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This free sampler offers 3 short reading passages about Chinese history and culture. Comprehension questions about the passages are included and an answer key is provided for your convenience. Your students can do the work individually, in pairs, in small groups, or do the work all together as the whole class.✓ Please note: * This freebie is part of C is for China: An ABC Book with Facts & Photos about Chinese Culture, Geography, History, which discusses 26 different topics about China. Res
Learn about how the stomach works! Have your students follow along with the short video HERE as they fill in each blank on this notes worksheet. Answer Key is included.
Are you a teacher who needs to liven up your classroom with some reminders to your students about working hard in the classroom? This is a colorful poster that is a great little reminder to all students in all grades - elementary, middle school, and high school that they have to be responsible for the work in order to learn. I hope you can enjoy this poster over the years! Print, laminate, and reuse for years to come! You can assess the value of my work with any of my FREE Products here: Stra
Not Grade Specific
Ted Ed Video Quiz. These questions already exist on the TED Ed website in an online format. TED Ed encourages educators to customize, create and share a new lesson based on the associated lesson shared on TED Ed. I reformatted this lesson by re-creating a printable version for use in my own classroom and I am sharing this resource of the ideas worth sharing with you! This can be used as an in-class or flipped classroom assignment. TED Ed Link -
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Save countless hours with these no prep, Reading Comprehension Strategies for Morning Work or Warm Up (with Differentiation) available in Google Slides, PowerPoint and PDF. In the full version, there are 40 weeks ready to go! These look gorgeous displayed on a digital whiteboard, computer or printed using the black and white PDF version. This is a FREE one week sample of the full, year-long version. This free version does not include the examples. Get the full version here.Purpose:Students oft
Engaging phonics instruction is not easy for teachers to plan for and takes A LOT of time to pull all necessary resources together. We all know that in order for children to become proficient readers and writers, phonics instruction is a necessary component in every classroom. The challenge for many teachers is to teach phonics in an embedded, connected, meaningful way. Isolated phonics instruction does not help students become proficient readers and writers. Students must understand how sounds,
FREE Functional reading prices consumer math activity boards with a grocery store, fast food and holiday theme. Great for special education, visual learners, and touching money and counting. Interactive task cards, student will place dollar bills onto the board.This comes with:24 price tagged items (up to $5)Version 1 board - # over the dollar billsVersion 2 board- $ over the dollar billsVersion 3 board- blankReal Dollar $ visualsPrint, laminate, cut, and velcro for long term use.Student is to
Not Grade Specific
I'm excited to share this Fact of the Day Handwriting and Writing Morning Work and/or Morning Meeting Discussion Activity! Click HERE to purchase the full set.When can I use this?Fact Think Wonder is the perfect Morning Work activity. It's also perfect for a Morning Meeting discussion activity.You can also use this as an ELA warm-up before beginning reading rotations.Alternatively, students can complete this as a Daily 5/Reading Workshop StationHow does this work?If using for morning work...Have
2nd - 5th
Please, please, not leave feedback on this DIRECTIONS TO ORDER ONLY document. This document does NOT contain teaching materials. IF you have ordered your very own CUSTOM TASK BOX FILLER ACTIVITIES BUNDLE, then please feel welcome to leave feedback with your bundle.THIS DOWNLOAD CONTAINS ONLY THE DIRECTIONS ONLY ON HOW TO ORDER OUR DEEPLY DISCOUNTED "TASK BOX FILLERS". IT DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY FREE TASK BOX FILLER PRODUCTS IN THIS DOWNLOAD. This is the only way that SUCH A HUGE discou
This is a great activity to practice adding fractions with like denominators! Your students will solve 6 addition problems, and parts of the image will appear with each correct answer. Please note that this does not require students to reduce fractions (except for 1). So much more fun than a boring worksheet!  Check out the preview images to see how it works.If you loved this freebie, check out the 20 question adding fractions activity or the whole fraction set! Want to have it all? Be sure to l
3rd - 5th
Working on basic vocabulary can get boring. That is why I created this digital task card activity to build vocabulary, work on wh questions, categorization, and more. NO PREP REQUIRED! Your speech and language students will love using this resource!***************************************************************************Grab your iPad, computer, or any other device and you are ready to use. Students can drag and drop the items into the correct location they can be found! Around the home, g
Not Grade Specific
Round out your unit on the geography of Ancient China with this concluding activity! This student worksheet encourages learners to examine what they have learned by tapping into their map reading skills. Use with any map of China, or better yet- use it after they create their OWN map of China, like this one!Included:- Student work page with:* A six question scavenger hunt chart* Three follow-up tasks and statements* An Answer KeyAncient China Map ActivityThis Scavenger Hunt and the China Map Act
