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Sight words interventions and more. Want to try it for FREE for a week? See the product preview! This products allows YOU to select the sight words you want to focus on: Target student instruction to THEIR needs with 3 focus words per page that you program in. You will just type the words in 6
Improve students' reading, writing, vocabulary, and spelling with this huge Greek and Latin roots word wall. The collection of word wall cards has everything you need to create a color-coded, organized display aligned to your curriculum. All the common Greek and Latin roots, suffixes, and prefixes a
Find "OWL" of your needs for decorating your classroom with an adorable owl theme with this tried and true resource of over 1,000+ positive ratings.The items shown above are just SOME of the many owl-themed items you'll receive in this bundle. The COMPLETE CLASS DECOR BUNDLE FILE is located in the B
Easily differentiate your weekly spelling and word work activities for an entire year with this HUGE set of over 330 differentiated word lists! This fully-editable package now contains TWO sets of word lists:‚ėĚ Differentiated Lists: 61 spelling patterns commonly taught in the primary grades. Every sp
Pack It! Learn It!A Unit to Organize Your Morning Meetings and Carpet TimesWant to get the most of your carpet time? This unit provides a great way to organize the materials so that you aren’t wasting time finding and passing things out. It also helps provide a structure so that valuable teaching ti
Bring 6th grade math vocabulary to life with these easy-to-use, color-coded wall cards and interactive notebook inserts. Vocabulary for every sixth grade math standard is covered. Every word wall card includes the vocabulary word, an illustrated example, and a concise, cross-referenced definition. T
Teaching writing workshop, creating writing prompts, and organizing writing centers can be challenging! Printable Word Banks help inspire kids, prevent frustration, and put an end to "Teacher, how do you spell...?" These word banks are like mobile word walls or picture dictionaries, and they are des
TOP TEN RESOURCE! I am so excited to share with you...My Common Core Standards Based-Notebook for 2nd Grade! If you use portfolio-based assessment then you will love the resources in this download! I've created them to be student friendly by "coding" the Strands/Domains with adorable graphics. Th
With references for slope, y-intercept, x-intercept, origin, grid, graph, table, x and y axis, domain and range, increasing and decreasing, quadratics, graphing exponential functions, systems of equations, systems of inequalities, parallel and perpendicular lines on the coordinate plane, compound in
This pack includes all of "the little" pages from my writing center lists. They are great for your writing center. I have a lot of requests for these, so I have packaged them all into one pack. This pack will grow as I add more lists, so check back for updates. The lists Included are: School wor
This product is designed to strengthen a student's testing vocabulary throughout an entire school year, with one word used per week (with a total of 40 words) in a regular classroom, speech therapy room, ESL/ELL room, or Title I room. This is appropriate for upper elementary, middle school, and hig
This a Bundle of 50 Middle School Math Anchor Charts! This bundle will contain charts useful for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8! This bundle is a completed set, however: if you have an suggestions for additional charts, please feel free to "Ask the Seller a Question." I may use those suggestions f
SLPs & teachers, do your younger elementary students struggle with comprehending even the directions of high stakes standardized tests (such as the PARCC or MAP tests)? This is the product for you!This is designed to target vocabulary commonly found in the directions of high stakes tests that
This watercolor classroom decor bundle is everything you need to get your classroom looking great! The beautiful combination of aqua, green, blue and purple creates a calming theme for any grade level. Each item has multiple designs and fonts, so you can pick and choose to create your calm & coo
If you are considering the monster theme this year, this pack (with 500+ positive ratings) will make your classroom completely monster-rific!The items shown above are just SOME of the many monster-themed items you'll receive in this bundle. The COMPLETE CLASS DECOR BUNDLE FILE is located in the BONU
This word wall presents vocabulary as concepts that relate to one another with bold visuals that can be seen from anywhere in your classroom. With references for GCF, LCM, nets, box and whiskers plot, skew, dot plot, stem and leaf plot, frequency table, histogram, bar graph, mean, median, mode, rang
With references for scatter plots, correlation, function vs not a function, combining like terms, one/zero/infinite solutions when solving equations, exponent rules, transformations, triangle sums, Pythagorean Theorem, systems of equations, squares, cubes, D=RT, rational and irrational numbers, Real
Who says vocabulary instruction has to be boring?! ENGAGE your students in wordplay, and watch them fall in LOVE with words! My students LOVE words! They love collecting them, searching for them, and talking about them! This kind of enthusiasm is contagious, and once it's caught, look out! This
The soft colors in this Ocean Theme Classroom Decor Bundle will create a calm and inviting atmosphere in your classroom. With more than 20 Ocean Classroom Theme products, you will have everything you will need to create an Under the Sea Classroom! Almost every file is editable with a PDF and an edi
With references for constant of proportionality, scale factor, equations, expressions, angle pairs, complex fractions, independent and dependent probability, area, perimeter, circumference, integers, inequalities, percents and simple interest, this word wall is a great addition to a 7th grade math c
Are you starting out the year with distance learning and need some supplemental material?Are you in need of high quality and engaging science resources that are developmentally appropriate for kindergarten?Well, I have just the resource you need! The Kindergarten Science Interactive Journal! In this
I'm such a sucker for the woodland or forest themed classroom and this Rustic Woodland Animal Theme features dozens of decor elements to make your classroom consistent and adorable! This classroom decor set has been such a labor of love and is jammed packed with over 1,000 pages of rustic, woodland
Bring 7th grade math vocabulary to life with these easy-to-use, color-coded wall cards and interactive notebook inserts. Vocabulary from every 7th grade math standard is covered. Every card includes the vocabulary word, an illustrated example, and a concise, cross-referenced definition. Together, th
It's time to BUNDLE UP & SAVE!! By purchasing these 4 products in one big bundle, you save 25% (that's like buying 3 and getting 1 for free!)**SEE PREVIEW**ALREADY OWN PARTS OF THIS BUNDLE?!Here are your options (by e-mailing me at mme.mcintosh.tpt@gmail.com):Note: does not apply when product is

showing 1-24 of 3,199 results

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