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This very practical product is ideal for introducing, teaching, practicing, reviewing and reinforcing Weather Vocabulary in French. Its target audience is beginning French learners.This product includes:Useful website links (videos, vocabulary with audio) to teach and review French weather expressi
Introductory exercises with various question types to help students work with French regular verbs (-er, -ir, -re verbs). Exercises start off with reading comprehension to expose students to the commonalities between many French and English verbs, and then progress towards basic conjugations in the
This product includes:(1) Handy easy-to-read charts of French Numbers from one to one billion, showing the reformed spelling that added hyphens between any two-word number. Two layouts are provided for teachers so that they may choose the option that best suits their class.(2) Worksheets to review
This bundle of 16 math tests has been translated from English into French by a Francophone First Language translator. They are based on the Ontario Curriculum Expectations for Math (2005). The tests cover 2D Shapes, 3D Shapes, Addition & Subtraction, Canadian Money, Fractions, Graphing, Multip
Perfect end of unit test on the States of Matter! Cover a wide-range of key points with just one test.Ce test comprend les éléments suivants :-Les trois états de la matière (nommer, identifier, vrai/faux, les propriétés)-Les changements chimiques et physiques-Le diagramme de solide/liquide/gaz-Déga
This is a collection of 15 reproducible worksheets to practise place value concepts in French. The activities are appropriate for Grades 2 and 3 French Immersion and match the Ontario Curriculum Expectations for math. These skills are assessed in this collection: • Representing numbers with base
French Quiz - Les Adjectifs Possessifs (Possessive Adjectives) This test is in the form of a written dialog with blanks for the missing possessive adjectives (les adjectifs possessifs). Clues in English are beside each blank to help the student understand what the possessive adjective needs to be.
A full year of Dictée Tests! This product includes 19 word lists for French spelling tests. Each word list is made up of 2-4 different French sounds which are important to know while learning the French language. Each word list focuses on the specific sounds, which I like to call "Sons de la sema
See how well your students understand your Maison/ House unit. They simple read the short sentences and draw the house according to the description. Make reading comprehension fun :) Easy to assess!
This is a series of worksheets I created for my Grade 3, 4, and 5 French Immersion students. The content matches the Ontario Curriculum Expectations. Any sheet can be completed as practice, homework, or a test. You could use the work as a diagnostic assessment or for enrichment. Because there are no
Le verbe avoir est présenté. Les exercices sont du genre "remplir les tirets". Le corrigé est fourni. Peut aussi servir comme évaluation. SVP noter que le verbe être est disponible sur une autre fiche de travail. Grammar exercises for the french verb "avoir". The answer key is also included. Mer
This product provides 2 tests to on the topic of position and form (spelling) of French adjectives in sentences in the present tense. TEST A (easier version)Section A: Placing the indicated adjective either before or after the noun in the sentence, and in its correct spelling.Section B: Translati
In order to make French more 'real' and alive for my French Immersion students, I introduce idiomatic expressions to our weekly learnings and find meaningful ways to have the students make an effort to incorporate these expressions into their everyday speech. The French language is full of colourfu
2 one-page tests covering adjectives. The format of the tests follows the worksheets at my store “Graffiti–French adjectives”. A wide variety of adjectives are included in the tests: mouillé, beau, vert, heureux, dramatique, célèbre, triste, faux, public, pareil, simple, violet, intéressant, bon, fr
French vocabularyTwo versions of a fifteen question quiz or worksheet on French clothing. Students are given a French sentence and a picture of an item of clothing which they must identify in French.Items included:blouson, bottes, ceinture, chapeau, chaussettes, chaussures, chemise, chemisier, cra
This product contains 2 tests (evaluations) for expressions that use the 4 cornerstone irregular verbs of the French language: être, avoir, faire, and aller.There are 2 levels of tests provided:Late Beginner Level:Section A: Fill in the blanksSection B: Translation into EnglishSection C: Translat
I love the verbs devoir, vouloir, and pouvoir. Once your students know these, they'll be speaking in full sentences in no time, and that's very motivating. It's always a good idea to have lots of exercises on hand for practice, and for exposure to new vocabulary. ☞Just click here to follow my st
I write my own texts for reading comprehension because I find that the ones in textbooks are either too easy or too hard. I write texts that are meant for students that are learning French as a second or third language. The vocabulary and grammar used is based on the FSL expectations. In this text I
Have fun teaching the days of the weeks in French with this nice interactive 32 slides PowerPoint presentation, all divided into sections where learning and reviewing take place! 1) Learning Time - Provided with slides to help students learning and/or reviewing the days of the week in French with g
You will find in this document report card comments for French Communication and Culture, suitable for the province of Manitoba's new report card. Comments can be completely customizable as this is a word document. We will be adding more report card documents for each reporting term with comments s
Grade 6 Curriculum in BC (L'éléctricité) - Questions for easily accessible Science Video - Group Project - Unit Test - Vocabulary worksheet
This product consists of 3 tests on French negatives.Version 1: Late Beginner/IntermediateVerb tense used: présentNegatives evaluated: ne...pas / ne...jamais / ne...plus / ne...rienVersion 2: IntermediateVerb tenses used: présent / verbe + infinitive / passé composéNegatives evaluated: ne...pas /
This product is geared towards advanced learners of French. It contains the following:1) Explanatory Notes on the French Subjunctive Mood.2) Comprehensive List of over 70 expressions that require the subjunctive, organized into easy-to-remember categories.3) Two Tests (with Answer Keys) that evalua
French Adverb Exercises - La Formation des Adverbes et Les Adverbes de Manière These French adverb worksheets can also be used as a quizzes. There are 3 worksheets included with answer keys. Exercise 1: In the first section, students read a sentence and fill in the blank with the adverbial f

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