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Prefix and Suffix Foldable *Dual Language*
Actividades para practicar prefijos y sufijos *Updated* 8/2/2014: from 6 pages...the file is now 20 pages. Added anchor charts, better fonts to the foldables, and practice worksheets. The following worksheets can be utilized to create a prefix/suffix foldable. The worksheets are in both English an

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Compréhension orale  (10 courts textes à illustrer)
La compréhension orale permet à l’enseignant de vérifier si un élève comprend bien ce qui est dit. L’élève doit démontrer sa compréhension par un dessin, en suivant des consignes précises que l’enseignant dit à haute voix. Ce produit inclut 10 courts textes qui sont parfaits pour vérifier la comp



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El Dia de los Muertos: Day of the Dead Reading Activities & Sub Plan
This is an activity about El Día de los Muertos that can be used anytime during October or November or as a starter for your Day of the Dead unit. It is also a good emergency substitute plan to keep handy in your folder!This packet includes three articles related to Day of the Dead and altars. Compr

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Noms verbes et adjectifs qualificatifs - French verbs - nouns - adjectives
Voici une série d'activités qui permettront à vos élèves de faire la distinction entre un verbe, un nom propre, un nom commun et un adjectif. Voici la description du produit: Décris un nom à l’aide d’adjectifs qualificatifs et écris une phrase avec ces mots. Couper et coller les verbes, noms et

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Spanish infinitives notes with reading and activity
These two-page notes include a definition of infinitives, how to recognize them in Spanish and English, and discuss their use with helper verbs (quiere, puede, debe, etc.) The notes also include a short reading for early first-year Spanish students with comprehension questions and personalized quest

Also included in: Grammar In Context BUNDLE: Guided notes + Readings in Spanish


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Spanish Comparisons Practice
Practice using comparative words like mas que, menos que, and tan...como in this lesson designed for Spanish 1. Includes directions, a slide explaining superlatives, and 40 slides with the first 9 being definite answers and the rest being opinion questions, which you can also use to practice "estas

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BUNDLE: Full Year of French Morning Messages/Messages du matin
This is a BUNDLE of French Morning Messages (appropriate for K-2), with a total of 10 MONTHS of messages (that's a whole school year, folks)! Perfect for Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 French language learners. Each month contains:- 1 .pdf file of messages (non-editable)- 1 PowerPoint presentatio


Hispanic Culture Lesson: Story of Mexican Flag Reading ~ in English
Teach your students the story and significance behind the Mexican flag in this reading lesson on Hispanic culture.Included in this lesson is a reading in English about the history and symbolism of the Mexican flag, comprehension questions, and coloring sheets of both the Mexican flag and a detailed

Also included in: Mexico Unit! Growing Bundle: Geography, History, Hispanic Culture, Literacy ~Eng


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Hispanic Culture Lesson: The Story of Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo & Activity ~Eng
This amazing Frida Kahlo lesson includes an authentic biography in English plus comprehension questions, a unique guided self-portrait lesson, and a beautiful coloring sheet of one of her most famous paintings. The self-portrait activity leads the students through all of the symbolism in Frida's p

Also included in: Mexico Unit! Growing Bundle: Geography, History, Hispanic Culture, Literacy ~Eng


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Guatemalan Chicken Buses - lessons for Spanish classes
Gringos commonly refer to Guatemalan public buses as 'chicken buses' because it is so normal to see chickens and other livestock riding along with the passengers--but that's not the only difference! Find out how retired US school buses end up in Central American countries and what changes that they

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Cause and Effect Bilingual Unit
A unit of engaging activities for students to review cause and effect in SPANISH! Students will match the effects with the appropriate cause, complete sentences with possible effects, distinguish between causes and effects in sentences, and apply the strategy to their independent reading with a grap

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Spanish Greetings, Leave Takings & Basics Vocabulary Reference / ESL
This Spanish greetings presentation and student reference includes 40 vocabulary words and phrases to teach or review basic greetings, leave takings, introductions, courtesies, basic questions/responses like how are you/I'm well, thanks, What's your name?, How old are you? etc. Accent marks and the

