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2nd Grade Math Review Bundle
2nd Grade Math Review Bundle {Print and Go}**UPDATED 5/11/15 - added Even or Odd, Pop That Bubbly, and Underwater Measurement activitiesGreat 2nd grade skills practice or 3rd grade review practice! I have also included answer keys because who doesn't love answer keys?! Each sheet has the standards i

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Two Step Money Word Problems
Money Word Problems**This is part of my 2nd Grade Math Bundle , which is a better value than buying each piece separately!**INCLUDED ARE 2 PRINTABLES AND 2 ANSWER KEYSEach Printable Covers:*Multi-step word problems involving change up to a dollar*Distinguish value of coins and add them*Determine if

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7th Grade Math Test Prep
About this resource : This 10 skill review was created for 7th grade Pre Algebra students, but would be a great review for any middle school math classroom! Skills covered are Data, Integers, Fractions, Rational Numbers, Probability, Equations, Functions, Area, Surface Area, Powers, Square Roots, R

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Daily Math Word Problems
The packet contains 72 pages of a variety of math word problems dealing with: number sense, addition, subtraction, division, more/less, multiplication, money, time, and skip counting. I also included a blank page in case you would like to fill in your own word problem. The problems are set up us

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Math Word Problems Addition and Subtraction with Sums Up to 20
Math Word Problems - Addition and Subtraction within 20 THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:These activities/printables will allow students to see how to solve a word problem in more than one way and help develop their understanding of adding and subtracting better.Students solve 4 different types of word proble

Also included in: Math Centers for First Grade The Bundle


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Math Word Problem Key Words
I am so excited to have finally found some time to make this for my students. My students come into third grade showing difficulty working through math word problems, we have discussed the "key words" in the problems that "tell you" what to do. I am hoping this helps to keep them on track. All you

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2 Digit by 2 Digit Multiplication Word Problems (National Parks) #Fireworks2020
Are you looking to engage your students with real life math word problems? This resource is designed to challenge students with 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication word problems all about the National Parks. There are two ways to use this resource: handouts or task cards. There is also an "Extend You

Also included in: Multiplication and Division Word Problems Bundle (National Parks)


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2nd Grade Word Problems
This is a great 2nd grade Common Core word problem book. There are 30 word problems involving situations of adding to, taking from, putting together, taking apart, and comparing, with unknowns in all positions. Included in this resource is 30 different word problems, tips for solving tough problems,

Also included in: Word Problems K-2 Bundle


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2nd Grade Common Core Word Problems: Addition and Subtraction
You can't teach math without word problems! Word problems relate math to the real world and allow children to see math all around them. Word problems also allow students to use their analytical and mathematical skills to solve a problem. And...with all of the rigor increasing on standardized tests,

Also included in: 2nd Grade Word Problems | Addition | Subtraction | Place Value | Money


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Inequality Word Problems Self-Checking Worksheet
Inequality word problems always give my students trouble on standardized tests. I use this self-checking worksheet to give them some extra practice with tricky phrases such as "at least", "no more than", etc. When solved correctly the letters will spell QUARTILE. I find that using a word makes it

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Writing Algebraic Expressions Practice Translate Words Into Math With Clue Words
This is a worksheet that practices Translating Words into Math- using Operation Clue Words. Students should work step by step through each of the twenty problems. First, they should highlight any Clue Words within the phrase. Next, they write the operation that the clue words signify. Then, they

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Math Keywords Poster Set
Included are a student handout to identify keywords when solving word problems, four individual posters for addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, and a student worksheet to practice skills that is geared towards 4th, 5th and 6th grade. Posters have a couple blank lines on each to writ

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Common Core Math Activities 6th Grade (6.EE.9) Tables, Graphs, Equations
This product is aligned to CCSS 6.EE.9. Students are introduced to dependent and independent variables. They are asked to identify dependent and independent variables in various situations. They are required to write an equation to represent a real world situation. This objective requires the studen

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Thanksgiving Math Worksheets
Engage your students while they work on addition and subtraction facts! These are low prep (just print and go) worksheets that help your students with their basic math facts. Perfect for seat work or math centers.Included are 8 addition and subtraction pages (basic facts, color by number, and word p

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Telling Time Teaching Resource Pack
11 engaging activities to enhance your unit on telling time. Print and cut centers, individual practice pages, partner activities, cross curricular writing prompts and more complete with detailed teacher's notes for each activity, answer keys and student directions. Please download a preview copy fo

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Decimal Operations Review Worksheet
About this resource : This two page review helps students organize all the "rules" they've learned when it comes to decimal operations. It provides basic practice problems, as well as real life application of various decimal operations. Available in the following bundle(s) : ★ 5th Grade Math Cur

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Kindergarten Word Problems
This is a great Kindergarten Common Core word problem book. There are 20 word problems involving situations of adding to, taking from, putting together, and taking apart.Included in this resource is 30 different word problems and tips for solving problems. Each problem also has an empty ten frame, n

Also included in: Word Problems K-2 Bundle


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4th Grade Math Activities Division Strategies Multi-Digit Dividends CCSS 4.NBT.6
Five strategies are taught to perform division involving multi-digit dividends. Students are required to understand what division means and not just memorize an algorithm. They should be able to explain how they arrive at a quotient. In order to understand the process of division students should be

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Valentine's Day Candy Hearts Graph with Questions - Interpret Data - King Virtue
Valentine's Day Candy Hearts Graph - Interpret Data - King Virtue Incorporate Valentine's Day in your classroom with this Valentine's Day Candy Hearts Graph. Students will love sorting, counting, and graphing the candy hearts. Afterwards, students interpret their graphs by answering the questions.

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Problem Solving Strategies Flip Chart (Editable)
Get your students engaged and always looking back in their notes with this fun and unique Problem Solving Strategies Flip Chart! My students are forever looking at our anchor charts on the wall to help them solve their problems, or asking myself or a peer for help if they don't know where to begin.

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Problem Solving Assessment - Personalizable for Different Classes
Want to see if your kids really know what they are doing when they are problem solving? Want to focus your kids into the process of problem solving? This simple one page problem solver includes a place for students to choose their strategy, to choose their math concept, to show their work, and to

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Measurement Word Problems
Measurement Word Problems This is a set of 11 measurement word problem worksheets and their answer keys designed to help students practice solving measurement word problems. These worksheets focus on the second half of the 3rd grade metric measurement standard, (Add, subtract, multiply,

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Math Menu: Percent Applications - Tax, Tip, Discount, and Markup Word Problems
This math menu is comprised of 15 word problems that require percent applications (tax, tip, discount, and markup). It allows students to choose the problems they will complete from a "menu" of options. The word problems feature three levels of difficulty: (1) calculating the amount of a tax, tip,

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7th Grade Math GUIDED NOTES Bundle - Interactive Math Notebooks
Have your students use these 7th Grade Math Guided Notes to review key ideas and essential vocabulary . This GROWING BUNDLE includes guided notes for 31 skills (over 150 questions, including skills practice and word problems). These guided notes allow students to sharpen their math skills while inc


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