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This FREE Green Screen activity is perfect for teletherapy or distance learning. Simply download the images and set them as your green screen virtual background. This is a great way to target animal vocabulary with children preschool and up. I like to use a fly swatter to "swat" the bugs! Once you swat the bug an object will appear and your student will label the object. You can modify this activity based on your students goals. You can target:labeling object functionassociationscategoriesincrea
Use this doctor's office green scene background in your online distance learning sessions. It's a great activity to work on body parts, there is a boy and girl included that display their front and behind. For working on body parts that may be harder to point to, there is another slide with a close up of the boy or girls face. Start from the beginning where you need to check in, wait till the doctor comes to get you, and then go in the room! For the slide with the doctor, you can even use yourse
In this "Planting a Vegetable Garden Sequencing" green screen activity, your learner will practice sequencing skills as he/she/they arranges the picture sequence in the correct order of occurrence. Both a 4 step sequence and 6 step sequence are available. This can also be printed, cut out, and glued for in-person sessions.Skills to target with this activity:WH QuestionsYes/No QuestionsLabeling Actions (dig, plant, pull, water, pour, wait, harvest, put)Core Vocabulary: First, last, in/out, all do
PreK - 3rd
This is an open-ended activity which can be used to target a variety of speech and language skills. This file contains a JPEG image of a Laundry Room to be used as a virtual background with a green screen on Zoom. There are 8 pieces of dirty and clean clothing which can be cut out and used as manipulatives for this scene.
Green Screen activities to target tons of language skills! Category sorting, WH Questions, Vocabulary and so much more with this great FREEBIE! Printable manipulatives are included! Use with your Green Screen pocket to up the fun & increase engagement! What's Included:- 4 Green Screen Backgrounds:Kitchen SceneBathroom SceneKitchen/Bathroom sorting sceneRefrigerator scene - Printable Manipulatives:Kitchen Items: blender, fork, bowl, mug & refrigerator.Bathroom Items: bathrobe, shampoo, so
Description: This FREE winter themed interactive green screen set comes with 3  fun winter characters (Penguin, Reindeer, Snowman) to dress up and 15 picture manipulatives to be used to dress up the characters. This activity also includes a PDF version for home participation and home practice.   It is  ideal for use by SLPs, Teachers, and any other educators who are working with preschool and school-aged children during distance/remote learning. Great for working on a variety of concepts such as
Hello fellow professionals! This activity can be used as a print out, virtual activity by sharing your screen if you use a platform like Zoom, or used as a green screen background for activities. It can be used to simply teach opposites, wh-questions, or for sentence expansion. The pictures are original and made to tailor a variety of language targets. The FULL version includes 18 groups of opposites (36 pictures in total). Feedback, questions, and comments are welcome. I hope you find valu
This simple green screen background set targets answering "where"questions and production of prepositions and locations.   This set contains a total of 28 green screen virtual backgrounds for your student to answer "where" is Lurkey hiding and asking him to "come out Turkey!". The slides have picture symbols for your students to use as cues for vocal production or to point to as you say the words. To use these backgrounds in your Zoom platform…1)Download the activity to a file on your computer
PreK - 2nd
Use this activity to sing the Wheels on the Bus song with your virtual students. You can control the speed of the song by changing the backgrounds at your student's pace to promote engagement and optimal learning. This activity can be used in distance learning by multiple professions (SLP, OT, Pre-school, SPED etc..).
