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Meet the Teacher Letter - Editable
Connect with your students and their families with this "Meet the Teacher" letter editable template. It is perfect for introducing yourself at the beginning of the year or giving them to new students throughout the year. They come in 5 different versions. You can mail these to your students before s

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Spanish Food Story - No me gusta
Sofía is hungry, but she doesn't like anything her family is having for dinner this week. On Monday, they have pasta. Sofía doesn't like pasta! On Tuesday, they have chicken and rice. Sofía doesn't like chicken and rice! On Wednesday, they have vegetable soup. Sofía hates vegetable soup! On T

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Flags of Spanish-Speaking Countries Coloring Pages & Mystery Phrase Activity
Flags of Spanish-Speaking Countries Coloring Pages & Mystery Phrase ActivityThese coloring pages practice Spanish colors using flags of Spanish-speaking countries. Line versions of each flag have the color in Spanish for each section of the flag (rojo, blanco, azul, etc.)It also includes a myst

Also included in: Spanish Speaking Countries Bundle


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American Sign Language Alphabet Chart
American Sign Language Alphabet Chart for students to reference! Comes in both color and black and white! This is included in the Secret Sign Language Centers Bundle which has a ton of fun centers for practicing sight words, phonics sounds, number words, etc. using sign language. For even more si

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Spanish Alphabet Charts (Multiple Versions) (el alfabeto)
Spanish alphabet chart (el alfabeto) with vibrant pictures your kids will love! This includes a full color version and a black and white version of the chart that kids can color.*** UPDATE February 2020: Added versions of all the charts WITHOUT ch, ll, rr for anyone who does not want those on their

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Gustar Spanish Reading Passage and Worksheets
Gustar Spanish Reading Passage and Worksheets A Reading Passage in Spanish about the verb Gustar (= LIKE in Spanish). There are comprehension questions referring to the text and additional activities to practice making sentences with GUSTAR. We have included a full-color chart showing the word ord

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Spanish All About Me Worksheet {Dollar Deals}
This "Lea todo sobre mí!" worksheet (8.5 x 11) can be used as an icebreaker, get to know each other activity, community circle exercise, student of the week spotlight, birthday celebration spotlight, etc. The graphics adds a fun element for the students. This would work well as a first day of schoo

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The Dominican Republic / La República Dominicana (Spanish language reading)
This Spanish-language reading is designed for Spanish 1 students and beyond to learn basic information about the Dominican Republic. It introduces the country's geography, political history, economy, and culture, as well as the importance of baseball and merengue. The reading consists of one page of

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SOMOS Spanish 2 Unit 14: Present perfect (el pretérito perfecto) with reading
These notes will introduce your students to the present perfect tense in Spanish ("el pretérito perfecto"). This tense is the equivalent of "has/have + verb" in English. The notes includeTwo page guided notesA guided translation activityA Spanish language reading that targets the present perfectSeve

Also included in: SOMOS Spanish 2 Units 6-15 BUNDLE


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Spanish infinitives notes with reading and activity
These two-page notes include a definition of infinitives, how to recognize them in Spanish and English, and discuss their use with helper verbs (quiere, puede, debe, etc.) The notes also include a short reading for early first-year Spanish students with comprehension questions and personalized quest

Also included in: Grammar In Context BUNDLE: Guided notes + Readings in Spanish


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Passé Composé - Editable Notes, Activities, Puzzles, and Test
This fully editable 30-page resource includes: 1. Notes on:-Passé Composé with avoir-Passé Composé with être-Passé Composé au negatif2. Ready to use printable worksheets on:-Passé Composé with ER, IR, and RE verbs-Passé Composé with être-Passé Composé au negatif-Passé Composé avec les verbes irrégul

Also included in: Beginner French Bundle - FULL YEAR of Activities!! (Gr 4-7)


