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Behavior Management and Self Regulation - Take A Break
All students need an opportunity to refocus, regain composure, reflect, or just take a moment to release stress. By providing a designated and well thought out space in the classroom for students to do just that, you can reduce classroom disruptions, teach self regulation, and provide opportunities

Also included in: Behavior Management BUNDLE:Take A Break, Classroom Procedures, and Goal Setting


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Growth Mindset: Change Your Words Bulletin Board Set - Editable
Complete bulletin board set to make the Change Your Words Change Your Mindset Bulletin Board. The colored pages include cute borders, backgrounds, and frames to make your bulletin board stand out. The ppt is completely editable, giving you the option to adjust the phrases as you see fit! Included i

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Describing and Solving Problems in Speech Therapy: Emotional Regulation Activity
Do you have students on your caseload that have trouble determining how big or small their problems are? They might get very upset when they are told no or lose in a game? Or constantly over-react to small issues?I do! So I created this packet that will help your students better understand their pro

Also included in: Elementary School Starter Kit for Speech and Language Therapy


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Social Skill Focus Sheets-Visuals for Social Skill Development & Self-Reflection
Targeting social skills in mixed groups can be tricky! It seems like there's never enough time for direct instruction, discussion, and self-reflection. I use these social skill focus sheets to help students with pragmatic deficits focus on one skill at a time, discuss the skill and reflect on their

Also included in: Middle School Starter Kit for Speech and Language Therapy


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Social Language and Pragmatic Rubrics: Data Tracking and Progress Monitoring
Having a hard time getting a percentage for eye contact or topic maintenance? Putting a percentage to social skills can be tricky. So, I created these social language and pragmatic rubrics to help making tracking progress of these tough areas a bit easier. * There are two rubrics for each area. One

Also included in: Speech Therapy Customizable Rubric BUNDLE


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Fluency Therapy Activities (Stuttering Therapy)
This is a collection of engaging, activities for fluency therapy! Low-prep, and lots of fun! This product is positive and supportive to students struggling with fluency disorders. It helps teach fluency strategies and provides many opportunities for practice with a positive and reassuring attitude.

Also included in: Fluency Therapy Activities BUNDLE (Stuttering Therapy)


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Emotions Clip Art Bundle (Educlips Clipart)
This is a collection of children showing different emotions. The emotions shown in this set are: angry, confused, proud, sad, excited, shy, content, embarrassed, happy, scared, shocked, worried. This set was completely updated in September 2018, and added to this download. The 2018 version includes

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CALM DOWN CORNER: School & Home Behavior Management Coping Tool Mindfulness Kit
CREATE A TRAUMA INFORMED CLASSROOM with over 20 INTERACTIVE PEACE CORNER TOOLSThe Calm Corner Toolbox invites students to use self-regulation coping skills and calming strategies when they are feeling upset, sad, impulsive, distracted or worried in class or at home. Help foster a mindfulness-based

Also included in: Self-Regulation Coping Skills Bundle: Calm Corner, SEL Lessons, Games & Decor


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Mindfulness Brain Breaks: Coping Skills for Focus, Calm & Classroom Management
Bring calm, peace, and focus into your classroom, counseling office, or home using these simple, quick, and effective 48 Mindfulness Brain Breaks. Feel good knowing that the young people you support are taking away with them transferrable coping skills they can use at home, at recess, and where ever

Also included in: MINDFULNESS BUNDLE for Social Emotional Learning Support & Calm Classrooms


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Behavior Charts- for Behavior Management  {Editable}
Behavior Charts are a must for your classroom to not only track behavior, but to reward positive behavior. Students need to be able to visually see how there day is going and also have a goal or reward to work towards. That is why I created this product that has multiple types of behavior charts. Wh

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Special Education Behavior Reflection: Think Sheet
Special Education Behavior Reflection Think Sheet: Do you struggle with helping students process their behaviors and learn to make better choices? Are your time-outs ineffective? Are your students repeating the same negative behaviors? Having strategies for effective behavior reflection is critical

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Teacher and Staff Morale Game Would You Rather
These staff morale boosters include a teacher morale game, fun teacher awards, and posters for teacher announcements. The game includes 30 custom silly question cards that only a teacher would understand. Easy to print and ready to spice up faculty meetings and improve teacher morale. Use these acti

