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This packet of reading responses will help your students comprehend when reading fiction, non-fiction, or even when they listen to a book/cd digitally. Perfectly aligns to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Enjoy! -Rachelle
Have you ever wanted a large Venn Diagram with lines on it for your students to write on? I SURE HAVE!!!!!! After several instances of searching for such a Venn, I decided to create my own and share it with my loyal followers... that's you! I hope you are able to use this resource in your classroom and find it to be as resourceful as I have. I've even printed this Venn and slid it inside of a sheet protector for my kiddos to reuse with expo markers. Enjoy and happy teaching, :0) Melissa
Ready-to-use printables! Just copy and go! This NO PREP activity packet contains an 8-sentence scrambled paragraph that can be put together only one way. Students use transitions and inferential clues to assemble this organized, logical paragraph. The easy-to-use paragraph structure includes: -- a title, -- a topic sentence, -- three details with support- six (6) sentences, and -- a closing sentence or clincher. Students cut out the nine parts of the paragraph, identify the three sentenc
These writing graphic organizers are designed to help your students organize the following types of writing: Sequencing the story, Beginning-Middle-End of the story, 6-Part Story Map, and a Main ideal and details 4 Bubble Web. There is also a 6 Bubble Word Web which can be used as an adjective web, synonym web, or main idea and details. Opinion piece writing, informative text writing and narrative writing are all Common Core State Standards in Grades K-3. Table of Contents 3 Sequence the Story
This is a graphic organizer we are using with our 3rd graders. It is helping them take biographies and organize the important information to truly understand that person. Can be used for older and younger grades as well! We used the Where in the World section to list important places the person lived or travelled throughout their lives to help show what impacted their life.
This is such a useful little sheet! It is a blank story map to use with any book you choose. It can be a way for students to record these story elements from a book they have read in class, or it can be a planning page for fiction writing. I hope it is a helpful resource for your classroom. There are two versions of this sheet in the download. Enjoy! Happy Teaching! You may also be interested in these other items: Friends - Student made Emergent Reader Print and Go! BUNDLE: CVC Word Work a
Opinion Writing ActivitiesTo introduce opinion writing first the children must understand the difference of fact vs. opinion. I have created a pocket chart sort you can do as a class to help them understand what facts and opinions are and how they are different. Then I always create a chart to teach what opinions are. This helps the kids throughout the week long mini-unit. I thought it would be fun to do an entire mini unit on things we eat. It includes opinion writing for Favorite candy, fruit
Free Earth Day Resources!These FREE Earth Day Fold & Snip Books are the perfect graphic organizers for introducing, reviewing, or celebrating Earth Day in the primary classroom!Included upon instant download:•Directions•"Earth Day KWL" Fold & Snip Book•"I Love the Earth" Fold & Snip Book•"I Can Recycle" Fold & Snip Book•CreditsYou might also be interested in EARTH DAY READER & WRITING ACTIVITIES!If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!************************
This resource includes SEVEN writing graphic organizers your students can use to plan and organize their writing pieces: narrative writing, two versions of opinion writing, informational writing, and how-to writing. I’ve also included two prewriting sheets for research reports: an animal report and a planet report. Enjoy!Angela :)Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!
1st - 3rd
This is the "How To" writing template paper that I use to introduce how to writings, and later put in my centers as a free choice how to writing. Hope you enjoy!
K - 2nd
Teaching kiddos how to write a paragraph is pretty tasty with this helpful template. The hamburger paragraph template helps students focus on including a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion. Visual learners will also benefit from the "hamburger" comparison as they develop writing skills in organization, sentence variation and idea focus. Enjoy!
This Christmas Roll-a-Story is a fun narrative writing assignment, in which students roll dice to determine their character, setting, and conflict. The following is included: - Roll-a-Story Printable - Writing Organizer - Final Draft Paper (front and back) Your students will love the different possibilities and will want to do write a Christmas story over and over again!!!
Use this graphic organizer to help students plan and organize a personal narrative. Personal Narrative Graphic Organizer by Nasreen Wahid is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Venn Diagram A simple blank Venn Diagram to help your students compare and contrast. ENJOY!!! Please take a minute to leave feedback on this FREEBIE! I think of a rating as a "thank you" for my time in creating this resource for your classroom. Here are some great resources that will support your positive classroom community: CLASSROOM RULES BUNDLE POSITIVE BEHAVIOR CLIP CHART GROWTH MINDSET POSTERS TEAM TALLIES POSITIVE BEHAVIOR BOOKMARKS POSITIVE QUOTE POSTERS Let’s Connect! INSTAGRAM @
This graphic organizer is perfect for you to use with your students to teach (or review) Main Idea. Let your students write the main idea and add supporting details.Appropriate for most grades. :)
This is a simple packet that walks students through the steps of putting a good paragraph together. Students get to use a graphic organizer, write a rough draft, put their editing skills to practice, compare and contrast a very simple paragraph (hamburger) to a far more interesting paragraph (Big Mac), as well as share and apply their knowledge. Help make learning how to put a paragraph together more fun for everyone! Freebie license TPT 44494
This sheet can be used as a reference for kids to use when stuck for something to write about, a fast finisher activity, a first week of school activity, or as a literacy center!
Are you looking for a NEAT graphic organizer to help your students SEE the difference between Main Idea and Details. If so, then have your students create these Main Idea Details Table.The table concept shows them how the main idea needs supporting details similar to how a table needs its legs to stand up on.If you like what you see, please remember to leave positive feedback. Also, if you would like to be notified when new items are added to the store, remember to click on the "follow me" butto
Have students complete this graphic organizer before starting their persuasive writing. It follows the OREO format (Opinion, Reason, Examples, Opinion). Enjoy!
1st - 3rd
Check out these primary grade graphic organizers! There are ten organizers to help your writers develop characters, problems, solutions, plot, & more.
K - 2nd
Close Read to get the Main Idea ~ FREEBIE! GREAT guided reading/close reading lesson for getting OBSERVED for grades 2- 5! Could be used with lower grades. I like to teach multiple skills when I have the chance ~ don't we all? This activity also helps build fluency, comprehension and close reading and writing skills ~ for students of all abilities! I made up this activity for an observation and to help my students find the main idea and ask and answer questions. I use this lesson over and ov
Crafting Sentences is a lesson plan I used in my first grade class to help my students write a complete sentence. The file includes the lesson plan, blank graphic organizers, and completed graphic organizers (for teacher use). The lesson plan components include teacher modeling, guided practice, and independent practice. I included first grade Common Core standards in the plan also.
My Opinion Graphic Organizers! I was asked to upload my older version, too. So-in this freebie packet... I have the newer version with frilly borders. I have the "older version" with simple borders. I have included a new graphic organizer for young opinion writers-with 2 reasons. It also helps them write an opinion sentence. Enjoy!!!!!!! :o) Graphics: Fonts: Kathy Law freebie TpT seller KG Fonts TpT seller
The ORIGINAL Paragraph of the Week program on TpT! This 36 week scaffolded writing program has helped my students to become better writers by providing a structured way for them to write paragraphs. This here is a one-week sample to help see if the program is right for you. This paragraph, which is a narrative writing assignment about a reading experience the student has had, is a great way for you to see if the entire Paragraph of the Week resource is a good fit for your classroom. Just pri
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