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Spanish Syllabus Template
Spanish Syllabus TemplateThis Word document is a completely customizable template for your syllabus. There are sections for your contact information, course description, classroom expectations, how to succeed in Spanish class, required supplies, grading categories and percentages, classroom policie

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Blank iPhone Texting Template
My 9th grade Spanish students were completely engaged when I showed them this oh-so-familiar screenshot of an iPhone texting conversation. Print it out and have students "send messages" to one another about class content, in the target language (for foreign language teachers), etc. by writing in th

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Minuto Loco - Any verb, Any tense #1 EDITABLE Conjugation Games - Standard Size
Students race to conjugate as many Spanish verbs as they can with these conjugation race worksheets. You pick the verb(s) and the tense, they do the conjugating. Unlike my other Minuto Loco products, this listing is in word format and is EDITABLE!What's Included? • 9 conjugation races (with 32 que

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Spanish 1 Worksheets - Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish
Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish - El, La, Los, Las - Un, Una, Unos, Unas - Includes 10 pages of exercises, a wall chart/poster (A4), Vocabulary Lists and Teacher Answers. These activities are ideal for a Spanish 1 level class. CONTENT: This Spanish resource contains 24 Pages: Summary

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La gran cartilla fonética (programa para aprender a leer y escribir en español)
Aprende a leer y a escribir en español con este programa. La gran cartilla fonética incluye todo lo que necesitas para aprender. Este producto incluye: *Introducción a las vocales (a, e, i, o, u) *Actividades de lectura y escritura para cada consonante y par de consonantes Mm (Silabas con Mm, oraci

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Avancemos 1 Lección Preliminar (Preliminary Chapter) ENTIRE Curriculum
This unit curriculum bundle contains a zip folder of ALL of the activities, assessments, and handouts that I use for “Avancemos 1” Lección Preliminar (greetings, introductions, farewells, talking about where you’re from, alphabet, days of the week, weather, and subject pronouns). What's included:

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El gato y el pez - Beginning Spanish Story
I teach this story with TPRS®, a method developed by Blaine Ray. This story provides input that is comprehensible, engaging, and carefully structured to include lots of repetition. I have been using TPRS® in my classes since 2007 and have found it to be a highly successful method for learning lan

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Spanish Body Parts Story - Me duele
Updated with new resources! The bundle now includes: • Me duele - picture story • Story cards (without text) for students to retell the story in Spanish • Student version (black-and-white) • Body parts posters • Game cards (NEW!!!) • A bonus story, "Me siento mal" (NEW!!!) This is a short story to

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French alphabet - Activités pour maternelle-1/K-1
Intégrations:- Lecture- Écriture- Formation des lettres- Vocabulaire de baseVoici 30 feuilles d'activités pour les élèves qui commencent tout juste à apprendre l'alphabet. Les activités incluses sur chaque feuille sont les suivantes:- Tracer les lettres- Colorier les lettres- Écrire les lettres entr

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Giving and Understanding Directions in Spanish (includes prepositions)
This worksheet includes a detailed, but easy-to-read map of a city in Spanish. Places are also labeled. The first exercise has students locate places in the city using prepositions. The second exercise consists of short paragraphs giving students directs from one location to another in Spanish. This

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Hello and welcome to Twin Speech! We are happy to share our latest creation with you today! We are super excited about this resource! It features the teaching of the 50 most frequently used first words of children. Yes! That's right... it's our most functional document to date! It includes the

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Spanish Reading - Daily Routines - Reflexive Verbs
Spanish Daily Routines Reading - Reflexive Verbs A reading passage in Spanish about the daily routine of Rodrigo and his family. This family is a little different in that Rodrigo is the strongest man in Chile and at the same time is a “househusband”. He stays at home, cooks, cleans and looks after

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Sub Plans Choice Board
Choice Board for foreign language teachers to use when they have a substitute. Contains 12 grammar/vocabulary related activities that can be used with any unit. Designed as Emergency Sub Plans for when you don't have time to prep materials. Currently designed for German students, but can easily b

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