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Intro to Growth Mindset- An Interactive PowerPoint on Persistence and Mistakes
Do you have students who have a difficult time doing anything that is a little challenging for them? Do they quit right away? Do they think they are "dumb" if they make mistakes? Do they think if something is challenging, it means they aren't smart?This interactive PowerPoint is specifically for the

Also included in: Growth Mindset Complete Bundle | Interactive PowerPoints


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End of the Year Awards | Certificates | Printable & Digital | Distance Learning
End of the Year Awards are the perfect way to celebrate the unique traits of each of your students! This resource provides several options to fit your needs. ⭐️UPDATE: The certificates are now offered in 3 versions: printable, editable and digital.⭐️What's included:-75 End of the Year Award Certific

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Communication Notes
♥ Included are different communication notes you can use to send home. There are notes for positive and negative behaviors. These are great to keep the lines of communication open between school and home!♥ Individual behavior chart that has been proven to be very successful! ★Check out the preview

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School Schedule Kids Clip Art Bundle (Educlips Clipart)
This set contains all of the images shown: Kids engaged in different activities and subjects. This could be useful in creating visual images of daily subjects and routines for younger children, non readers and foreign language students.The images in this set illustrate: art, assembly, bathroom, cale

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In Your Shoes: Speech Therapy for Social Skills
In Your shoes is a social skills game for speech therapy, special education, counselors, and regular education teachers. It focuses on taking the perspective of others. Perspective taking and social problem solving are vital skills for children. This activity directly targets these skills. The g

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Listening Activities for Common Core~ Listen Up Set 1
Common Core listening skills are essential in today's classroom, so let Listen Up help train your little learners to be BIG listeners! Even we veteran teachers are finding it more and more challenging to really get today’s fast paced students to listen attentively. Though all children develop differ

Also included in: Distance Learning Listening Activities for Common Core~ THE BUNDLE Sets 1-3


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Interactive ZONES of Regulation Package - Name Plates, Bookmarks, & MORE!
The materials in this package are adapted from Leah Kuyper’s wonderful book on self-regulation, The Zones of Regulation® (2011), published by Social Thinking Publishing, and used with permission.If you are new to using Zones, I highly recommend implementing it into your classr

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Famous Faces® Growth Mindset Poster (class makes 7ft long inspirational banner!)
My original Famous Faces® of Growth Mindset collaborative poster is perfect for setting your classroom tone for the school year or the new year! This collaborative poster activity produces a large (7 ft long!) poster, with individual contributions from each student, featuring inspirational quotes fr

Also included in: Famous Faces® Growth Mindset Poster BUNDLE (combines to make 14-ft long banner)


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Kindergarten & 1st Grade Homework Choice Boards (EDITABLE): Play/Experience HW
As teachers, we know how hard our students work each day. We also know that fine-motor, gross-motor, and social-emotional skills are just as important as academic skills…especially with our young learners. These critically important skills are often pushed to the side at school and at home. I create

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Citizenship: Rights, Responsibilities, Rules, Laws, and MORE!
This unit contains eight EXPLICIT lessons that focus on the following concepts: 1. Citizens in their communities 2. Rights and responsibilities of citizens 3. Rules and laws citizens must follow in different settings 4. Citizens making responsible and irresponsible choices 5. Citizens communicating

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Growth Mindset Posters
A Growth Mindset is something that can be taught! Encourage a Growth Mindset in your classroom by hanging up these posters for your students to see! SAVE $$$ AND BUY THE GROWTH MINDSET BUNDLE NOT QUITE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? CHECK OUT THESE GROWTH MINDSET POSTERS INCLUDED RESOURCES *ALL POSTE

Also included in: Growth Mindset BUNDLE


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Menu Math Binder
This includes: Burger king Menu + 3 worksheets ChickFilA menu + 3 worksheets McD's menu + 2 worksheets Taco Bell + 4 worksheets

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Behavior Contingency Maps
Contingency behavior maps show a visual representation of engaging in appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and the consequences that the behaviors result in. Contingency maps are so effective because they illustrate in a concrete way the results of both the desired and undesired behavior! This p

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Matching File Folder Bundle
This bundle includes 22 File Folder Games. Each File Folder Game includes two versions, a easy level (picture to picture match) and a hard level (Picture to word match.)This product is perfect for an early childhood program or a special education classroom. Once set-up, these file folder games are

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Candy Town Articulation Cards
These cards include 5 game sets to target articulation of common error sounds in the game CandyLand. I am not associated with Hasbro company. CandyLand is a trademarked game. The card games are broken into different game sets. These include (1) S blends, (2) vocalic /r/, (3) /k/, /g/ and /f/ (4) /s/

Also included in: Candy Town Bundle: Speech and Language Therapy Candy Companion


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Classroom Jobs Pocket Chart or Magnetic Set
This Classroom Jobs Set is a perfect way to manage your students' classroom responsibilities. Simply choose your favorite design, print, cut, and laminate. Then place in a pocket chart or add magnetic tape and hang on a magnetic surface. Use the included Editable Powerpoint Templates to add your

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Editable Daily Home Communication Sheets for Special Education Students
Home and school communication is so important! These sheets allow students to participate in sharing their day with their parents using visual supports, checklists, and/or sentences. Multiple levels are included for a variety of students.Print and go OR customize for your students! New 2018 version:

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Simple Data Sheets for Special Education
Data Sheets for the Special Education ClassroomThese Special Ed data sheets are editable for your needs! You will need Microsoft Powerpoint to edit them. There are 35 sheets included to help you take effective data in your special education classroom. WHAT'S INCLUDED?+ Goal Data Sheets (4)+ Daily Da

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Interactive Calendar Books for Autism
I have created interactive Calendar Books. These books can be used on a daily basis. I have used mine this year, and have found that participation has gone up 100%. Students are responsible for following along and completing each page. There are six pages:Yesterday wasToday isTomorrow isThe mont

Also included in: Interactive Calendar Activities- Discounted Bundle for Children with Autism


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Visual Schedules for Autism and Special Education Classrooms
Before you download, please note that this product is also available as a part of the Life-Changing Starter Kit for Special Education.UPDATED: 8/13/2017: easy to cut pages and updated clip art9/26/2019: added editable whole class schedule cards (rectangles)As teachers, we all have hours of extra tim

Also included in: The Life-Changing Special Education Bundle (visual schedules, handouts, visuals)


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Healthy Eating: Nutrition & Food Groups {1st & 2nd}
Show your students the importance of healthy eating with this interactive unit on nutrition! These activities focus on the major food groups and eating a well-balanced diet. In this unit, you will find: hands on activities and centers, craftivities, printables and so much more! 1. Recommended Book

Also included in: Healthy Habits BUNDLE: Hygiene, Nutrition & Food Groups {1st & 2nd grade}


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Growth Mindset
If you are looking for something that is better suited for grades K-2 check out Growth Mindset for Little Learners This has been a labor of love. So many hours went into this product and this description most certainly doesn't do it justice. Check out the preview for a close look at all that's in

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Following Directions Activities and Worksheets Bundle
These following directions speech therapy activities include a ton of fun and engaging materials, visuals, and worksheets that are all organized by concepts. This is great for a typical classroom, special education & speech therapy. Teach basic concepts in a systematic, organized, easy way.***Al

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Money Mega Pack for Special Education
This packet contains a wide range of hands-on materials, games, and worksheets to work on coin value. Knowing the value of money is an essential life skill that needs to be developed in early childhood. Students with disabilities benefit from hands on materials and the use of visuals to learn these

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