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This fun 15-minute readers theater script, by award-winning playwright Gyda Arber, is based on the true story of the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848, which launched the women's suffrage movement! Featuring attendees Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Amelia Bloomer, and Frederick Douglass, with
Engage your students in the American Revolution with this historically-accurate play based on the life of Deborah Samson, the first woman to serve in the U.S. military. Near the end of the Revolutionary War, Samson disguised herself as a man to enlist in the Continental Army, serving with valor for
American Revolution/ Revolutionary War: Studying the 13 Colonies/Colonial Times? This resource would work great for such a unit of study. Part of my Ms. Bie Ografee's Reader's Theater Scripts, I really had fun developing this play about the Culper Spy Ring and specifically, Agent 355, one of the fem
This is a 5 minute interactive play about Ruby Bridges. This play breathes life into the story of Ruby Bridges and allows students to imagine what it would have been like to be in her shoes. This play also includes a teacher's guide and Common Core aligned activities for students. This play and its
Use this informative Reader's Theater Script to learn about Bessie Coleman. Bessie was the first African American female pilot in the U.S. A. AND the first AMERICAN to receive an international pilot's license! Great for Black History Month in February or Women's History Month in March. Comprehension
Imagine saying the Pledge of Allegiance to a bright yellow flag featuring a coiled rattlesnake! The history of the flag of the United States is a compelling story, but historians are divided as to the facts. Did Betsy Ross really create the first flag? This play, which was originally published in my
The goal of this pack is to help your grade 4-6 students learn the main women and men who fought in the Women’s Rights Movement and the events leading up to the 19th Amendment. Topics Include: suffrage, women’s injustices, the groundbreaking newspaper The Revolution, The Declaration of Sentiments,
This Reader’s Theater was created because my students LOVE them! I try to make these exciting, while also teaching the kids a thing or two at the same time about History/Social Studies. In this Reader's Theater, students travel back in time to see Susan B. Anthony giving a speech explaining the imp
WOMEN in SCIENCE: Share biographies of women who have made contributions in science: Marie Curie, biography.A Ms. Bie Ografee Talk Show Reader's Theater Script.Use this informational and fun script for students to learn about Marie Curie, the Polish scientists who was a pioneer in the area of radi
Nicknamed “the Moses of Her Sex”, Susan B. Anthony was a civil rights leader involved with the antislavery movement and the women’s rights and suffrage movement. She caused quite a commotion when, in 1872, she tried to do something most unusual for a woman. She attempted to vote in a presidential el
Today, there are many women in the medical profession but Elizabeth was the very first woman doctor in not just the United States, but in England, too! It wasn’t easy becoming the first woman to get her degree in medicine. Still Elizabeth didn’t give up and worked even harder to change the opinions
Use this informative Reader's Theater Script to learn about Marian Anderson, one of the most important singers of the 20th century. Anderson also played an important role in overcoming prejudice toward African American artists. In 1955, she was the first African American to sing at the New York Metr
This is a monologue script depicting the life of Harriet Tubman, Abolitionist. It includes a version for school-age or adult audiences and one for K-2 students with notes and more. This text is one of many monologues, Profiles of Women Past & Present, created by the AAUW Thousand Oaks, Cali
50-minute one actCast of 35+Ages 10-14--Good for upper elementary or lower school grades --Good for middle school gradesThis story is based on the adventures of Grace O'Malley, a real female pirate from Ireland in the 1500's during Queen Elizabeth I's colonization of the Celtic world. Background in
Students present a short, autobiographical account of the essential contributions of Harriet Tubman to Black History. Costumes and props can be added to produce an authentic dramatic portrayal. This presentation can be used as a segment of a class Black History project, or as part of a Black Histo
Originally published in the Sept. 2015 issue of Scholastic’s Scope magazine and later reprinted in the Dec. 2016 issue of Storyworks, "Girl. Fighter. Hero." tells the story of sixteen-year-old Sybil Ludington. She's often called “the female Paul Revere” because she rode 40 miles on a stormy night to
Learn about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, only the 2nd woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Students will also learn information about the Supreme Court.A great resource for Women's History Month, a study of the Supreme Court, a Friday activity or as a substitute lesson. Extensi
During WW2, it was very unusual for a woman to be a pilot. When there was a shortage of male pilots due to their being needed in combat, an experimental project was begun where female pilots would be used by the military(although they weren't part of the military) to assist with ferrying aircrafts f
Inspire and engage your students with this informative reader's theater about the life and accomplishments of the great Amelia Earhart! With 22 differentiated play parts, your entire class can take part in reenacting some of the most monumental and historically accurate events in Earhart's life. T
Research tells us that young readers, particularly those who struggle, need time to build fluency. We also know that “Round Robin Reading” does not work. Readers’ Theater plays like this one are a great way to help blend history and reading fluency into one engaging activity. Need a quality activity
Before television, cell phones, internet and social media, it wasn’t easy to get the word out across the country on an issue. Nell Richardson and Alice Burke, two women who wanted to promote awareness for women’s suffrage, (the right to vote) decided to go on a cross country road trip. Back in 1916,
Engage your students with this inspiring play based on the life of Jane Addams! Your students will enjoy acting out 12 different speaking roles, while learning about the history of Hull House and the many accomplishments of Jane Addams. This resource also includes an informative vocabulary page.
--Good for upper elementary or lower school grades --Good for middle school gradesINCLUDESCostumes sketchesPhotos of costumes in productionHelpful notesDESCRIPTIONThe costumes design for this production was simple, bold, and highly effective. This design packet provides detailed sketches, photos an
Check out this fun/informative Reader's Theater Script on First Lady Edith Wilson. When her husband became ill, some say Edith did many of the responsibilities of the Presidency. Called the Acting First Man, Secret President and Presidentress of the United States, learn about this first lady with

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