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These are the best set of 21 questions you will find for the awesome Math in the Movies video clip montage. Others exist, but they are incomplete and not thought-provoking. And now this product also includes a Google Slides version, compatible with Google Classroom for Distance Learning!These ques
Students can use 21st century learning skills and modern technology to calculate unit rates! 8 activity sets with 4 questions per station Students will need to have a device that can scan QR codes/barcodes. When calculating unit rates students will be able to identify which is the best option in ea
This slide show is the companion to the Gallon Castle printable in my store. It walks students through the story of Capacity Kingdom (In the land of capacity kingdom stood Gallon Castle. There lived two queens...). This is an alternative to gallon man as way to remember the units of capacity. This
This 13 slide PowerPoint presentation takes students through the steps for solving word problems. The steps in the PowerPoint presentation are based on Singapore Math strategies including using unit bars to solve problems. There is also a huge emphasis on addition and subtraction key words. It was
iPad Word Problems - Solve and Explain with the free app Educreations on the iPad. Encourage students to solve and explain word problems by integrating this free iPad® mobile digital device app into math! Students will use the app to solve ANY word problem using the P.A.U.S.E. strategy to read the P
Complete Jeopardy review game for a 4th grade Place value unit. Includes number forms (standard, word, expanded), place value, rounding, and decimals. Could be easily adapted and modified.
This is a great power point that I use with my whole class. There are plenty of examples to practice rounding decimals and word problems too. There is room on the slides to create and write the steps with your students. The sum it up is a group activity which requires students to use menus to pla
This is a fantastic Power Point to use with your students when you want to practice finding discounts,sale prices, tax, tips, and simple interest. All questions are word problems. This Power Point can be used for whole class instruction or individual instruction. Answers fly in with animation ef
This Power Point can used to teach an entire unit on adding and subtracting fractions. I used it each day to drive my instruction on 5.NF.1 and 5.NF.2. It is divided into sections that include estimating fractions, adding fractions, subtracting fractions, adding mixed numbers, subtracting mixed nu
In this Jeopardy board you will find the following skills: 2-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping 3-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping Addition and subtraction word problems Multi-step addition and subtraction word problems Find the missing addend probl
A self checking Power Point for end of year essential standards for 2nd grade math in California. Each slide gives students an amount of time to answer the question and then will give an answer. It will show the process of regrouping for both addition and subtraction which is good for students who
FREE!! Robot patterning powerpoint (provided in powerpoint and PDF) and accompanying worksheet and answer key. Problem solving and space to show work included. Perfect for review before provincial/state testing or as a review before you unit begins! Enjoy with the sound on- sound effects include
These simple addition and subtraction word problems are perfect for any 1st/2nd grade classroom (or even a simple review for 3rd graders). Each word problem comes with a QR code for checking answers. I hope you enjoy this freebie!
These Numberless Word Problems can be used for your Digital Distance Learning in 3rd Grade. My blog post tells you how simple it can be.These Fall Numberless Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Word Problems included Numberless Word Problems and Exit Tickets with Answer KeysDo you ha
These Numberless Word Problems can be used for your Digital Distance Learning in 4th Grade. My blog post tells you how simple it can be.These Winter Numberless Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Word Problems included Numberless Word Problems and Exit Tickets with Answer KeysDo you
If you have issues accessing the hyperlink to the site, please try the following troubleshooting steps first. 1) Try opening the link in a different browser (preferably Chrome). 2) Make sure you are allowed to access external links on your network. 3) Copy and paste the link into the url box. 4) Try
I love this power point! I use this power point with my whole class. This power point introduces multiplying a whole number and a mixed number by a fraction. There is plenty of blank space to solve problems and write the steps for your students notes. It starts with a pair share activity, then str
This is a powerpoint jeopardy review game for 1 digit divisors. There is a mixture of basic division facts, estimation using compatible numbers, money, story problems with bar diagrams showing division, and regular story problems. The game is meant to be used as a review for the Fifth Grade enVisi
I love using this power point to introduce the distance, rate, and time formula. The power point includes note taking opportunities, a graphic organizer, practice questions, and partner work. All of my power points are common core aligned. Have fun!! Math Central Check out my other products
This PowerPoint based Jeopardy formatted game is a great way to review for the Common Core Geometry Unit. There are 35 questions on the seven topics of: Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Customary Measurement, Metric Measurement and Volume. Divide students into three teams for Kayla, Brea and Daquan. Th
This PowerPoint provides a guide to teaching multiplying whole numbers by a fraction and a fraction by a fraction. It incorporates a variety of word problems to help students gain an understanding of when you need to multiply.You can also print the problems for students to complete in centers or co
This is a fun and interactive game to help students practice solving word problems involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication of fractions with unlike denominators. There are three categories and twelve questions total. The categories are: Name the Operation-identifying what operation to
These two SMARTboard Notebooks contain openings for teaching Multiplication and Division strategies to your students.
Do you have a student that just starts to add, subtract, multiply, or divide a problem without ever really figuring out what is happening in the story problem? If so.....ummm we all do.... then this resource is for you. This is a resource that is created to help you teach word problem solving strate

showing 1-24 of 197 results

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