Green screen activities are a great way to engage your digital learning students! This activity includes full directions for using with Zoom, along with conversation starters that are a great way to get to know your students and build rapport at the beginning of the school year. Included:DirectionsSchool Scene Background16 Conversation starters featuring people at schoolHow I used it: I introduced the person on the card, then we discussed our answers to the questions. We also were able to tal
Not Grade Specific
This FREE "Baby Shark" song activity is a fun and interactive green screen activity! Sing together with your learner with these interactive slides. A fun song where you can also incorporate lots of program goals within! GREAT for Distance Learning!! You can use them as a GREEN SCREEN activity OR just screen share. *Switch back and forth in jumping slides to make the sharks dance*Possible targets:Nursery rhymeRequestingCommenting Imitate simple actionsFill in songsFill in phrases and MORE!!! What
Description: This FREE fall themed interactive green screen activity was inspired by the song Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar and is ideal for use by SLPs, Teachers, and any other educators who are working with preschool and school-aged children during distance/remote learning. Find out who came to the pumpkin patch, what are they holding, and ultimately discover who stole the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch! This activity also comes with 1 Picture Board which includes characters and
This winter themed digital activity can be used as a standalone PowerPoint™ presentation, exported as an interactive PDF (slides 4 - 8 have hyperlinks) or exported as slides to add as virtual background images for use with a Green Screen. This product does NOT explain how to use a green screen but there are many online tutorials you can access for that information. WINTER FUN• Slides 4 - 8 focus on winter clothes. (For use as a PowerPoint presentation, the correct winter clothing image - when
In this digital, no print, no prep, interactive "Making Vegetable Soup" green screen activity, you and your learner will use the vegetables you harvested from the garden (see Part 1: Vegetable Garden Green Screen) and use them to create a yummy vegetable soup. This activity brings you through a sequence of washing the veggies, prepping the veggies, and cooking the soup. Core vocabulary and action words are targeted throughout the activity, and picture symbols serve as visual cues to emphasize th
PreK - 3rd
Use the background along side a green screen bin/pocket to pull items out of the birthday box or. Use the Cake background and blow out the candles! Great activity when a client/student is celebrating a birthday or special event! Included: 6 (six) High Quality PNG Images (in a zip file) to use as a virtual/greenscreen background activity!To Use:Upload Images into virtual platform. Switch backgrounds to open/close the gift box or blow out the candles on the cake. By downloading this resource you a
Not Grade Specific
Family and friends are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner! Jump into the activity using your green screen! Open the door, greet the guests, and see which Thanksgiving food he or she brought. This is an open-ended activity which can be used for a variety of purposes. Ideas for use include:Requesting foods to feed a boy/girl Gender Pronouns Responding to Questions Descriptive Language VocabularyAuditory Recall
During the pandemic, I loved using mini objects to "feed" to my green screen animals or people. I've been loving the mini trend and created a set of printable food for a task box, sensory bin, green screen, or feed the animal activity! You can work on problem solving, categories, labeling, pronouns, describing, expanding utterances, and speech sounds in a FUNtional way!
Not Grade Specific
Bug Splat - /s/ Initial positionGreat for distance learning and teletherapy. Have your student help you to smash the bug that gets big to reveal a picture with the target sound in it. Not only can you focus on the articulation sound in error, there are endless language opportunities embedded in this activity! Be as creative as you would like!*This activity is PowerPoint slides***Not an editable activity**NO PREP REQUIRED! Load slides and use immediately. This activity includes:- Initial /s/
Description: Fun green screen activities inspired by spring and gardening. Target core words GO and STOP to make the rain start and then see what grows in the garden.  It is  ideal for use by SLPs, Teachers, and any other educators who are working with preschool and school-aged children during distance/remote learning. This activity comes as a PPT presentation  or as PNG images. Great for working on a variety of concepts such as:WH-QuestionsBasic Concepts VocabularyArticulation drillsCore words
Here is a link to this interactive activity on What's in the GIFT? Ultimate Holiday Language ActivityStudents will LOVE to "open" presents while working on the following language skills in this multi-holiday themed resource:*Core vocabulary: I, want, see, open, wow, more, yes, no, thank you*Language processing*Describe items, Provide features*Name items when provided with features*Name groups/categories*Name actions/functions (What do you do with__?) (What does __ do?)*Name loc
Not Grade Specific
This digital, no-prep, no-print Green Screen virtual activity is great for Valentine's Day. It starts with you receiving a big box of chocolates that you open and are so excited to eat/share with your learner. But to your dismay, whenever you reach for a chocolate, it gets taken by a different animal that quickly sneaks away! Try to figure out which animals are taking your chocolates.Skills to Target:Core Vocabulary: Open, Help, Eat, Stop, NoDescribingUtterance expansion, sentence buildingPart t
Help the boy know what to eat and NOT eat. This open-ended activity can target core vocabulary (yes, no, eat, not, in), answering yes/no questions, describing object function, and categorization. The Zip file contains 2 JPEG backgrounds with 12 manipulatives to "feed" (or not feed) the boy.
This green screen background set targets answering "who"questions, production of prepositions, labeling winter clothing and animals, naming locations, sequencing and predicting a story.   This set contains a total of 48 green screen virtual backgrounds for your student to follow along the path of footprints where someone has dropped winter clothing and equipment along the way. In between slides there are pictures to cue the child to ask, "Who dropped the ____?" The final 5 slides reveal who dro
PreK - 3rd
This activity can be used as GREEN SCREEN backgrounds or you can share your screen and show the image. This activity is a great Valentine's Day activity to use with individual or groups of students. I created this activity with SLP's in mind. This would also be a great "brain break" activity for teachers to incorporate into their virtual school day. I will use this by setting this image as my virtual background and playing ispy. This can also be used with a "magic magnifying glass" to label targ

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