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This 53 slide China PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of its history, geography, government, economy, and culture. A free worksheet to go along with this presentation can be found here: China Worksheet - FREE. A link to download a version formatted for Google Slides is also included.Includes:Geography of China- 13 slidesChina's Flag - 1 slideHistory of China - 23 slidesChina's government - 4 slidesChina's economy - 3 slidesChina's culture - 4 slidesMiscellaneous - 4 slidesThis present
This passage describes clothing in ancient China. 12 questions (true/false and multiple choice) assess students' understanding. I've included a color and black and white version, as well as a key. INCLUDES:Article covering ancient China's clothing 12 questions- true/false, multiple choiceKey includedPart of my Ancient China Reading Comprehension Bundle*I do my best to make sure I do not have typos, but occasionally they slip through. PLEASE message me and I will correct it quickly to ensure my
This passage briefly describes festivals in ancient China. 12 questions (true/false and multiple choice) assess students' understanding. I've included a color and black and white version, as well as a key. INCLUDES:Article covering ancient China's Festivals 12 questions- true/false, multiple choiceColor and BW VersionsKey includedPart of my Ancient China Reading Comprehension Bundle*I do my best to make sure I do not have typos, but occasionally they slip through. PLEASE message me and I will co
Do your students want to learn more about China? This is a great cultural activity! Teach students about the Terracotta Warriors with these reading comprehension passages and engaging activities. Your students will love learning about Xi'an, China. This ancient city is famous for the Terracotta Warriors! What people are saying about this cultural packet:- "Great product that promotes cultural awareness while building reading comprehension skills. The pictures do a great job of bringing the read
Round out your unit on the geography of Ancient China with this concluding activity! This student worksheet encourages learners to examine what they have learned by tapping into their map reading skills. Use with any map of China, or better yet- use it after they create their OWN map of China, like this one!Included:- Student work page with:* A six question scavenger hunt chart* Three follow-up tasks and statements* An Answer KeyAncient China Map ActivityThis Scavenger Hunt and the China Map Act
This China worksheet contains 21 questions, a map to label, and an short response for students to share something they found interesting about China. A link to download a version formatted for Google Slides is also included.This worksheet can be used with a free presentation that can be found here: China Presentation, or it can be used separately as well. Related products: Asia PowerPointAsia WorksheetMiddle East PowerPointMiddle East WorksheetIndia PowerPointIndia WorksheetIndonesia PowerPointI

Also included in: Asia Bundle

Ancient China Geography Includes:(Notes sheet to use when researching Ancient China geography) -Map with interactive labeling -Inner and Outer China Areas-Ancient China isolated (climates that caused this illustrations and response question)
These summaries can be used with an ancient civilizations curriculum. They are designed for English Language Learners or very low readers. This unit includes five easy summaries about ancient Chinese geography, dynasties, inventions, Buddhism, and Confucianism & Taoism. If you like this product, visit my store to see more like it. Easy Ancient Americas Summaries Easy Byzantine Empire Summaries Easy Africa Summaries Easy Ancient Civilizations Review Easy Egypt Summaries 1 Easy Egypt Summ
This Ancient China Class Play/Assembly is one of a *set written by me. It covers all the areas of work the children will have done in class (the beginnings of a great civilization, Confucius, the First Emperor, Life in Ancient China, the four great inventions,) - all delivered by the 12 animals of the Zodiac! Ideal for Grades 3 - 8 and parts for all abilities. This curriculum-based play is fun but informative - guaranteed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike! This play is typical of all m
This is a foldable that can be used for teaching about Ancient Chinese Geography and Agriculture. It is ready to print and includes easy step-by step directions. The foldable has information based from a particular textbook, but I feel it could be used with many different materials. Its sections require students to: *Draw and label the Huang River on a map *Fill in the Blank *Draw a levee *Create their own recipe using foods from Ancient China I have also included an answer key for your use wi
Research daily life in ancient China and discover all you need to know about peasant farming, family hierarchy, marriages, and schooling. Students will read an original composition and then use what they learn to complete a mini-book which is offered in three versions, to fit your needs. An optional summary assignment is also available.You get...An original composition A mini-book available in 3 versionsAn optional summary assignmentThis PDF file is NOT editable.You may prefer the whole Ancien
