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Bundled Physics Scavenger Hunts
If you’d like your students to see the physics around them, take advantage of those irritating cell phones and have them take photographs of physics phenomena. This is my new favorite thing because my students now see the world differently. Students work in a cooperative group to photograph spec
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You Wind Some You Lose Some Project
This is a fabulous project from a project-based learning school used in our 9th grade Physics class, but adaptable for middle school science classes as well. As our first 6-week project, we learned about controlled experiments and renewable energy transfers using wind turbines. This is an excellent
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3rd - 5th Next Generation Science Standards: Engineering Design
This unit is designed to lead students through the Next Generation Science Standards for 5th grade. This packet focuses on Space Systems: Stars and the Solar System and The Next Generation Science Standards: 3-5-ETS1-1. Define a simple design problem reflecting a need or a want that includes speci
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Marble Roller Coaster Project
This packet includes instructions for teacher and students. It also includes work pages, an expense page, a teacher rubric for scoring and student rubrics to score each other and themselves. This project will incorporate Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts standards. The students will
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Taking Flight with Paper Airplanes
In this lesson students learn about the motion and design of paper airplanes. They learn about the following science topics: force, aerodynamics, drag, thrust, gravity, and lift. As an introduction to flight students learn about the Wright Brothers and discuss how airplanes have changed over time an
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Simple Machines Project with Rubric
This project is meant to enhance a unit on Simple Machines and/or Force. We highly recommend that this project be due prior to any assessment of the unit. Students will research one of the simple machines, write a report, and give an oral presentation. A bonus opportunity is available for any stud
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5th Grade Next Generation Science Unit Space Systems: Gravity
Includes: Unit Teacher Guide (materials needed, explanation, standards), Student Packet (all experiment components, all argumentative essay components), Assessment Rubrics This unit is designed to lead students through the Next Generation Science Standards for 5th grade. This packet focuses on Sp
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Paper Roller Coasters
Paper roller coasters is sure to be a project students will love! It is an engineering project that requires collaboration, problem solving, exact measurement, and a knowledge of physics. Students will explore and put to test Newton's Laws of motion while building their vertical paper roller coaster
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showing 1-8 of 8 results

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