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This simulation introduces your students to four methods for displaying data: frequency tables, bar graphs, pictographs and line plots. Students will have the opportunity to record observations about each method for displaying data and compare/contrast methods for collecting data. Students will then
Kids will master the concepts of least common multiple and greatest common factor by actually manipulating items into groups. With this fun, hands-on activity, the problems are already created for you! An answer key is provided. All you need is to print the worksheet and distribute base-ten blo
Welcome to The Monster Ice Cream Parlor Decimal focused project-based learning! In this student-tested and approved project, students jump into ownership of the monster ice cream parlor. They create flavors, set prices, and graph their sales all while practicing adding, subtracting and multiplying
Looking for something a little challenging, incredibly engaging, and slightly different from an ordinary day? Escape room challenges have all of that and more.In this escape room challenge, the students must escape from being stuck in pilgrim times after being transported back in a time machine. The
This is a fun, engaging way for your students to apply and practice their learning about fractions! Skills used:Identifying fractions (<1)Fractions (<1 and >1) on a number lineMatching different fraction forms (numbers, number line, part of a set)Word problemsTurn this into a HIGHLY engagin
A simulated Cupcake War (like the TV series) to get your students doing math! Students are given a budget and are tasked with making enough cupcakes for all the classes in their grade for the cupcake contest! The pdf guide helps to walk students through the process of calculating how many cupcake
Engage your students in this relevant project where they plan a Thanksgiving feast. From calculating serving sizes and calories from real food labels, to making a shopping list and sticking to a budget. This project helps students see the real life uses for a variety of math skills. Editable price
Engage your students with this data mystery! You left data in the classroom overnight and someone snuck in and completely scattered it. Oh no! In this activity, your students are data analysts who will use clues to reassemble the scattered pieces of bar graphs and pictographs.This product includes..
Included in this packet, are resources for assigning your students to members of the classes aboard the Titanic based upon actual percentages, debate questions over J. Bruce Ismay, boarding passes for students, Titanic themed math word problem, and "Build your own boat" project which includes area,
This budgeting project begins with students researching the median income for their desired post-secondary education job and calculating the monthly take-home pay based on that salary. They then use this take-home pay to budgetRent/mortgageHome insuranceUtilitiesCar/transportation paymentGas payment
This interactive unit helps students become familiar with the democratic process of voting through relevant math and language arts activities. Here's what's included: Activity 1: The Campaign Trail: A budget is set for campaigning. Students use basic math skills to choose campaign strategies. Ac
Do your kiddos enjoy the unlock challenges or escape rooms? If so, they are gonna love taking a math mission! This camping themed math mission leads groups through fact fluency activities that fact practice, timed fluency quizzes, word problem creation and creative constructions (including STEM acti
This project asks students to form a fictitious business selling duct tape pencil pouches. Students complete a variety of math problems calculating the cost to produce the pouches, cost of labor, determining profit, setting selling prices, and creating manufacturers suggested retail prices. What
Thanksgiving: Black Friday: Students will read a passage and answer questions about the history of Black Friday. They will also use ads to budget and choose the best deals. They will be given three Christmas lists with a budget of $400. Students must find the best deals among three department sto
This engaging activity helps students visualize the concept of exponential decay. Through a zombie apocalypse simulation, students collect and record data. The data is then graphed and compared to linear data. Finally, the equation for exponential decay is shared and students are given a some real
This 19-slide PowerPoint Presentation teaches the process of dividing by a decimal number through long division. It is based on Common Core 6th grade math standard: CCSS.Math.Content.6.NS.B3. You could employ this instructional presentation anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes depending on how much studen
The most effective means of evaluating student understanding is utilizing real-world applications of assessment through GRASPS. In this GRASPS assessment, students will train a new employee to work at their bakery. In the process they'll convert between units of measure within the Customary System
This PowerPoint covers how scientists predict population size using the Capture-Recapture method. It's perfect for: 1. Incorporating a little math into a biology class. 2. Showing students how real-life problems can be solved using science. 3. Introducing population prediction calculations when cov
I use this project as part of the addition and subtraction unit in my 3rd grade classroom. It gives students a real world scenario in which they would use their knowledge of addition and subtraction to manage money. The kids love it because it offers a lot of choice and is very fun! It could also
Looking for something a little challenging, incredibly engaging, and slightly different from an ordinary day? Escape room challenges have all of that and more.In this escape room challenge, the students must escape from being stuck in Gingerbread Village after getting lost on a lovely winter sleigh
This is an extensive list of math websites that I used in my classroom. There are also educational games that are included in the list.
This is a great resource of 7 optimization problems for AP Calculus or Standard Calculus. Great to use as demonstrations using a projector and computer or even with an Interactive Whiteboard. The file contains the following: (2,excel files, 7 geogebra applets and 7 html files that can be viewed in
As reliance upon the Mississippi grows, so do environmental pressures, and your students must devise plans to secure the river’s future. Students run a fictional conservation group, identify ecological problems facing the Mississippi, calculate costs involved in proposed conservation projects, expl
Fun performance task for 5th graders. Real world scenarios prompt students to determine how they are going to adjust a recipe and then multiply to find the new recipe. This task is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and multiplying fractions.

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