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World History Resources

153,537 results

Lost Colony of Roanoke and 13 Colonies CSI Investigation Activity

In this Lost Colony of Roanoke and the 13 Colonies CSI Activity, students take part in an engaging investigation to determine the fate of the colonists at Roanoke while getting a great introduction to American History. This is an ideal starter resource for any unit on the 13 Colonies. Students work individually or in groups to examine possible theories that explain the fate of the Lost Colony at Roanoke. Students will read through 6 possible scenarios, analyzing a variety of questions from a v

Greek Mythology Unit - Greek Mythology Projects - Ancient Greece Unit Activities

This Greek Mythology Unit contains over 200 pages and it is the perfect addition to an Ancient Greece Interactive Notebook or Ancient Greece unit. These Greek mythology projects and activities include full text versions of a variety of Ancient Greek myths, telling the tales of the Olympians and other Greek Gods and Goddesses. It contains all of the resources, foldable activities, graphic organizers, and mythology worksheets you need to teach your students about the gods, goddesses, heroes, and m

Ancient Egypt King Tut CSI Investigation Activity

In this Ancient Egypt and King Tut CSI investigation, students analyze and use critical thinking skills to investigate the death of ancient Egypt's youngest pharaoh, King Tut. This CSI investigation is included in the Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia Bundle!Students are introduced to the background of King Tutankhamun, the role of pharaohs in ancient Egypt, the chaos created by his father Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), and the mystery surrounding his death. Students investigate possible murder motives

Hammurabi's Code Activity and Doodle Notes

Created by
History Gal
In this fun and engaging Hammurabi’s Code activity, students will use the Code of Hammurabi to decide the verdict for six fictional court cases they create. Make it more exciting by dressing up as a judge as you preside over the cases that students act out!This Hammurabi’s Code activity Includes:*Doodle Notes on Hammurabi’s Code (1 page; includes blank, fill in the blanks, coloring page, and color versions with BC and BCE dates; includes fillable PDF and Google Slides versions) *PowerPoint fo

Ancient Civilizations Interactive Notebooks World History 6th Grade Worksheets

Created by
Ancient Civilization Interactive Notebook Bundle for designed for 6th Grade Social Studies! Both DIGITAL & PRINT versions are included! Contains the following units: The Stone Age, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. ***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Online Learning★★★NEW UPDATE 7/19 - The bundle now contains The Stone Age | Ea

Age of Exploration Stations Scavenger Hunt| 6-Step Explorers Activity

In this Age of Exploration Scavenger Hunt activity, students complete a six-step organizer as they navigate around the room to learn about the explorers involved in the Age of Exploration. The 6 tasks can also be completed as a group or individual assignment instead of a scavenger hunt! Or, you can enjoy this best-selling product in the new Google 1:1 compatible version!☆ ☆ Get this engaging resource (and a huge discount) when you purchase my Renaissance activities unit located here bundle!Stud

13 Colonies Map and Scavenger Hunt Activity

In this 13 Colonies activity and map scavenger hunt, students complete a gallery walk on the colonization of the 13 American Colonies. Students navigate around the room examining each colony's station to understand the reason behind its founding. Students can work individually or they can create groups and, before they are turned loose, divide up the responsibilities to research the founding of the 13 Colonies and detail the 13 Colonies map. This lesson is a great introduction to the 13 colo

Ancient Egypt Unit Projects and Activities - Egypt Map - Pyramids Worksheets

This Ancient Egypt Unit Bundle has over 200 pages of Egypt projects and activities. It contains Ancient Egypt reading passages, an Ancient Egypt timeline, comprehension questions, an Ancient Egypt map, foldable activities, projects, graphic organizers, and more! ✅Be sure to click on the previews for detailed descriptions and images of exactly what is included in this package.✅SAVE $$$$ BY PURCHASING THIS COMPLETE BUNDLE OF EGYPT PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES AT A REDUCED PRICE! This is a HUGE value w

Ancient Egypt Interactive Notebook Worksheets Ancient History Activities

Created by
**DIGITAL AND PAPER INCLUDED**This Ancient Egypt product contains interactive cut and paste learning material for students to create an organized social studies interactive notebook. {Paper & Digital Versions Included!}***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Distance LearningThis resource is part of the Ancient Civilizations (Entire) CurriculumAnswer Key IncludedThis resource is aligned with Ancient Egypt Readin

13 Colonies Unit Plan | Colonial America Unit Activities Bundle | Google Ready

This 13 Colonies activities unit bundle combines 15 best-selling resources to teach Colonial America. This thirteen colonies activities bundle includes 15 best-selling resources and activities to teach the Lost Colony at Roanoke, the Spanish conquistadors, Jamestown and Plymouth, Pilgrims and Puritans, Quakers, the horrific Middle Passage, the Salem With Trials, and much more. This unit is Google 1:1 ready and is ideal for distance learning. The 13 Colonies Unit includes the following resource

No Prep Emergency Sub Plans for any U.S. or World History Class(print & digital)

Created by
History Gal
These print and digital No Prep Emergency Sub Plans will work at any time during the year for any U.S. or World History class. Put a copy of the activities in your sub folder and you'll never have to stress about sub plans again!Need these for distance learning? Digital versions are now included! Each activity includes an uneditable PDF version, a Google Slides version (the activity is not editable, but students type and add images to the Slides document), and a PowerPoint version (the activity

Age of Exploration: Passages (Vol. 1) - Distance Learning Compatible

With this resource, students will learn all about the Age of Exploration through reading engaging passages on differentiated reading levels. Students can respond to short-answer questions after reading. The questions are aligned to informational text reading standards. Teaching notes and lesson plans are included. This resource can be printed or shared digitally. What is included?+ Printable and interactive digital versions11 reading passages – (See topics below.)5 differentiated reading levels

