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Elements of Poetry, Drama and Prose: Print and Digital | Distance Learning
Elements of Poetry, Drama and Prose is a complete set of engaging teaching materials that is filled with fun, original poems, mini-plays, and pieces of prose that your students will enjoy. This set includes comes in a print and a digital version for Google Classroom™ and has teaching pages, poetry,

Also included in: Reading Bundle for 4th and 5th Grades | Distance Learning


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Writing Poetry in the Primary Grades
This poetry unit for first and second grade gets students writing both form and free-verse poems as they let their creativity fly!My students love to write poetry as a break from our traditional writing units. They really buy into the "no rules" aspect of free-verse poetry and when I show them diffe

Also included in: First Grade Writer's Workshop Units for the Year


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Poetry Writing 21 Poem Patterns Google Classroom Distance Learning Packet
This no-prep resource includes 37 pages (and google slides) of poetry writing activities. The vast majority of these are ready-to-use printables for 21 different kinds of poems. Each introduction worksheet includes a description of the poem, the poetry pattern, an example, and opportunities for guid

Also included in: Figurative Language Poetry Writing Bundle Google Classroom Distance Learning


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We're All Poets {A Poetry Writing Unit}
Looking for a way to introduce different types of poems AND you want a fun way to display them?! This unit merges the art of writing poetry with creating fun crafts! You can choose any type of poetry to go with any of the eight crafts included! Mix and match all you want! I have included a cheat

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Poetry: Poems for August and September
Daily shared reading with poems for back to school - common core aligned. Back to school themed poems for your classroom! These are the poems that are included in this resource:•Name Chant: Student introduction poem•Apples: Apple poem•Family: Family poem•A Sticky Situation: Procedure for using glue

Also included in: Poetry: THE BUNDLE of POEMS


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Sight Word Poems {First 100 Sight Words}
This Sight Word Poem packet includes poems for the first 100 Fry Sight Words. Each page includes a poem for fluency practice as well as an "Illustrate the Poem" and a place to use the sight word in a sentence. What does this product include? The packet includes 100 sight word poems. These are pe

Also included in: Sight Word Poems {The Bundle of 300 Poems}


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Poetry Centers
Add PIZZAZZ to your poetry unit! This resource includes 78 printable pages that can be used to launch poetry centers in your classroom as each skill/strategy is introduced through a mini-lesson. The centers are designed to reteach and reinforce. ALSO...the resources could also easily be adapted to

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Poetry Activities with Google Slides™ Digital Activities for Distance Learning
Are you looking for poetry activities to help your students understand and analyze poems? And you need the poems included to save you time and energy? This set of poetry activities and resources is just what you need!NOTE: This resource now has Google Slides™ versions of most of the poetry activitie

Also included in: Reading Resources | 4th and 5th Grade Common Core Reading Activities


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Poetry Party Poetry Unit
Poetry Unit -This poetry unit is packed with poem posters, planning templates, and thinking pages- as well as final copy templates for your poetry writing unit! After introducing the type of poem and poster, your students will engage in a planning page that allows them to pre-write and create a uni

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Poetry Unit: Writer's Workshop Bundle!
Poetry Unit - Here is a complete FIVE week poetry writer's workshop unit, where students are introduced to 14 different styles of poetry. This unit is NO PREP...all you have to do is print and teach! I have included a planning guide, showing how many days to allot for each style of poem. Included in

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Poetry: Poems for January
Daily shared reading with poems for January-common core aligned. Winter themed poems for your classroom! These are the poems that are included in this resource:•Arctic Animals poem•Mittens poem•Penguin poem•Snowman poemEach poem includes the following:→Common core standards aligned chart.→5 day flu

Also included in: Poetry: THE BUNDLE of POEMS


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Poetry Analysis Unit: Analyzing 5 Poems -  Google Classroom Distance Learning
Teaching poetry reading and analysis doesn't have to be intimidating or overwhelming. This poetry unit makes interpreting and analyzing poetry very accessible! In this CCSS-aligned poetry unit students will closely read five poems from diverse authors. Each poem is accompanied by four analysis t

Also included in: Poetry Reading, Writing, and Analyzing - BUNDLE!


