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This is a sample of my Science and Math bundle for teaching “Growth and Changes in Animals". The full unit has been carefully crafted to give you everything you need to meet Ontario’s science curriculum expectations for grade 2’s “Understanding Life Systems" strand. Contents: SCIENCE/Language:
The Three Little Pigs comes alive with the post-reading activities. Help your students develop comprehension and other skills with the engaging activities packed into this packet: Exploring Fairy Tales: Retelling Story Pieces Compare/Contrast The Three Pigs and The Wolf Compare/Contrast Versions of
12 Engaging Task Cards covering Matter as the Sum of its Parts and includes identifying Physical and Chemical Change. These are great for student collaboration and practice. Covers Georgia Standard: S5P1. Students will verify that an object is the sum of its parts. a. Demonstrate that the mass of
Have your student explore which temperature of water will dissolve the candy corns first! They will be following the steps of the scientific method by predicting, observing, recording,drawing and concluding. This is a great activity to put in a center or even do as a demo or a whole class! Super EA
For many of my students, figuring which momentum equation to use (elastic, inelastic, or explosion) is half the battle. I use this before I start introducing the actual calculations. This 4 page EDITABLE worksheet gives students practice identifying which type of collision is happening and which
This EDITABLE 4 page worksheet provides practice problems to p = m/v. Students write out the variables, the equation and finally calculate for momentum, mass or velocity. ANSWER KEY INCLUDED. I have uploaded this in both a PDF and a .docx format so you can feel free to modify and differentiate to f
This BUNDLE includes: 1)a complete and fully integrated 156-page unit for teaching “Growth and Changes in Animals;" 2) a math package with 80+ word problems to deepen and extend your science teaching for this unit; 3) a complete bulletin board set about frogs that teaches non-fiction text featur
Make your lessons on pumpkins complete with this easy to use print and go STEAM unit. You will find everything you need for a great learning experience for your students. My students loved learning about pumpkins with this cross curricular unit. It is perfect for teachers who have very little time t
I created this as a review for my 7th grade Life Science students after we did a genetics unit (but before the test). I had originally posted the "answer key" so students could check their answers. I found, however, that the students who were struggling were simply copying the answers. So, I came up
SCIENCE STATIONS: VOLCANOES Materials needed: computer, large dry erase map and markers (optional), colored pencils, dictionary, calculator Station 1 - Map Skills – I have my students work in pairs and find and plot volcano locations on a large dry erase world map. I have provided a small world
Let the Feeding Frenzy Begin! Use this ADD ’EM UP! game as a fun way to practice math skills and review some SHARK facts. Students can use pencil and paper to compute the facts or a calculator - your choice - of course! Copy a blank activity mat and the word strip page for each student. Student
This hands on activity integrates Common Core principals to demonstrate speed. Students will use STEM inspired ideas to; -Predict possible outcomes using a hypothesis. -Students will use race marbles down a ramp, -Students will record data into a data table. - Students will ana
There are 10 pages in this set about bats. Go batty over bats in this 10 page set about bats! There is an anticipation guide to activate prior knowledge at the start of a unit about bats and checks for comprehension after learning about bats. This sheet allows for great discussion and assessment
The Culinary Enrichment Project lesson using STEM. Students mix their own unique drink concoctions to build an understanding of the inter-relationship between ratios, fractions, decimals, and percentages while working with the English and Metric measurement systems. Tape diagrams and graphic organ
Do your students ever wonder why Earth's atmosphere doesn't just fly off into space? Answer this question with a fun science & math lesson on Gravity, Mass, and Weight. Students will learn about how all of these keep everything, on Earth. They'll also stretch their knowledge by comparing Eart
How much do you know about the wildlife populations in your state? Do you know how animal populations are maintained? Who makes that decision? What do they eat? All of these questions will be explored by using science and math. These task cards are truly interdisciplinary as they integrate realisti
This package will support your teaching about the adaptations of animals and the wonder of birds! Here's what is included: Reading: Non-fiction texts in the form of “fast fact cards” about 8 uniquely wonderful birds! Writing: Organizer that follows the format of the fast fact cards to enable stu
A packet to make learning about eggs fun. Includes math story problems, craft activities, science experiments, writing prompt, reading / comprehension, and a word search.This packet can be adapted to many different learning levels.-eggs-experiments-food
This unit finishes with a lab where students actually measure waves they make with Slinkys.Sound is a hard concept to understand, but using Slinkys are a great way to model sound waves. The manipulative is a great way for students to quickly find the correct formula for wave speed, frequency, and wa
How much do you know about the wildlife populations in your state? Do you know how animal populations are maintained? Who makes that decision? What do they eat? All of these questions will be explored by using science and math. These task cards are truly interdisciplinary as they integrate realisti
This resource is designed to be used with the FREE ( http://newsela.com) article, "Bears are Leaving the Mountains to Search for Food and People are Nervous."This tpt resource contains 10 evidence-based, "common core" informational questions about a SCIENCE article....PLUS: A fun and engaging STEM
This is a math lab to teaches about the skeletal system. Students first solve a math problem about how many bones are in both hands. Then they use that data to predict how many bones are in the human body. There is a short article with pictures and facts about the human skeletal system to prove that
This EDITABLE 5-page worksheet asks students to calculate conservation of momentum problems by: writing out the variables, plugging them into the equation, and finally to calculate for the missing variable. This includes elastic collisions, inelastic collisions, and explosions. An example problem
Have your students decide how many more coins Pirate Bob needs to have 10 all together!

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