Continents and Oceans Activities for Google Classroom | Types of Maps

Created by
Shelly Rees
Are you looking for a different way to learn and reinforce Continents, Oceans, and Maps? Your students will love these easy-to-use Google Drive Activities! Students can practice and master identifying the continents and oceans of the world and also explore different types of maps by using the provided activities on Google slides. Click HERE to save 20% with the complete Maps, Continents, and Oceans Bundle!This engaging Google Drive resource includes:Continents, Oceans, and Maps Guide (a list of

Ancient Mesopotamia Interactive Notebook - 6th Grade Ancient History Activities

Created by
Ancient Mesopotamia for Interactive Social Studies Notebook {Paper & Digital Versions Included!}***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Distance LearningThis resource is part of the Ancient Civilizations (Entire) CurriculumThis product contains interactive cut and paste learning material for students to create an organized social studies interactive notebook. This resource is aligned with Ancient Mesopotamia Int

Ancient Egypt Map Activity (Print and Digital)

Created by
History Gal
Students will learn about important places in the Ancient Egypt civilization as they label and color a map. It's also a great way to incorporate geography in your lesson.What's included with the printed version:Blank Ancient Egypt map for students to label and color (1 page, uneditable pdf)Map Key (1 page, uneditable pdf)Ancient Egypt map for students to just color (1 page, uneditable pdf)Informational Reading (1 page, uneditable pdf) Animated PowerPoint shows each location and the key - perfect

Continents Bundle - A PowerPoint/Google Trip to the 7 Continents

Learn about the Seven Continents! Take a journey around the world without ever leaving your classroom with these stunning PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. This set of 8 PowerPoint/Google Slides presentations uses real photographs to give your students a peek into the amazing continents of the world.Each presentation has a map, weather, animals, homes, important cities, landmarks, and a short three-question quiz.This bundle includes {for PowerPoint and Google Slides}Let's Learn About A

Ancient Civilizations Curriculum Ancient World History Greece Rome Egypt China

Created by
Looking for an engaging and rigorous Ancient Civilization Activities and Curriculum that covers The Stone Age / Archaeology, Early Humans, Archaeology, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Israel, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome, and is both suitable for 6th grade and Grade 4 Ontario curriculum? Look no further than the Ancient Civilizations and World History Complete Curriculum, available in print and digital formats. This comprehensive curriculum resource contains

Italy Booklet (A Country Study!)

Created by
Emily Bynum
This "All About Italy" booklet can be used for a very basic country study in lower elementary grades! Each page contains a basic fact and related illustration! All graphics are in an outline format so that it's ready to be colored like a mini-coloring book.This coloring booklet gives all the general/basic information about Italy, including:-geography -Italian flag-capital city of Rome (famous sites)-popular Italian foods-most popular sport (football)-Ancient Romans (powerful military)-Leaning To

Ancient Greece Unit Projects - Interactive Notebook Activities - Greece Map

There are over 400 pages in this COMPLETE Ancient Greece Unit Bundle of Ancient Greece activities. It is the perfect addition to an Ancient Civilization unit! This Ancient Greece activity package contains all of my best selling Ancient Greece Interactive Notebook units with reading passages, Ancient Greece map activities, comprehension questions, Greek mythology, foldable activities, vocabulary activities, projects, and more! ✅SAVE $$$$ BY PURCHASING THIS COMPLETE BUNDLE AT A REDUCED PRICE! Th

Imperialism Interactive Group Activity

This engaging cooperative learning experience will help your students understand the start of the Age of Imperialism.Small groups of students create different anonymous countries and must conquer "territory" - which are just items in your classroom. While the rules are the same for all students, the directions each group receives are different - resulting in an experience like how some countries could conquer so much territory, while others were unprepared for the land scramble.My classes alway

Holocaust Webquest (National Holocaust Museum Website)

Created by
History Wizard
Holocaust Webquest:Great for classroom and distance learning.Students will gain basic knowledge about the Holocaust by completing an internet-based worksheet. The Holocaust Webquest uses an amazing website created by United States Holocaust Museum. The website allows students to explore the key events of the Holocaust. The website is:Click here to view the website.The webquest contains 46 questions and is a great way to introduce or have students learn more about the Holocaust. An answer sheet i

Causes of American Revolution + Revolutionary War Unit Plan | Google Ready

The American Revolution and Revolutionary War unit plan features 16 lessons and activities to teach the 13 Colonies' war for independence. Students learn the impact of the Enlightenment, the French and Indian War, the Boston Massacre, the variety of acts placed by the British Parliament, the Declaration of Independence, the Sons of Liberty, and much more. This 16-lesson activity bundle is Google-ready and is ideal for in-class or distance learning! This Causes of the Revolutionary War and Ame

Ancient China Activities World History Unit | 9 Ancient Civilizations Resources

In my best-selling Ancient China Unit, you will receive 9 highly-engaging Ancient China resources to teach the Chinese philosophies, the Silk Road, ancient China geography, the Chinese dynasties, Confucius, Laozi, Daoism, Legalism, and more! This bundle saves you 30% over buying each activity separately!Plus, each resource in this Ancient China Unit bundle includes both a paper in-class version and a 1:1 Google compatible version to be used in conjunction with Google Classroom. Just follow th

Egypt Booklet (A Country Study!)

Created by
Emily Bynum
This "All About Egypt" booklet can be used for a very basic country study in lower elementary grades! Each page contains a basic fact and related illustration. All graphics are in an outline format so that it's ready to be colored like a mini-coloring book. This coloring booklet gives all the general/basic information about Egypt, including: -geography -Egyptian flag -The Nile River -ancient Pharaohs -the Sphinx/Great Pyramid of Giza -camels -religion -mummification -hieroglyphics -common Ara
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