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This is a fun foldable that will teach your students about 3D shapes (sphere, pyramid, cube, cone, rectangular prism and cylinder). In each shape your students will count edges, vertices and sides. It also includes 8 reference posters and 10 different worksheets that can be used to review the concep
Boost engagement with this fun, interactive resource about needs and wants. It includes vocabulary cards, individual and group sorting activities, graphic organizers, a coloring sheet, a word building activity, a drawing sheet and more! It works great for boosting academic vocabulary while learning
Support your beginner writers with these procedural how-to writing activities. This no prep first grade packet includes a writing ideas chart, a writing checklist, graphic organizers and writing templates with visual supports. Students will have fun learning how to write how-to do a variety of fun t
This is a fun way to introduce science in the lower grades. You can use this activity to teach the parts of an apple during Johnny Appleseed unit. It is a fun fold and learn printable that can be adapted to different grades or abilities because it includes some words writing or just cut and paste w
Support beginner readers with this set of Spanish reading comprehension passages. It includes 48 passages with syllable and word lists, a short story, illustration and comprehension questions. They´re great for building fluency, while ensuring that students understand what they are reading through b
How do you get better at finding the main idea and details of a text? Practice, practice, practice! I designed these Spanish language texts so my immersion students could do just that. It's amazing how much they improved at this often challenging skill after working with these texts and the graph
Spanish Family lessons. Students learn and practice La Familia with a STATIONS / CENTERS / Differentiated Instruction set up. These supplemental activities cover: reading, writing, speaking & listening skills. Lots of individual and partner practice!----------------------------------------------
These notes contain a one-page guided note worksheet, a Spanish-language reading with comprehension questions and an activity that targets the subject pronouns that it contains, a slideshow with 15 contextualized practice sentences and personalized questions to elicit further repetitions of the subj
This product includes instructions and forms for a scaffolded writing activity in which students write for 1 minute, 3 minutes, and finally 10 minutes, each time copying what they wrote in the previous time segment before adding to it. The product includes-an aesthetically pleasing PDF version and e
This document includes spaces to write down eight vocabulary words in the target language and their English translations. I included two boxes that I use for (1) using the word in a sentence and (2) drawing a sketch. Because you can use them for anything, I did not label them.Dictionary pages are pr
This is a fun craftivity that will teach your students about polygons (triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon and octagon). In each shape your students will count vertices and sides. It also includes two different worksheets that can be used to review the concepts and learn about polyg
I adapted these folktales specifically for Spanish immersion learners so that they could practice reading closely, answering questions, and looking in the text for evidence to support their thinking. This packet also addresses various Common Core standards for fiction reading. There are four folkt
These notes introduce students to the preterit tense and provide a verb chart, practice, and reading with follow-up activities for -AR verbs only (this set of notes does not introduce -ER and -IR verbs). #SOMOS2 #GrammarInContext
This reading is the perfect worksheet to use in class or for homework during the first week of school for Spanish 1 or 2 (there are two versions). On the first page, students read three biographies and sketch the characters. Then, they answer questions about them. On the second page, kids read CLOZE
Compréhension de lecture: Cette ressource contient 20 compréhensions de lecture qui permettront aux élèves de démontrer les stratégies apprises en classe. Il y a quatre questions par page. Ces compréhensions de lecture peuvent être utilisées avec le groupe classe ou en clinique avec de petits groupe
Digital Classroom Friendly. Distance Learning Friendly.A no prep reading comprehension activity for your Spanish students!This handout is chock full of COGNATES. Students gain confidence in their reading abilities when they can recognize words and make connections between English and Spanish. This
Support your beginner writers with these poetry writing activities. This no prep first grade packet includes a writing ideas chart, a writing checklist, graphic organizers and writing templates with visual supports. Students will have fun learning how to write poems about a variety of fun topics. Th
Teach your students the irregular stems and endings for tener, estar, decir, caber, hacer, andar, traer, saber, poner, poder, querer, and venir. This bundle includes -2-page guided notes -an English-Spanish translation activity -a contextualized conjugation activity -A Spanish-language reading tha
Color by Number Sheets for practicing Spanish numbers and colors. These could be used in a basic Spanish class or in a bilingual class. 6 different sheets are included, allowing for differentiation.Included in this packet is the following:*Tips for use page*Numbers 1-10 addition and subtraction co
This 35 page packet contains activities to help introduce the Spanish Speaking Countries and Capitals as well as several versions of quizzes for assessment.No Prep! ⭐️Digital Classroom Friendly! Distance Learning Friendly!OR⭐️Just print and go!✅ This resource is provided as both a PDF and as a PowerP
An original hand illustrated worksheet. This worksheet provides an opportunity to practice working with the irregular verb "ser". Students will conjugate the verb, translate (English to Spanish), create a sentence, and work on a 6x6 "ser" sudoku puzzle. Print and go! An answer key is provided.Also
Have fun learning Spanish syllables with these interactive puzzles.This includes 117 self-correcting puzzles in color and blackline and a word recording sheet to use with your phonics unit or lessons. The color version works great as a laminated center or the black and white version can be given to
These 10 French reading passages are the perfect way to get your beginning French students reading. These are great for the Core French classroom. Each passage includes 3 versions of the student question sheets. Cette ressource contient 10 compréhensions de lecture pour les débutants. This PDF now
Mots fréquents | French sight words daily work activity: these worksheets are great to practice “les mots fréquents” (mots outils, or mots usuels). Your students won’t feel overwhelmed by vocabulary because they’ll be focusing on one French high frequency word a day: le mot du jour! This can be your

showing 1-24 of 70,421 results

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