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Cahier interactif de géographie. French GeographyLa rose des vents*La ligne du temps*Les océans*La carte géographique* La légende* Latitude longitude*MéridiensInspiré de la Progression des Apprentissages1. Le Guide de l'enseignant comprend les détails, les notions et les suggestions de mise en page
Parties d'une plante, d'une fleur Outil pour créer un cahier de notes INTERACTIF dans le cadre de l'enseignement de l'univers vivant: LES PLANTES. Ce produit inclut les savoirs essentiels tel que stipulé dans le Programme de Formation pour le primaire. Les parties de la fleur Les rôles de chaque p
Outil pour créer un cahier de notes INTERACTIF sur les différentes formes d'énergie.Les connaissances qui sont couvertes dans ce cahier interactif:L'univers matériel en science et technologie1. Formes d'énergiea) Décrire les différentes firmes d'énergieb) Identifier des sources d'énergie dans son en
Outil pour créer un cahier de notes INTERACTIF dans le cadre de l'enseignement des êtres vivants: le règne animal, les vertébrés, le régime alimentaire, mon anatomie, les oiseaux de proie, adaptation, locomotion, etc. Ce produit inclut les savoirs essentiels tel que stipulé dans la Progression des
L’ensemble « Mes stratégies de résolution de problèmes mathématiques » comprend une série de 10 affiches représentant des stratégies pour résoudre des problèmes écrits en mathématiques. Les stratégies incluent : •Je peux faire un dessin ou un diagramme. •Je peux écrire une équation. •Je peux utilise
Outil pour créer un cahier de notes INTERACTIF dans le cadre de l'enseignement du cycle de l'eau et de ses propriétés. Les 23 leçons dans cet ensemble de cahier interactif sur l'eau comprennent toutes: A. Des notes de l'enseignant 1. Les références à la PDA 2. Des suggestions d'assemblage 3. De la
This vocabulary organizer includes sports, hobbies, seasons, and months and well as conversational phrases for asking and responding about interests and when one does certain activities. The vocabulary aligns with the first half of chapter 5 in the red Bien Dit! level one book. Students will be abl
This lesson uses high frequency words to recount an entertaining story in French which students will love. There are two versions of the story, one in the present and one in the past tense. An organised vocabulary list is included of the verbs in the present tense, nouns and adjectives. There are al
Ah, the early days of passé composé...when kids think it's easy and don't pay attention and then wind up not building the critical base they need to succeed once we add more tricks to the past tense! This packet and set of PowerPoint notes is my answer to this problem we've all dealt with. This set
This active and in-depth lesson will amaze not only your students but also you their teacher. Students will quickly go from learning individual words of vocabulary primarily through movement and gesture to reading two short stories in French. This lesson, full of high frequency words has been road
This short story uses repetitive vocabulary (drawn from Bien Dit Level 1 Ch 2) to help students find meaning based on context clues. There is also a short explanation of the contractions au and aux, as well as a re-telling activity.
I have used these three lesson sets with beginning French students every year for the past four years. These lessons are fully road tested and have brought me and my students great success; not only that but they have sparked the interest of fellow teachers also! Students will go from gesturing the
Introduce your students to the comparative with this set of worksheets, notes and other exercises. This resource is divided into two sections 1) comparatif de qualité 2) comparatif de quantité. Included is a page of commonly used adjectives in French (masc./fem. variations and English translations)
This graphic organizer will provide scaffolding for students learning how to tell time in French. It is an excellent resource for students to keep and refer back to and will help them better understand time and retain the vocabulary for telling time! (This graphic organizer could be filled out to a
This is a notesheet from a You Tube video put out by the Senegalese Ministry of Tourism that goes along with the Géoculture in Chapters 7 and 8 of the Bien Dit French Level 1 text. ACTFL Standards 1.2, 2.1, 3.1
Bob l'éponge?Voici une feuille de notes pour les apprenants dans le programme d'immersion française.les verbes avec l'auxiliaire être --DR MRS VANDERTRAMPPTélécharger la présentation PowerPoint qui correspond avec la page de notes la leçon du passé composé
This vocabulary organizer includes locations, weather and conversational phrases for making plans and asking about someone else's plans. The vocabulary aligns with the second half of chapter 5 in the red Bien Dit! level one book. Students will be able to better retain their vocabulary with a more s
Powerpoints, written in French, cover the geographical and prehistorical information discussed in the Première Etape of "Trésors du Temps" textbook. 2 Powerpoints, 2 sets of Cloze notes for students, and 2 quizzes allow students to gain and express knowledge of France's earliest history in intermedi
This bundle includes a powerpoint, Cloze student notes, and post-assessment to correspond with the Première Etape of "Trésors du Temps" textbook. All materials are in French and intended for intermediate French-learners. Answer key included with quiz.
Ce document, conçu à l’intention des enseignant (e)s, comprend les résultats d’apprentissage et les critères de réussite (évaluation) avec des détails qui couvrent toutes les attentes du programme cadre de mathématiques de l’Ontario en numération et sens du nombre de la 4e année. Il est prêt à être
Introduce your students to subject pronouns in French! Included is: -a Grammar Organizer (blank note page or pre-filled)-a Powerpoint Presentation (Corresponds with the grammar organizer)See the Pronom Sujets task cards for a way to have students practice what they have learned! https://www.teachers
I find that using the Pearson ERPI textbook for Geography in French Immersion provides a good start, but I need to supplement to ensure understanding. This product includes 3 different leveled versions of a 2-page cloze passage I provided to my students to complete (in pairs or groups if you wish) f
Use this table to help students identify and practice question formation in French. Great for a level 1 class or a level 2 review!
Use with the associated powerpoint to practice phrases for going to the doctor and describing your sickness symptoms.

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