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American Heroes Reading, Timelines, Tests, Art
Like Mammals of the Woods and American Symbols this unit falls into the category of “Common Core: Informational Reading and More”. I have provided 14 differentiated fluency passages on America's most beloved heroes. Included are tests, art projects, activities, and a timeline that covers from the 17

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Comprehension and Fluency 101 Strategies, Games, Tools, Activities and Posters
*Comprehension 101 is a top selling TpT item, was featured in the newsletter highlighting reading strategies. Comprehension 101 has sold nearly 2,000 copies. It's the real deal, and will help you get results, raise test scores, and includes games and strategies to make reading delightful for you and

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Bullying Activities Role Plays and Poster Set
Bullying can cause hurt feelings, tears, and emotional scars. This pack helps define the many different types of bullying as well as how to handle it in different situations. Every page comes in English and in Spanish to meet your classroom needs. Bullying Definition Posters• What is Bullying? post

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Stuttering Mini-Unit for Speech-Language Therapy
Need stuttering materials that are appropriate for your upper elementary, middle school, and high school students? This 43 page mini-unit is exactly what you need to directly target your students' fluency goals in speech language therapy!The main focus in this unit is for your students to learn abo

Also included in: Stuttering Bundle for Speech Language Therapy


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Map Skills and Lap Book
Are you ready for an engaging and fun unit to teach your students beginning map skills? This unit includes a short map skills book written by me with clip art pictures, printables to practice the skills learned, two thinking maps, writing ideas and paper, a create a 3D town activity (fun!) and a Map

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Timelines - Learning About The Past, Present and Future - Interactive Notebook
This is a mini unit that I created to teach my students about the past, present and future.Each activity has been created to be placed in an interactive notebook. Included are activities on:The Past/HistoryThe Present/Modern DayThe FutureTimelines-My Life-Holidays-InventionsI have also included an a

Also included in: Social Studies Interactive Notebook Bundle-Grade 2


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Possessive Nouns
Do your students mix up possessive and plural nouns? This fun & engaging, easy prep unit has activities that will help you introduce & practice possessive nouns. It was created to give your students plenty of practice with both possessive and plurals. This unit is intended for 1st & 2n

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Apples and Appleseed
2 Little Books, 7 math and writing activities, and 2 tests will make your school days incredibly fun and rigorous! {The Preview shows all 64 pages in large photos} This curriculum was designed for the start of first grade. Activities are engaging but not overwhelming. Little books are sight word in

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Compare and Contrast Story Elements {Plot, Setting, & Theme - RL 3.9}
Get ready to Click, Clack, Moo! and Giggle, Giggle, Quack! with this 20 page mini-unit!! In this file, you'll find EVERYTHING you need to properly teach, and assess RL 3.9! NOTE: You WILL need to use the books Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type & Giggle, Giggle, Quack by Doreen Cronin. In this

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Earth Day
This unit helps to break down the idea of ecology and make it fun. This unit will get you reading results as well as help students understand the topics of reduce, reuse, recycle , and also discuss the topics of conservation and protection . Hopefully, your students will be inspired to become Plan

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Goal Setting Power Pack - Help your students choose SMART goals and reach them!
Superhero theme! Everything you need to help your students set and reach SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reason, Time) goals. This goal setting pack includes materials for introducing and teaching this topic as well as how to maintain it for the rest of the year. It can be used at any time

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Hatching Chicks, Chickens, Biology, Distance Learning
Hatching Chicks Hatching Chicks - Chicken Life Cycle, Chicks, Farm Unit, Science, Hatching Chickens in the classroom! The Hatching Chicks Mini Unit is packed with materials designed to enhance a farm/science unit, AND for classrooms that incubate and hatch chicks. This is the original "Hatchi

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Sandwich Science-A Mini Unit About Germs and the Importance of Hand Washing!
Are you struggling to get your students to wash their hands? This simple experiment is a great way to give students a visual as to why hand washing is a vital part to combat the spreading of germs! This experiment is perfect for the beginning of the school year, winter when germs seem to spread with

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This unit teaches your students about the life cycle of the pumpkin while allowing them to practice their reading skills. Students will engage using these materials because they are rigorous and fun! You will love this packet because your students will growing as readers, scientists, mathematicians,

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Math Facts  Subtraction Facts Fluency Program  Kicking It Math
Math facts made fun! Motivate your students to learn their math facts! Want to get your students excited about learning their subtraction facts? Try this fun karate/martial arts incentive program with your class! I’ve been using this program with my students and have found it to be a very successfu

Also included in: Kicking It Math Bundle Math Fact Fluency


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Australian Money Bundle: Year 3
Australian Money Bundle: Year 3 contains 58 pages Australian money of activities. It includes 10-lesson outlines (a 2-week program) which cover the following content: Lesson 1: Using a money book Lesson 2: Adding money totals Lesson 3: Adding totals from a menu Lesson 4: Shopping on a budget Lesson

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Life Cycle of a Chick Unit {4 stages}
This is a life cycle of a chick unit to use in the primary grades. I focused on the 4 stages of the life cycle: egg, hatching, chick, and chicken. Included in this unit are: -ordering the life cycle -Describing sheet -Can, has, is sheets -label matching -Compare and contrast a chick and a hen -voc

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Heat Transfer: Physical Science
Teaching heat transfer? This bundle has everything you need to teach your students about what heat is. 34 bright, visual PowerPoint slides help to explain the types of heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation), temperature, conductors and insulators and so much more! Examples, links to vi

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Citizenship Unit: Citizens, Rules and Laws, Leaders- Books & Activities
The beginning of a school year is a perfect time to teach students about citizenship and characteristics of being a citizen. This unit is perfect for a primary classroom and is aligned to first grade social studies standards, but covers topics that are great for a K-2 classroom. It includes 3 smal

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The Monsters are Due on Maple Street - Complete Unit Pack! {CCSS}
This is a fantastically engaging and complete unit for your middle schoolers for Rod Serling's The Monsters are Due on Maple Street. This is a teleplay from The Twilight Zone television series. You will get the following materials:Pre-reading Group Questions/Discussion PromptsPre-Reading Vocabulary

Also included in: The Monsters are Due on Maple Street Bundle {CCSS}


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Native Americans (An ELA and Social Studies Unit)
How did Native Americans live long ago? This pack focuses on 5 regions of the United States and how Native Americans used the Natural Resources around them for food, shelter, and clothing. The regions included are…The Northeast WoodlandsThe SoutheastThe PlainsThe Southwest andThe Pacific Northwest

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Exploring Communities (Includes geography, government, vocabulary, and lessons )
This community pack has a variety of activities to enhance any community unit.Please check out preview for a good look at what is all included.Activities include- making a flip book of where you are in the world.-foldable with live, work and play -foldable of urban, suburban and rural.-a community

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Biotechnology Mini-Unit: PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, and Restriction Enzymes
This high school biology mini-unit is designed to be a basic introduction to three essential biotechnology tools: PCR, Restriction Enzymes, and gel electrophoresis. Great for teachers with no access to do biotech activities or labs in class! These three tools are so important in the biotech indu

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HASS | Year 2 History: Changing Technologies
HASS: History Bundle | Changing technologies A comprehensive history bundle on changing technologies. This History program specifically addresses the following Year 2 Australian curriculum outcome: The impact of changing technology on people's lives and how the technology of the past differs from

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