Ancient China - Movie Questions for Time Life’s, “Lost Civilizations: China, Dynasties of Power” documentary. Narrated by Sam Waterston, this 35 minute documentary covers the first dynasty of China, the Shang, and the first emperor of China, Chin. It also focuses on oracle bones, the Great Wall, silk and Chinese inventions.Also included is a weblink to the video so you can play the video online. Video questions are very short and very easy to answer, so your students can concentrate on the video
7th - 12th, Adult Education
"Let's Go to China" is an introductory book with many wonderful pictures and interesting facts about China's history, geo-demographics, monuments, inventions and important people. This historically accurate, animated, edutaining series "China for Children", is designed to capture the attention of early readers and the parents they are reading to. Worded with little people in mind, the series provides enough nutritious substance to satisfy all ages. So… what are you waiting for? “Let’s Go to Chin
If you are looking to see an example of how we structure our Ancient China unit, you are in the right place! This free resource shares what we do during our Ancient China unit, approximately how long we spend on each activity or topic, and the relevant links for these resources (some free and some paid). This resource can give you an idea about how we teach Ancient China and help you decide what to include in your unit. Feel free to use this plan as an outline for what to include in your Ancient
This passage describes the importance of colors and numbers in ancient China. Students complete charts for numbers and colors and answer 5 multiple choice questions to check for understanding. I've included a color and black and white version, as well as a key. INCLUDES:Article covering ancient China's colors and numbersChart completion for numbers and colors; 5 multiple choice questionsColor and BW VersionsKey includedPart of my Ancient China Reading Comprehension Bundle*I do my best to make
This free sampler offers 3 short reading passages about Chinese history and culture. Comprehension questions about the passages are included and an answer key is provided for your convenience. Your students can do the work individually, in pairs, in small groups, or do the work all together as the whole class.✓ Please note: * This freebie is part of C is for China: An ABC Book with Facts & Photos about Chinese Culture, Geography, History, which discusses 26 different topics about China. Res
Whether you are in class or using distance learning, this engaging lesson will help students explore the three philosophies that emerged during the Zhou dynasty--Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism--and examine the influence each had on political thought. Through a brief PowerPoint, an interactive reader's theater, and finally, an engaging game entitled, "Liar's Club," students will be able to explain the major principles and beliefs of these philosophies, as well as discuss how each impacted the
4th - 8th
The Xin, Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han Dynasties are examined in this introduction to the Ancient China Resource Bundle. There is a brief introduction about dynasties and the Mandate of Heaven, followed by a short reading passage about each dynasty. Vocabulary words are highlighted in the text and vocabulary word definitions are included, along with a synonym wordsearch. There are differentiated comprehension questions and two activities.Pages: 14 (including 4 answer sheets)Contents:3 Information Ha
Ancient China - Early River Valley Civilizations; Geography, Oracle Bones, Terrace Farming/Irrigation, and the Great Wall.
Usually, for the first class, I ‘d like to have students read some children’s book (English version) talking about China. It is a language class but it is integrated with social studies. We learn geography, population, official language, capital city, places of interest, etc. when we finish reading, we normally make a Lapbook together.
Please enjoy these free materials to teach students about the lives of soldiers on the Great Wall of China. If you enjoy them please consider purchasing the complete mini unit available at the link below:The Great Wall of China - Mini Unit
A 3-page worksheet based on 5 scenes from the movie 'Mulan'. The YouTube links to all 5 scenes have been hyperlinked in the PDF worksheet. This activity works really well as part of a unit on ancient China, in particular helping students understand the key differences between male and female roles in ancient China.
NOW COMPATIBLE WITH TPT DIGITAL ACTIVITIES!*Perfect for print-and-go sub plans! Use this viewing guide along with the TEDed video called "The incredible history of China's terracotta warriors." These questions ask students to analyze the information in the video along with the Themes of History including geography, culture, economics, government, belief systems, and science and technology. This is a higher-level thinking assignments perfect for enrichment in the middle grades, and grade-level an
Hope you enjoy this free resource!This is ideal for the Australian Curriculum INSIDE THIS FILE:PPT with Timeline and mapping visualsDOCUMENT (both digital and printable) - Introduction with timeline and geographical features activities.This is a preview of the extended version for geographical features. See the link below.#1 - Geographical Features CLICK HERE#2 - Society and Everyday Life CLICK HERE#3 - Religion and Significant Beliefs: CLICK HERE#4 - Contact, Conflict, and Legacy: CLICK HERE
2nd - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
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