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Poetry: Poems for October
Daily shared reading with poems for October - common core aligned. Fire safety, bats, spiders, and farm themed poems for your classroom! These are the poems that are included in this resource:•Higgiety, Piggiety, Pop!: Farm poem•Fire! Fire!: Firestation poem•The Itsy Bitsy Spider: Spider poem•5 Lit

Also included in: Poetry: THE BUNDLE of POEMS


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Poetry Notebook
Included are 26 fun, original poems and companion activities to help teach the letters of the alphabet! This Poetry Notebook will help your students explore letters, sounds, rhyming, sight words, and concepts of print! It will work well if you are looking for meaningful ways to incorporate poetry i

Also included in: Kindergarten BACK TO SCHOOL Bundle


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Poetry Unit | Poetry Posters | Elements of Poetry | Distance Learning | GOOGLE
UPDATES FOR GOOGLE AND POWERPOINT! This inclusive teaching tool contains everything you need to TEACH a poetry unit. You will find poetry elements, types of poems, and analyzing poetry. PLEASE LOOK IN THE TEACHER NOTES FOR THE GOOGLE LINK!What is included?★ Poetry Elements- definitions and examp

Also included in: POETRY UNIT- Elements of Poetry, Poetry Booklet, Poetry Analysis, Poetry Bundle


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Poetry: Poems for December
Daily shared reading with poems for December - common core aligned. Winter hibernation, Elf, Reindeer, and gingerbread themed poems for your classroom!These are the poems that are included in this resource:•Winter's Here: Winter hibernation poem•Little Ole Elf: Elf poem•Reindeer Snack: Reindeer poem

Also included in: Poetry: THE BUNDLE of POEMS


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iPoetry: A Poetry Unit
I love teaching poetry! I think that it is such a needed break from the drill, drill, drill of complete sentences, punctuation, etc.(Not that those components are not critical for our students.) This unit includes resources to teach your students up to 9 different types of poems. After you complete

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Poetry: Poems for April
Daily shared reading with poems for April - common core aligned. Spring themed poems for your classroom! These are the poems that are included in this resource:•Recycle: Clean Planet poem•Plant Song: Growing Plants poem•Spring Celebration: Welcome Spring poem•Stung!: Bees poemEach poem includes the

Also included in: Poetry: THE BUNDLE of POEMS


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Poetry: Poems for November
Daily shared reading with poems for November - common core aligned. Fall themed poems for your classroom!These are the poems that are included in this resource:•Out in the Garden: Fall poem•I'm a Little Scarecrow: Scarecrow poem•The Food Cheer: Food poem•Five Fat Turkeys: Thanksgiving Day poemEach p

Also included in: Poetry: THE BUNDLE of POEMS


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Distance Learning Word Family & Phonics Poetry | Poem Of The Week | Digital
Distance Learning Update: This poetry resource now includes Digital Slides (perfect for Google Slides™, Google Drive™, OneDrive, & Seesaw). Each poem slide includes a poem, moveable highlight strips for students to identify words with the poem which correspond to the phonics pattern, and a word

Also included in: Literacy Center Start-Up Kit Bundle


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Poetry: Poems for February
Daily shared reading with poems for February - common core aligned. Winter themed poems for your classroom! These are the poems that are included in this resource:•Goundhog's Day: Goundhog Day poem•A Loose Tooth: A Loose Tooth poem•Monster Love: Valentines Day poem•Money, Money, Money: Money poemEa

Also included in: Poetry: THE BUNDLE of POEMS


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Poetry: Poems for March
Daily shared reading with poems for March - common core aligned. Early Spring themed poems for your classroom! These are the poems that are included in this resource:•Oviparous: Egg hatching poem•Luck of the Irish: St. Patrick's Day poem•Your Body: Internal Body poem•Splish! Splash!: Rain poemEach

Also included in: Poetry: THE BUNDLE of POEMS


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Figurative Language Unit: Similes, Metaphors, Personification, & More!
Figurative language made FUN! This complete Figurative Language Unit includes Foldables, Worksheets, Lapbook, Posters, Sort Cards, Bookmarks, Definition Cards, and Notes! Teach 9 types of figurative language: similes and metaphors, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, alliteration, allusion, idiom, personific

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Poetry Unit | Printable | Google Classroom | Distance Learning
**Updated March 20, 2020 - This unit now includes a digital version in Google Slides as well as a printable version. Upload to Google Classroom or a compatible platform to use this unit in your classroom or for distance learning.This poetry unit has everything you need to have your primary and elem

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