COMMON CORE ALIGNED!! Math K.NBT.A.1 Common Core State Standards © Copyright 2010. National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers. All rights reserved. Karen Busch is the sole creator of this product and does not claim endorsement or association with the creators of the CCSS standards. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ---------------This is a FREE SAMPLE from the full unit----------------- =================================
PreK - K
This freebie offers five days of bell work reviewing the difference between phrases and clauses. This product is based on the following ninth and tenth grade standard: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.9-10.1.bUse various types of phrases (noun, verb, adjectival, adverbial, participial, prepositional, absolute) and clauses (independent, dependent; noun, relative, adverbial) to convey specific meanings and add variety and interest to writing or presentations. I love teaching this standard because I believe stu
6th - 10th
Help your first grade students learn to read maps! (VA SOL 1.5). This easy to use recording sheet will engage your students in reading maps and using cardinal directions (north, south, east, west). What does "Read a Map" mean?When "reading" a map, students will identify the map title, identify map symbols using the map legend, and describe the location of places on the map using the format: ______ is ________ of _______." Example: The lake is west of the bathrooms.Best of all, you can use this r
This career exploration worksheet bell ringer journal free sample is a great way to start each class and get students thinking about careers and soft skills like communication, resume writing, adulting, goals, and more! This also includes a Google version as does the complete journal. Here is the full version: Career Exploration Semester Bell Ringer Journal⭐ This career exploration bell ringer journal is great for CDOS students, Business, Family and Consumer Science Students, Career and Tech. st
Are you all ready for your incoming students? Need some fun and engaging morning work/do-now activities to keep students working while you get back into that routine? I am always on a search for quality morning work activities- I want my students engaged, learning & having fun- I never want my morning work to be busy work! And that is how my full pack was developed! This is a FREEBIE SAMPLER of my full Back To School Morning Work & More pack which includes 46 activities that cover al
Just a fun way to celebrate YOUR birthday with your students--a one-page questionnaire for them to fill out independently, with them completing sentences like:Today my teacher's age is...Something my teacher always says is...Something that drives my teacher CRAZY is...Something you'll never see my teacher without is...Something my teacher loves is...If I could buy my teacher any present, it would be...Something I love about my teacher is...Something my teacher does to make ME feel loved is...And
Not Grade Specific
You will download four free hurricane worksheets for your 4th grade, 5th grade, and special education science students to analyze a hurricane diagram to discover how hurricanes form. They will also read a hurricane "recipe" to review the conditions needed for a hurricane to develop. A digital format is available through the TpT EASEL platform.You will receive the following four worksheets:How do hurricanes form science diagramFill in the blanks on the diagram worksheetWhat conditions / ingredien
This FREE product shows the breakdown of student grades. I have included the number ranges (90-100, 80-89, etc.), letter grades (A, B, C, etc.), and level of understanding (completely/somewhat/just a little/barely). I also chose to mention a few things that students can consider to do if they wonder why they earned the grade that they did (ex: ask more questions, review more, maybe work is missing, etc.). This free product has 2 versions: print & go -OR- self-edit by adding in your own Bitmo
Please enjoy these free materials to teach students about the lives of soldiers on the Great Wall of China. If you enjoy them please consider purchasing the complete mini unit available at the link below:The Great Wall of China - Mini Unit
Following Directions (One and Two-Step Directions) – FREE Activities.Please note that this freebie set is in colour only and it does not include results.All pictures you will see here have been done by me. As you will notice, they are not perfect but perfection was not what I was after. My goal was to make these activities as interesting as possible for the kids, to make them laugh if necessary but above all to make them want to sit down and start working.The freebie includes 9 pages (4 pages re
FREE - China Map - China Geography - Outline Map. Use the China map for labeling or as part of an ancient China unit (JPEG, 8.5" x 11"). + + + + + + + + + + And for those of us who like one-stop shopping...ARTArt Bundle: Watercolors, Silhouettes, Color Sheets (668 pages)Art Tinting: "Poolside" with TutorialArt Tinting: "Japanese Garden" w/ TutorialArt Tinting: "Sea Life" w/ TutorialArt Tinting: "Fish" w/ TutorialArt Tinting: "English Village" w/ TutorialArt Tinting: "Country Roa
Enjoy this word family booklet FREEBIE to use with your little learners! If you enjoy this and want to continue using it in your classroom, you may purchase the Short A Set HERE. Below you will find a description of what is included in the full set.These word family booklets are a high-quality, engaging resource to use during your word work time, literacy centers, small group, whole group, or intervention time (RTI).The focus is on 8 short A word families: ab, ad, ag, am, an, ap, at, and ax.Each
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