

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Principles of Design in Fashion
Fully editableThis colorful 30-page Powerpoint slide will enable your students to learn and explain how the principles of design can be used to produce harmony in clothing. Moreover, tips and tricks included in this slide will help them choose the best outfits that have the best designs for themsel

Also included in: Elements and Principles of Fashion Design


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Cupcake Business Invoice and Purchase Order Practice Problems
Appeal to your students' sweet tooth by modeling how to complete an invoice and purchase order for a cupcake business. This activity is in Microsoft PowerPoint and provides step-by-step instructions to complete each of these two documents based on the scenario of a cupcake business. The PowerPoint c

Also included in: Intro to Accounting Bundle (Accounting Equation and Financial Statements)


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