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Career Readiness - Cover Letter, Résumé, Job Application, and Mock Interview
**This product now contains a digital format in addition to a printable (PDF format), perfect for distance learning or paperless classrooms. Do you want to give your students a real-world, valuable experience that will help them prepare for future job interviews? This packet contains our students'

Also included in: Life Skills Bundle


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Job Skills Grocery Store Unit
The Job Skills Grocery Store Unit, consists of various activities to focus on learning basic job skills. A weekly outline is provided for 4 weeks of suggested activities, including the use of social stories, graphic organizers, comprehension worksheets, vocabulary flashcards, worksheets, task cards

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Community Outing CBI Visual Reflection Worksheets
Differentiated pre & post community based instruction Worksheets with Visuals. Have a discussion before to help frontload students about a trip in the community or a field trip, and after, or use this as a school to home communication for the day. Symbol supported.This comes with:1 Pre CBI visu

Also included in: Morning Routine BUNDLE - Secondary Special Education


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Interactive Calendar Routine for Students with Special Needs
I have created an interactive Calendar Routine that can spruce up any classroom. These interactive/clickable PDF's can be used on a daily basis. No printing is necessary. Simply open the PDF on any PDF reader on a phone, tablet or computer. Display on a smart board or projector. Students select

Also included in: Interactive Calendar Activities- Discounted Bundle for Children with Autism


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Career ExplorationSkills Employers DesireThis is a complete lesson on Employable Skills. It will assist students with learning about those skills employers desire most. Students will be able to identify and explain the differences and similarities between soft, hard, and transferable skills. They wi

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Transition Plan (ITP) Symbol Supported Student Survey
Visual Multiple Choice Individual Transition interview for IEP special education students that are non-readers, moderate to severe disabilities! Great for ITP assessment or first day of school activity.This comes with: 59 large visuals for visual learners (great for giving students limited field of

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Life Skills Cut & Paste Sorting
Sorting or Comparison worksheets FOR USE WITH MAGAZINES OR WEEKLY CIRCULAR STORE ADS.This comes with:30 category sorting worksheets with visual of each category on top.Ideas for use:Cut out pictures or words from magazines or store ads that relate to the comparison categories.Laminate visuals you fi

Also included in: Environmental Print {Cut & Paste} Life Skills Activities BUNDLE


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Purchasing Skills For Secondary Special Education Life Skills Students
This is a 37 page unit with the goal of teaching secondary life skills students with disabilities basic money and purchasing skills. This unit is taught over a period of at least 3 weeks. This unit includes topics such as rounding up to the next dollar, estimating purchase totals, paying for items

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Employment ApplicationsEffectively Obtaining and Completing a Job ApplicationThese assignments are focused on teaching students how to effectively obtain and complete an employment application. This is a complete and easy to follow learning package. It contains multiple worksheets, a well designed P

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Career Readiness | Job Applications | Real World Personal Data Applications
Completing personal information for real world situations can be intimidating for young students and adults. This packet of applications and forms contains a variety of mock applications to provide your students practice on completing forms with their personal data.This resource was a created for a

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Career Interest Symbol Supported Student Survey
Visual & Differentiated (Cut & Paste and Multiple Choice) Career Interest Surveys for special education future planning! Transition plan interview for IEP, perfect for ITP.This comes with: One set of large visuals for visual learners (great for giving students limited field of answer choice

Also included in: Career & Job Skills BUNDLE #2


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JOB INTERVIEW, INTERVIEWING, Employment, Vocational, Career Exploration
The Job Interview Learning Package This learning package walks students through the job interview process and provides them with the tools they will need to succeed in a real interview. These can be used as self-guided worksheets or as teacher instructed lessons. There are f

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Differentiated Job Application Worksheets
FREEBIE 6 differentiated employment application forms for special education students to practice memorizing personal information and filling out other information like work history and references. Great to include in a distance learning packet.Want the Digital version of this activity? Check out:

Also included in: Career & Job Skills BUNDLE #2


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All About Me Worksheet for Secondary Sped
Visual and age-appropriate back to school activity secondary special education students. Great for getting to know you, first day of school activity, or ITP assessment.This comes with:3 differentiated worksheetsIncludes name, birthday, teacher, favorite color, multiple choice for what did you do ove

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Simplified Vocational Timesheets
Practice vocational skills by having students fill out timesheets for on & off campus jobs. Age appropriate way to enforce classroom token economy and practice money management for career job skills.This comes with:Timesheet (2 weeks). Print double sided to make one month.Timesheet Instruction

Also included in: Career & Job Skills BUNDLE #1


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TEAMWORK - Life Skills - Social Skills - Career Readiness
Teamwork. Objectives: Students will be able to:• Explain the importance of having strong teamwork skills in the workplace. • Identify key teamwork skills.• Describe the barriers that hinder the forming of a strong team.• Explain how you can become a successful team player.• Apply teamwork skills in

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Vocational Interest Assessment
A three page assessment for special education to find each students interest when it comes to employment. Page 1 & 2 show picture of occupations (13 total). Students will circle either the happy face, straight face, or sad face showing how they would feel working each particular job. Page 3 ask

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Employment, READING A PAYSTUB AND PAYCHECK, Vocational, Career Readiness
Reading a Paystub Objectives: Students will be able to: • Define deductions and pay period. • Explain the difference between net pay and gross pay. • Clarify the difference between salary and hourly wages. • Describe five common deductions made from an employee’s paycheck. • Analyze and interpret a

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Careers, Jobs, Career Exploration
Career Exploration These are excellent career exploration assignments. They allow students to explore seven different careers. Careers that don’t require four-year degrees. They are self-guided assignments that support reading comprehension skills. They are based on The Occupational Outlook Handboo

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Vocation Unit 1 Bundle - Looking Professional
Career skills curriculum DIFFERENTIATED & VISUAL MONTHLY Bundle. Comes with an interactive lecture, printer-friendly low ink worksheets, google quizzes, task cards, BINGO games, flashcards, extension activities, Youtube videos links, and more! - great for special education students.This unit foc


Career Lessons, JOB SEARCH , NETWORKING, Vocational Lessons, Employment
The Job Hunt Where to Find a Job?These are two quality, well-crafted, and complete learning packages that focus on the proper steps needed for a successful job search and the most effective methods and sources that should be utilized by job seekers. Because most jobs ar

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Career Readiness, STARTING A NEW JOB, Preparing for Employment, Job Skills
Starting a New JobFive Steps to Success Careers and EmploymentStarting off a new job right is critical for achieving success at work. This learning package guides students through the five proven steps that ensure success. Students will be able to explain the importance of starting off right at a ne

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Career Exploration, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, ENTREPRENEURS, Careers, Employment
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship is a practical and viable career choice, which is often underappreciated or over looked. This complete learning package exposes students to key aspects entrepreneurship.

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Vocation Unit 2 Bundle - Types of Employment
Career skills curriculum DIFFERENTIATED & VISUAL MONTHLY Bundle. Comes with an interactive lecture, printer friendly low ink worksheets, google quizzes, task cards, BINGO games, flash cards, extension activities, You tube videos links, and more! - great for special education students.This unit f


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