Also included in: Spanish Greetings and Leave Takings Bundle of 11 - Spanish Distance Learning


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Cognates Lesson - Novice Spanish
Cognates are such an important lesson to teach to new language students. Although they may have little to no experience with the language - there is still SO much they can recognize and understand when listening and reading. This lesson includes... - an explanation of cognates - examples of cognat

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Grammaire - Corrige les erreurs  (Thèmes variés pour l'année scolaire)
Grammaire : La grammaire demeure un défi dans nos salles de classe. Nos élèves ont besoin de pratique régulière pour améliorer leur habileté à bien corriger leurs écrits.Dans ce produit, vous trouverez des phrases à corriger pour les thèmes suivants:-phrases variées-rentrée scolaire-Halloween-automn

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La Navidad: Christmas in Spanish-speaking Countries Reading & Sub Plan
This packet includes information and activities about Christmas in Spanish-speaking countries from around the world that can be used anytime during November or December. It is also a good emergency substitute plan for Spanish teachers to keep handy.Included in the packet:-Three articles written in E

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Hiver:  Math Printables in French (addition and subtraction within 10)
“C'est l'hiver!” and oh what fun to work on addition and subtraction strategies with a wintery theme! This package contains 31 printables, in French, working on addition and subtraction strategies with sums up to 10. Strategies covered include: the complements of numbers from 5 to 10, missing adden

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Colorie et lis - les sons composés (FRENCH Sounds Colour & Read)
Do your students struggle with seeing French "sons composés" as a whole and try to decode each letter as they read? Do they need practice identifying and reading a variety of sons composés? If yes, then this resource is sure to help! The concept of this activity is simple, but I have seen it really

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Machu Picchu: Reading, Activities, and Substitute Plan for Spanish Class
This is a reading passage about the history and facts of Machu Picchu. The reading includes three articles with questions and a crossword puzzle that follow. This is a great reading to keep in your emergency sub plan file for your Spanish class. The reading is in English and includes a key. You ca

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Christmas Around the World ~ Las Posadas Bilingual Minibook
Las Posadas: This bilingual minibook about Las Posadas in Mexico fits perfectly in a unit on Christmas around the world, or stands alone as a Hispanic culture lesson on Las Posadas. The story of Las Posadas, which is an event commonly celebrated in Mexico, is described and pictured through a ten p

Also included in: A Growing Bundle of Bilingual & Spanish Minibooks: Spanish Curriculum Supplement


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Spanish Reading Activity-Stations (Level 1)
This activity contains 6 paragraphs that the teacher posts around the room. Students are given a set of questions whose answers can be found in each of the paragraphs. Students move around individually or in pairs to each paragraph and record the answers. The teacher may also want to post photos

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Circumlocution in Spanish, Strategies for Student Speaking and Writing
It is often difficult for students to say or write something when they do not know the correct word (or can't remember the word) that they want to use. During a conversation or speaking activity, students sometimes struggle to find the right word. When this happens, it's usually not practical or

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Hawaii ( A Mini Unit)
Aloha! I created this mini unit all about Hawaii for my kiddies! With so much culture and attractions, your students will feel like they just took a mini vacation! :) I have also included boarding passes to give out when you begin the unit! This is great to go with any social studies unit, too. I ha

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Dia de los Muertos ~ Day of the Dead Mini Activity Packet
An alternative or addition to the normal halloween activities! Add some more culture to your classroom with an activity for Day of the Dead ! : ) Includes: *A Dia de los Muertos Informative Passage *A Comprehension Page *A Vocabulary Matching Page *A sugar skull coloring page Uses: *Independent

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Community Helper Activities Thematic Unit
Have fun learning about community helpers with this thematic unit. It includes vocabulary cards, visuals, a mini book, class book, graphic organizers, literacy and math activities, craft templates and more! It´s great for supporting academic vocabulary development while integrating thematic learning

Also included in: Thematic Units Bundle


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