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This passage briefly describes festivals in ancient China. 12 questions (true/false and multiple choice) assess students' understanding. I've included a color and black and white version, as well as a key. INCLUDES:Article covering ancient China's Festivals 12 questions- true/false, multiple choiceColor and BW VersionsKey includedPart of my Ancient China Reading Comprehension Bundle*I do my best to make sure I do not have typos, but occasionally they slip through. PLEASE message me and I will co
This 53 slide China PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of its history, geography, government, economy, and culture. A free worksheet to go along with this presentation can be found here: China Worksheet - FREE. A link to download a version formatted for Google Slides is also included.Includes:Geography of China- 13 slidesChina's Flag - 1 slideHistory of China - 23 slidesChina's government - 4 slidesChina's economy - 3 slidesChina's culture - 4 slidesMiscellaneous - 4 slidesThis present
This passage describes clothing in ancient China. 12 questions (true/false and multiple choice) assess students' understanding. I've included a color and black and white version, as well as a key. INCLUDES:Article covering ancient China's clothing 12 questions- true/false, multiple choiceKey includedPart of my Ancient China Reading Comprehension Bundle*I do my best to make sure I do not have typos, but occasionally they slip through. PLEASE message me and I will correct it quickly to ensure my
Research daily life in ancient China and discover all you need to know about peasant farming, family hierarchy, marriages, and schooling. Students will read an original composition and then use what they learn to complete a mini-book which is offered in three versions, to fit your needs. An optional summary assignment is also available.You get...An original composition A mini-book available in 3 versionsAn optional summary assignmentThis PDF file is NOT editable.You may prefer the whole Ancien
"I Have, Who Has" is a great game to help students practice vocabulary about ancient Egypt and China. Each card in this set includes a picture to help support all learners, but especially those who are ESL. There are 20 cards included, plus blank cards if you want to add more words. Enjoy!
2nd - 3rd
Use this in your classroom as an introduction to the rise of Communism in China! Includes PowerPoint, guided notes, discussion and review questions!
History Guided Reading - This is from a Guided Reading Activity from a set of 24 that makes up 4 separate guided reading challenges designed for freshman to senior year students. Each extract is from one of the SPEARS topics (Social, Political, Economic, Armed Conflict, Religious and Science). All are available at Guided Reading is an activity in which students are given an extract (2-4 pages-ish) from a real history book. They have to read through it and annotate
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
21 pages of maps related to the regions of East Asia / China. This databank of maps can be used for a variety of purposes depending on your lesson. Some examples of the types of maps included (but not limited to) are:- Political maps- Physical maps- Blank political maps- Vegetation Zone maps- Climate maps- Precipitation Rate maps- Satellite maps- Economic maps- Wealth / GDP maps- Resource / Land Use maps- Religion / language / ethnicity maps- Population density maps- Flag maps- Historical maps r
K - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
I love exit slips to check in and see what my students may need a refresher on the next day, this handout was perfect for just that! This activity does not take long to complete and had all of the vocabulary words based in our Ancient China unit. This handout is so easy to edit so that it fits exactly what you need for your classroom!
2nd - 4th
After learning about the Ancient Chinese inventions and advancements, students will choose one to create a poster over. There is an explanation as well as a rubric included.
A viewer-friendly PowerPoint on the early civilizations in ancient China. Easy to understand language and rich images introduce students to China's geographical features and the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Some of the topics included are the Huang River, oracle bones, bronze weapons, silk, and the Mandate of Heaven. Questions to check for understanding are included.
A teacher's guide to the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China, designed to give background notes to teacher covering this history topic. More Shang Dynasty lesson plans and resources available at
This is a digital/distance learning unit plan that is designed to be used in unison with Google Classroom/Google Slides. The unit is designed to be engaging for students on multiple levels with varied activities and difficulty levels while at the same time giving students reasonable amounts of information about the Ming Dynasty. The goal is to make students think critically, analyze historical information, and enjoy history from a different perspective!ContentStudents will learn about:- Key acad
The Great Wall of China outline can be used many ways! I have used it in my classroom as an accompaniment to a reading passage where students would fill in the blocks with key information from the passage.
Here is a scaffold for students to choose an Ancient Chinese Dynasty and research as much as possible.
Students will create a creative/informative timeline regarding ancient China Dynasties. Students may use internet or textbook materials to conduct research on the Dynasties. File includes word doc with instructions && example of students creative work
5th - 12th
Using an informational student friendly website learn about the Daily life of Anicent China and organize your information in a graphic organizer.
3rd - 5th
SS.6.W.4.8 Describe the contributions of classical and post-classical china.This graphic Organizer focuses on the post classical period relating to theSui, Tang, Song, Yuan, and Ming DynastyVocabulary and Timeline includedThis correlates to the Ancient China - Post Classical Period Graphic PowerPoint located within this store.
Cross country study - as per syllabusYouTube video links on Internal Migration with accompanying activities
7th - 12th
China: Silkworm1 Slide Video embedded Life Cycle of Silkworm
Virginia department of education asks students to learn about the contributions of China and Egypt. I created this review/ questionnaire to help the students gain the knowledge needed. I just wanted to share since I enjoy so many free resources on this site.
Big Bird in China is a good movie to show while studying China. The movie itself is 75 minutes in length. Children will experience some of the Chinese language, handwriting, and famous landmarks in China. This is a movie quiz that can be taken during or after the movie.
Enjoy this free handout. It can be used for homework, classwork or a substitute teacher lesson plan. Students only need the internet as a resource.
Corresponds with textbook, "World: Adventures in Time and Place." *explain and locate the spread of the Mongol empire *identify and describe the achievements of the Yuan and Ming dynasties
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