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Economics Unit of Study!
This unit is packed full of engaging activities to teach your students about economics. Included in this pack: 1. Goods & Services 2. Producers & Consumers 3. Importing & Exporting 4. Overhead, Wages, & Profits 5. Running a Business 6. Assembly Lines 7. Types of Resources

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Economics Unit (3rd Grade Social Studies)
Economics: The Free Enterprise System (3rd Grade Social Studies Unit)In this 2-4 week unit, students learn the basics of economics through interactive classroom simulations and engaging activities. The unit is broken into 3 sections:Part 1: Personal FinancesStudents begin by imagining their life i

Also included in: 3rd Grade Social Studies Unit Bundle


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Wants and Needs, Earning and Saving:  A Primary Economics Unit
The wants and needs/earning and saving materials in this product were created to meet several standards within one unit. It address needs and wants, earning and saving, currency, job/community helpers and more. Here is a detailed list of the pages included in this packet.Activities Included:- Want

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Economics Unit - Interactive Activities, Graphic Organizers, Projects, and More
This is an engaging economics unit that students will love! There 20 fun activities and skill building worksheets to make economics meaningful to students. Some of the concepts taught include:goods and servicestypes of resources (natural, human, capital)entrepreneurproducerconsumertaxessupply and d

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Personal Financial Literacy
Do you teach Personal Financial Literacy in your class, or Economics, perhaps?! This unit focuses on vocabulary as well as math word problems to help solve different financial situations. This unit deals with making a budget, saving/spending, producers/consumers, wants/needs, and deposits/withdraw

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Oregon Trail Simulation
Get your students ready for the ultimate Oregon Trail experience! This simulation activity will engage your students and have them excited about learning about the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon.This resource provides an interactive experience that engages students to become pion

Also included in: Oregon Trail Simulation Game and Activities Bundle


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Economics Vocabulary and Activities
Vocabulary, Activities, Assessments and Games - enrich your Economics Unit with these fun and engaging resources.Vocabulary Cards – uses include: word wall, matching game, sorting activity, flashcards, or a fun "Quiz, Quiz, Trade" game. The cards include 25 vocabulary terms, a brief description or d

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Community Signs Mega Pack for Special Education
This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about common community signs. Here is what's included: - 16 Flashcards with definitions - What Should I Do? A multiple choice adapted book - Which Sign Is It? Card Game {identify sign based

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Communities, Goods and Services, Consumers and Producers
This What is a Community? resource was created to help primary students understand economics concepts related to types of communities, goods, services, consumers, producers, and community helpers.--Inside you will find the following resources and activities:• Community Vocabulary Cards: These pages

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Second Grade Social Studies-Common Core Economics Unit
This is an economics unit for second grade that is aligned with Second Grade Common Core Social Studies Standard E.1.1-1.6. This unit includes almost everything you need to teach this standard. There are lesson plans for you, a student book, a study guide, a test, a take home project with a parent

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Economics Introduction-Consumer, Producer, Goods, Services, Supply & Demand
Introduce your students to the basic economic concepts of money, wants/ needs, goods/ services, consumers/ producers, and supply/ demand. 5 days of lesson plans and extension activities are included. **************************************************************************************************

Also included in: Economics Introduction: Print and Digital BUNDLE!


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2nd Grade Economics Goods Services Scarcity Distance Learning Google Classroom
A large collection of resources to use in your classroom for economics! The unit is centered around the ideas of goods and services in our community and how they are sold, specialized, traded, and what resources are influenced in this process. This includes activities that can be used in whole gro

Also included in: 2nd Grade Social Studies Communities YEAR LONG BUNDLE Google Distance Learning


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Supply and Demand for Google Classroom™ | Distance Learning
Teach your students about Supply and Demand. This resource is compatible for use with your Google Classroom™ or for distance learning. The passage in this versatile resource combines social studies and reading informational text in one convenient lesson. It’s easy for teachers and fun for kids! Thi

Also included in: Economics Bundle for Google Classroom™ | Distance Learning


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Touch Money Packet
Touch Money is a great way to teach your students how to count groups of coins! I use this with my special learners who benefit from the visuals of touch points. This packet includes:-Front & back touch money posters-Draw the touch points on the coins (4 pages)-Draw the line to front/back of the

Also included in: Touch Money Bundle for Special Education


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Community Workers Unit for Special Education
This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about community workers. Here is what's included: - 12 Flashcards with definitions - Where do you work?: 12 page adapted book with related vocabulary terms; matching pieces included - 9 mat

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Economics and Me - 3rd Grade
This is a 35-page Economics unit for 3rd graders. It is packed with vocabulary, anchor charts, activities, and assessments! The unit includes: - objectives - essential questions - standards covered - key terms - word wall/vocabulary cards - student vocabulary organizer - Econ pretest * producers

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Economic Systems -- Traditional, Market, & Command
Whoo hoo! Finally, a fun (and easy) way to teach some difficult economic concepts! This 53-page file on Economic Systems (Traditional, Market, and Command) is full of engaging, hands-on activities that will make your students understand those tough concepts. Enjoy! Included in this file: ~Vocabular

Also included in: Economics BUNDLE


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Economics: Goods & Services, Wants & Needs, Making Choices, Saving & Spending
This 4 week unit utilizes literature, whole group activities, independent practice, interactive notebooks, and PowerPoint slide shows to teach the economic concepts of wants and needs, goods and services, saving and spending, and making choices. This unit includes: 17 colorful instructional posters

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Economy Unit for Special Education
This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about the basics of the economy! < strong> This functional social studies theme will help your students about life skills in an academic way. This unit can be differentiated for all ty

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Community Helpers
Community Helpers Research writing unit Freebie in the Download Preview! This is the LATEST to my "Simple Research Series" for young "researchers"!!!! This unit is 178 pages! FULL of WRITING templates for levels k-2. It is full of so much "CUTENESS" with WHIMSY CLIPS clip art! :o) Common Co

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3rd Grade Magic of Math Unit 10:  Money and Personal Financial Literacy
The Magic Of Math Unit 10 for THIRD GRADE focuses on: Days 1-3: Counting Collections of Money- Bills and Coins Week 2: Personal Financial Literacy Here is what is included in this month long unit for 3rd grade: -Daily Lesson Plans for 10 days -Aligned with the 3rd Grade Common Core and TEK

Also included in: 3rd Grade Magic of Math: THE BUNDLE


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Help your students make real world connections with WANTS and NEEDS with these real-life pictures for sorting and NO PREP printables!What other teachers have said about this product:"Great pictures; very clearly labeled. Really helped with our study of wants and needs for our district writing asses

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Recycling Unit for Special Education
This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about recycling! This is a great academic and functional theme to incorporate into your classroom curriculum. Here is what's included: - 10 Flashcards with definitions - Ready to Recycle:

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Wants and Needs Producers and Consumers
Teaching on producers and consumers or goods, needs and wants can be tricky. This pack will help you guide your students through this important social studies unit. These colorful posters and engaging activities will keep your students focused and learning during this unit of study.Included are:*c

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