Also included in: Faculty Morale Bundle


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Mindfulness Activities - Distance Learning and Google Classroom
Help kids and young adults practice mindfulness to help promote happiness, attention, emotional control, and self-regulation. Mindfulness activities include listening to music, coloring, making crafts, and much more. Activities are specifically tailored to kids and young adults.Mindfulness means bei

Also included in: Mindfulness and Coping Strategies MEGA Bundle


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Christmas Social Skills
The Christmas Pragmatics Packet is 28 pages and includes activities for problem solving, judging social comments, initiating conversations, giving & receiving gifts, sustaining conversation and a set of conversation starters.Social Problem Solving (20 cards) Each card contains a social situation

Also included in: Christmas MEGA Bundle: Elementary Materials for Speech Therapy


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Mindfulness Notebook Print & Google Classroom™ Distance Learning Bundle
Mindfulness activities help kids to become more happy, resilient and independent. Use these easy-to-follow lessons to help guide students through self awareness, self regulation, social and emotional learning, growth mindset, and goal setting in a fun and engaging way.This interactive mindfulness n

Also included in: Interactive Mindful Notebook BUNDLE


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Emotions ~ Faces Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}
This set contains all of the images shown: faces showing various emotions.The emotions included in this set show children being: angry, confused, disgusted, embarrassed, excited, grumpy, proud, happy, hurt, scared, sad, interested, shocked, shy, tired.56 images (28 color and the same 28 in B&W)I

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Printable Yoga Cards with Yoga Poses for Kids with Bonus Digital Yoga Cards
Yoga can be a great calming strategy to teach students or to incorporate into the classroom through mindfulness or mindful minutes. This resource helps students learn poses with easy to understand directions. Poses are also provided in sequences that are perfect for brain breaks. ** Google Slides TM

Also included in: Self Regulation Toolkit for School & Distance Learning: Calm Corner and More


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Social Skills Task Cards - Distance Learning and Google Classroom
Use these social skills task cards to discuss real social situations. They teach conversation skills, empathy, friendships, dealing with conflicts, and basic interactions. Some of the cards also ask the students to "act it out" by role playing certain situations. Each set of cards has a specific foc

Also included in: Social Skills and Behavior Management MEGA BUNDLE


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Emotional Regulation Activities: Elementary
Reinforce emotional regulation concepts with 30 interactive worksheet activities for children PreK-Grade 2. Upon completion can be compiled into personalized workbook. Print & Go activities (PENCIL/CRAYON ONLY -- no cutting, gluing, laminating)! Please click here to save 15% on Emotional Regula

Also included in: Emotions Super Bundle: Elementary


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MI Theory for Kids Basic Bundle: Survey, Lessons, Activities, and Printables
Multiple Intelligence Theory for Kids: Step-by-Step Lessons and Ready-to-Use Printables from Laura Candler is a classroom-tested resource for introducing Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory to children. This bundle includes a comprehensive teacher guide with complete lessons and k


Social Filter: Professor Cranium teaches social skills
Meet Professor Cranium! He's here to teach you social skills and this week he's focusing on Social Filters! This packet features multi-modal instruction for Social Filters including an instruction booklet, 3 different practice activities, voting cards, bracelets, desk visuals, homework, awards, and

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I Can Have Conversations: No-Prep Social Language Workbook
I Can Have Conversations! NO PREP, print-and-go workbook for social language skills! You will love it!This workbook is designed to teach students about conversation skills including: Turn TakingTopic Maintenance Body LanguageCareful ListeningTransitions, Greetings, and Farewells There is a heavy foc

Also included in: I Can... Language Skills Bundle by Peachie Speechie


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Behavior Survival Kit {Data Tracking, Interventions, Reward Charts, and More}
Do you have students in your class who need extra behavior supports? Are you spending valuable instructional time constantly redirecting a few challenging students, and aren't sure what to do to support them? This packet is FULL of resources, ideas, and tools to help every student in your classroom

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PORTABLE CALM CORNER: Self-Regulation Coping Skills & Mindfulness Activities
TRAUMA INFORMED CLASSROOM and MINDFULNESS RESOURCEThis Feelings Check-In and Coping Tools Interactive Choice Board is an easy to use self-regulation calming strategies resource for your classroom or counseling office Calm Down Corner and Take a Break Spot. Designed for trauma sensitive classrooms,

Also included in: WholeHearted's Storewide Social Emotional Learning Bundle


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showing 1-24 of 5,382 results

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